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Found 3 results

  1. Information -User Data- Timezone: Eastern Posting: Daily Character Slot: Slot #1 -Character Data- ~"You plant a seed to watch it die..."~ ~"If you were offered a seed of happiness by an Angel that lived in Hell.... What would you do?" ~ ~"We look the same, but men call us monsters. If we shadows, which lurk between eras, are destined to die, then I shall fall with the cherry blossoms, then I too shall fall with the cherry blossoms." ~ ~"Take a moment and ponder this: Would you rather be a Gardener on a Battlefield or a General within a Garden? Either is truly redundant, death ultimately awaiting them both, Gardener and General spend their lives beating their own paths to the grave. One creates beauty, the other leaves nothing but empty promises. I pity the gardener... Because he will never understand the artistic scene found within a brutalized corpse; I pity the General because he will never know the peace of an empty mind..." "To be alone is to be in great company, it is only when you add other human beings do things turn foul... I rather feel alone than to experience a moment of betrayal. I rather feel this abandonment than to experience 'Love' just to have it ripped away. I rather had never met you at all, then know that you will one day die... and it may possibly be by my hand." ~ ~"Pain is not a bad thing, that is a LIE crafted by those that wish for you to live in a SAFE world. A LIE created by your brain, to warn you of impending danger. A LIE told by the beast itself... Fear. This. World. Is. Not. Safe. Without pain, you would not know pleasure. Without agony, you would not know pleasure. To think one comes without the other is naive and should be abhorred. Rejoice and be merry, for I am a messenger that crawled his way from the below to spread the message of Lord Jashim. Be happy and drink from my tribute, and round your bellies on the fruits of my knowledge, for I fill you with Pain."~ ~Quotes from Gomi Name: ゴミGomi Kaguya Name Meaning: “Trash” Alias(s): “Sin”, “Daakumuunn”, Ajani”, “The Crab” Clan: The Kaguya Clan Gender: Male♂ Date of Birth: Leo 8th (July 30th) 1912 (Original Birth)/ 2110 ( Date of Reemergence) Blood type: O+ Age: 15 Birthplace: Outskirts of Kirigakure no Sato Affiliations: Kirigakure (霧隠れの里, Kirigakure no Sato, Literally meaning: Village Hidden by Mist),Land of Water (水の国, Mizu no Kuni) also known as the "Land of Mist" (霧の国, Kiri no Kuni),'Black Brotherhood' Jashinic Sect Theme song: {Open in new window} ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pZ-UpjtlXY ) Hair: Black colored waist length hair, mercury colored bangs and tips, alternating between long ponytail and chonmage hairstyles. Normally ornamented with sharp oddly shaped bones Eyes: Silver irises, Black scleroses Height: 5ft 10in/ 177.8cm Weight: 160lbs/ 72.5748kg Skin Tone: Warm Beige Physical Description: Elegant, graceful, athletic body tone; Ears/Nose piercings (Three black hoops in each ear/ One black hoop in septum}; No blemishes or Skin problems, blackened finger and toe nails* (*Beyond simple nail polish, it appears as if Gomi’s fingers are consistently covered in soot), obsidian colored skeletal system* (*Cosmetic reasons only) Clothing: In his normal casual attire, Gomi can be found in either black modernized shinobi attire made to be both comfortable and form fitting, yet easy to move or defend in; or black/deep red religious attires or outfits that proclaim his Jashinic beliefs. In mission attire, Gomi can normally be found in standard Kirigakure shinobi attire, dyed black to fit his personal preference. Ideals: As a “Disciple of the Darkened Path”, Gomi believes in the betterment of mankind, through the bloodletting of the injustice and morally weak. Unlike the traditional Jashinist who believed in little more than sacrificing to their Dark Lord, those of the “Black Brotherhood” believe that to sacrifice one full of Sin is the truest gift they could bestow upon their lord. Due to the self-righteous way of thinking, Gomi feels the need to defend any and all he deems physically “weak” so long as they are within the correct moral standings. As a “Child of the Deep”, Gomi has a distrust of most land-faring animals, vehicles, or people. Having grown up within “The Deep”, Gomi has created more of a bond with nature than his fellow man, and because of this he shows a certain distaste to those creating pollution within the sea-life, mainly mankind and their growing technologies. Though he has this uneasiness with the modern world, he is not beyond attempting anything for the sake of knowledge and betterment of his fellow human being. Bonds: Due to his reemergence into the new world, Gomi currently has real relationships with any living person other than the polite passings he occasionally has with the citizens of Kirigakure no Sato. Outside of that, Gomi is extremely friendly towards sea life and nature, to the point he is almost always seen with his crustaceous friend, “Kringler”, the 3rd Crab Prince. Flaws: Because of his upbringing, Gomi carries a distrust of even the most basic of modern technology, resolved to either manual labor or strenuous mental tasks before giving way to his pride. Due to religious beliefs, Gomi tends to sometimes exhibit cannibalistic properties and traits, feeling the need to consume his prey in respect for the prowess, expending much time to dispose of the remains in religious rites in fear of committing sacrilege to his Dark religion. Gomi tends to be a perfectionist, loving a clean area and attire while openly deposing clutter and dismay to the point of almost being rude to some, his attitude generally depending on the condition of his surroundings. Personality: Gomi is generally a well mannered and kind individual, despite the common beliefs of those that follow the Jashinic beliefs. Having lost his family at a young age and been accepted amongst species not of his own, he tends to distrust other humans without openly showing his distaste, especially those that surround themselves with the same technologies that pollute the oceans and murders his precious sea-life. His bond with his companion, “Kringler”, is the closest thing he has to friendship, which also allows him passage. Gomi has become very secluded and secretive about his private life due to his religious beliefs in “The Black Brotherhood”, a deviant of the generalized “Jashinism” that once ran rampant within the Ninja underworld. After many inner disputes with opposing sects as well as the outside Ninja world, many Jashinist are now forced to practice their beliefs behind closed doors after fanatics like Hidan shaped a bad reputation for them. Taught the “49 laws of Power” as a child, he gained an unearthly maturity at a young age allowing him to fluidly converse and associate with adults, as well as a calm demeanor which allows him to assess situations with a clear mind in comparison to others in his age group. Now after years of Religious rites and tributes, he has developed a perfectionist nature. Left alone to his own devices, he was forced to train alone in majority making him a normally solitary person, though once he is teamed with others he places himself into the defense, or "Tank" role in hopes to draw fire from those he deems unfit of being harmed. Due to this pragmatic nature and unsavory beliefs, he has become a sort of enigma amongst fellow students, as they see him as more of an obstacle than a true teammate. (NPC)“Jashin’s Voice”: Ever since his reemergence into the world, Gomi has had a voice plaguing the back of his mind speaking upon the horrors of the world and pushing him to grow stronger to correct them by the name of “Jashin”. It is taught by the “Sages of the Deep” that Jashin had been a Otsutsuki betrayed by his fellow clansmen after bestowing life and power upon various worlds, without any plan to collect upon that power. Sages say that only those attuned to the injustice and evils of the planet can hear the Lord’s anguish, and that’s why many Jashinist falsely believe that their evils gains them blessing of immortality, rather than the curse to see the world’s end and have no power to stop it. Gomi is taught because of his deep desire for revenge for the mistreatment of Mother Gaia*(*The Dark Lord’s one and Only Love), as well as the circumstances of the seal that allowed him to transgress time has allowed him to hear the Lord’s “true voice”, and it's his duty to implement its will for Jashinic rebirth into the world. “LIES, Lies, all of it lies… Made to slander my true intentions and cause…. We will revenge upon those that have hidden my TRUTH. We will abolish the Heretics that claim my name in their acts of evil and sacrilege….Grow stronger my child, for you are the blade with which I shall cut out my share of this world. For my children… For my world... For your parents, and most of all… For the Lord of Twilight, Harvester of pandemonium, the Herald of Purgatory... Jashin!!!”~Quote from the Jashin’s Voice (NPC)“Sages of The Deep”: A collective of powerful sea life that took residence within “The Deep ''. After nearly an eon beneath the depths of the planet, watching as life grew from small life microscopic forms and evolve into what is now Man, that which now controlled the lands above, these sages hold an insurmountable amount of knowledge yet refuse to take part within the outside world aside from a piece of priceless advice to an animal or shinobi from time to time. The many forms of the sages confuse those that happened to gaze upon them* (*Becoming known as Tall Tales, or Urban Myths), yet those that have been blessed enough to learn from these creatures have grown to hold immense power or met a horrendous end. The prophecy of the Sages: “Abandon all hope ye who enter here, for LIMITLESS POWER tis all that remains. Tis we who grant it… Grasp at the fruits of knowledge, but beware… the thorn carries evils strong enough to engulf the world…”~ Quote from The Sages of the Deep (PET)“Kringler”: Gomi’s childhood friend and brothers-in-arm crab, Kringler has stuck by Gomi’s side through thick and thin in hopes to see how far this prodigy can truly reach at the behest of the Emperor of the Deep. “Bubbles are Life, my friend… Bubbles are life…”~Quote from Kringler. (NPC)“Hamish Dijiun”: Father to Gomi Kaguya, Hamish was thought to have been murdered during the siege of his family’s compound, though had been granted refuge to “The Deep” by it’s very own Protector. Reunited with his son within the timeless confines of “The Deep”, Hamish resigned himself to remain beneath the Sea to advise the Emperor-King with his knowledge of the surface world until his son’s three year training became his main priority. After his son’s departure, little else is known about this character as he seems to disappear with the ocean’s endless currents. "The World is unforgiving, my son..."~Quote from Hamish Dijiun, Depth refugee Gomi Kaguya was born into the feudal era of 1912 to a insignificant sub sect of “Defender*” Kaguya clansmen associated with the Jashinic cult, which had dwindled in power due to the continuing rise in the belief of “Ninshu” and the “Will of Fire” over older paganistic gods. After a particularly horrific siege of their family’s compound, Gomi ended up being sealed by his mother using a forbidden technique now lost to modern age of Kaguya, rightful dubbed “ダークムーン墓Dākumūn haka: The Dark Moon Tomb”, which suspended the boy within a pocket dimension which allowed him to transgress time itself safely inside of a blackened sarcophagus delicately crafted from his mother’s own bone and flesh. Due to the savagery of the battle that had ensued, his “tomb” ended up lost to the ages as it sunk into oceans surrounding Mizu no Kuni to the ravenous currents below. As the years passed a voice began to speak out to Gomi, calling out to him to seek vengeance for his family as well as the world because mankind had chosen to “abandon the righteous path”, which at first brought Gomi great discomfort… but eventually he succumbed to this “Lord Jashin”. (*”Defender Sect” Kaguya clansmen were abnormalities among their fellow Kaguya, their blood being the color of azure while their bones were as black as the night’s sky. Though genetically and physically the same, due to this rare abnormality, the “True” Kaguya clansmen forced these members to prioritize on the durability of their bones, training them to endure intense trials and tortures in hopes to use them as a form of compound defense while their other clansmen elegantly yet savagely pushed forward. Due to how rare this abnormality was, it's nearly impossible for there to be any that remain in the current era.) After almost an millenia passed, some of the more intelligent serfs of “The Deep”, a “Sage Area” unchanged by the passages of time and still ripe with the culture of the Edo era, stumbled across the intriguant sarcophagus that held Gomi and transported him back to the safety of “The Deep” for the Elders to decide his fate. It was during this time that Kringler served as a slave to the imperial family of “Crustaceous Primus”, currently the leading family of “The Deep’s” species diverse populace and met his companion, the Third Crowned Prince “Kringler”. It didn’t take long for the reawakened Gomi and the enslaved Kringler to create a bond and agree to a “Pincer-Pact”, binding them as partners until death and beyond. After three years of training under the crushing weight and continuous darkness beneath the ocean’s depths,Gomi found his father to be safe from the crusades of a time long ago, yet had decided to make “The Deep” his forever home. Despite having no real connection to the outside world, Gomi and his newly discovered friend and brother-in-arms, “Kringler”, decided to venture to the surface and find out why his fellow mankind chose to pollute the very world who gave them life. Upon reaching Land, Gomi had been discovered by nin of “Kirigakure no Sato” to eventually be placed within the Village’s Foster Care system. It has been a very exhausting transition for him to say the least, but he has grown to care for those that care for the sealife, the civilians of Kirigakure as well as the various Marine organizations within the area. Despite being a normally solitary individual, he has also started to admire the legacies of the Seven swordsmen of the Mist, dedicating himself to one day join their ranks or at least match their combined prowess. Seeing as he had been too old to join the Ninja academy, showing more than enough aptitude to be an honorary graduate, he spends his genin days training with “Kringler”, paying homage to the lost traditions of his family’s Jashinic sect, or studying everything he can find upon the surface world and its war driven history.
  2. Hey everyone. Sorry I have been SUPER inactive over the past few months. My doctorate program is killing me. I need to go inactive until my semester is over. So I would love to make Rin inactive for now and come back and pick him up when I have time. Is that possible?
  3. ~User Data~ -Posting: Minimum once every three days -Time Zone: US Central Time Zone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Vital Statistics~ Name: Hisame Rin (Cold) Clan: Hisame Birthplace: Kirigakure no Sato Current Residence: Kirigakure no Sato Age: 15 D.O.B.: December 17 Sex: Male Sexual Orientation: Straight Blood Type: A+ Specialty: Ice Ninjutsu ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Appearance~ -Height: 5’6” -Weight: 120lbs -Hair Color: Short Steel Blue Spiked Hair -Eye Color: Blue -Skin: Pale -Physical Description: Rin is considered small and slender for age. However, he is fairly muscular compared to most of his peers. Rin appears quite lanky with thin shoulders. Due to his body size, pale skin and blue eyes, Rin is often compared to a snowflake. unique and fairly delicate looking. Rin movements often resemble that of falling ice, quick and precise. -Clothing: Rin’s is commonly known for wearing a light grey tee with his clan’s symbol on the back and long beige cargo pants. He wears his black Hitai-Ake on his forehead. Though his trademark accessory is a set of white earbuds which he keeps in his cargo pants. He will often pull out his earbuds to listen to music while training or needing to focus.
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