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    • ⚔ Yozora No Ken; Mugetsu | Sword Of The Night’s Sky; Moonless Night | 夜空の剣・無月 ⚔ Weapon Type: One Handed Longsword Weapon Size: Medium Weapon Level: 70 -> 100 Attributes: Unique, Affliction; Afraid 2, Sharpened Edge Rank 3, Parry Rank I, Defend Rank I, Chakra Blade |  Unique - Only one of this item may exist at any time within the RP. ($50) Chakra Blade - Attacks made with this weapon cost chakra instead of stamina ($50) Parry Rank I - Your weapon is able to block (Take half damage with no dodge roll) another set of weapon attacks in a single turn a number of times equal to the rank you have in this. Can get up to 2 ranks. Ranks 2/2 Defend Rank I -  Your weapon is able to block (Take half damage with no dodge roll) a Taijutsu or basic attack a number of times equal to the rank you have in this. Can get up to 2 ranks. Ranks 1/2 Affliction: [Afraid 2] -  A weapon with this attribute has the potential to afflict a target with one (1) turn of a status effect when successfully struck. The status effect is chosen at the time of purchase. Once per attack with this weapon the user may choose to increase the cost of the attack by 0.5x, where x is the CP value of the chosen status effect. If they do, they may add the chosen status effect to a single strike of their weapon attack. Status effects with a CP value of 50 or higher, or any status effect with a variable cost may not be chosen for this attribute. A weapon may never have more than one 'Affliction' attribute. Sharpened Edge Rank 3; - When calculating the damage of this weapon, treat this weapon as if it were 10x levels higher. The value of 'x' is the number of ranks of 'Sharpened Edge'.  ⚔ Sōga | Twin Fangs | 双牙 ⚔ Ward - As an action in your Response Phase you may Block (take half damage) a single Ninjutsu. This ability may be used a number of times equal to the times it was purchased. A character may use this ability a maximum of two (2) times per battle. Effect: While ‘Yozora No Ken; Daiga’ is equipped the levels, attributes, and special abilities of both weapons are combined as if they were a single weapon. The combined weapon level and ranks of attributes may not exceed their caps. Everytime the user successfully hits an opponent with a strike from this combined weapon they gain x Speed for one (1) turn. The values of x is equal to the number of levels over the weapon level cap that this combined weapon has.  Description: Being forged from the same batch of tirelessly folded steel, the twin swords that went into the forging of the larger one, and then the brilliant idea Tetsuo gave the blacksmith he had hired for this job, the best one in kumokagure he was able to find, the highest of quality in his creations. He took stormcutter and his other emerald meteor steeled sword and combined the two metals and formed a compound that seemed to be even stronger than the previous form it was in separated, because he had the new larger blade forged all from the old material, and then had the idea to have it forged in a way that the swords could be split apart, by a technique if the smith deemed it necessary, but Tetsuo definitely preferred the utility of being able to separately draw them on the fly with his reflexes that had gotten so much training in that maneuver over the years. The end result was a masterpiece of craftsmanship and artistry, the blades were not only durable but almost cut 'through' the wind when swung with enough force behind it, especially when Tetsuo mixed some chakra into a swing and tested it out on a nearby tree only to cleave around thirty of them to the ground with the one swing on accident. Tetsuo found that by using both swords in their separate form his attacks could be faster and more agile than in their combined albeit more durably strong form. ⚔ Tsuihōtsuki | Banishing Moon | 追放月 ⚔ Effect: When targeted by a physical attack, the wielder of this weapon may choose to use a Response Phase action to make a Weapon Attack. The unresolved attack targeting the wielder has its damage reduced by the total damage of the user’s Weapon Attack. If this would bring the incoming damage to zero (0), all effects of the incoming technique are negated as well. This effect may be activated once per battle and has a 5% chance to fail. If successful, the use rmay take no action in their main phase. The user may not preform Response Phase Techniques for three (3) turns after using this ability. This effect is considered a Response Phase Technique for all purposes. Description: The adage if try hard at something eventually you will improve has some truth to it, at least for Hayashi Tetsuo it does, through his unwavering force of will and want to master swordsmanship at its most advanced levels and bridge the gap between swordsman and shinobi once and for all, he found that with enough physical training of his arms swinging his blades in the various exercises he did every time he woke up each morning, he had over time developed the ability to use his control of the wind element and his chakra to essentially stop an attack coming at him dead in its track because of the momentum of his blade carving through the nearby space in front of him diverting whatever attack was coming in his direction. Description: Yozora No Ken; Daiga derives its fighting style from that of the cloak and dagger variant, combined with a larger more powerful sword in the other hand instead of another dagger or keeping it free handed for more utility, Yozora No Ken; Mugetsu takes the form of a variation of a Short sword; the smaller  of the black bladed duo comprises the inner part of the sword and has the handle fixed to it, while the base of the sword is slanted and the blade continues with a section jutting out from the underside as a guard, Tetsuo wrapped dark black cloth around the handle to protect his hands. After all. its edges sharper then any other blade he'd seen before, possibly due ion part to the materials used in its forging, and the thousands of times the steel was folded on itself before it was completely forged.    Upgrading This sword from Level 70 -> Level 100 | 30$*30= $900  Also adding 1 Rank of Ward = $200 Total Cost: $1,100   Cash on Hand: $1,288 - $1,100 = $188 Remaining Cash on Hand     
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