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  1. Like I said with the technique descriptions, this is going to need to be expanded on. I suggest using Cntrstrk14's Abe or Panda's Hanamajo clan pages as inspiration, as they're some of the best pages on the site. You don't need to include gifs and whatnot if you don't want to, and you can certainly make your pages smaller than theirs. I do recommend you distribute the information through multiple posts, however, as posts do have a maximum size limit (this also applies when you make a character: please use multiple posts or you'll run out of space).
  2. Bloodlines are typically collections of related skills. Here is the Byakugan as an example. They don't all need to be advanced systems either - bloodlines can also be passive, like this one is. These are interesting ideas to build a bloodline off of, but we'll need to expand on them to get the bloodline to where it needs to be. We have three abilities here, really: See someone's blood flow. Halt their blood flow. Live three times longer than normal. 3 is fine and will probably be cheap, since it's almost entirely a fluff effect. 1 is going to be as easy or as hard to make as you want it to be, because lots of things can represent this kind of effect. An increase to Accuracy would be fine, if you were looking to make it an AS. 2 is going to be harder - you can't just kill someone outright - but we can certainly do things to represent it slowing down, and it can halt stop it if the action would otherwise kill the target anyway, so this is just going to be a little harder than the other to get set up right. Like I said on the techs and skill, we just gotta figure out what you want these to do in terms of game mechanics, and we can move forward from there.
  3. So the easy stuff out of the way: the Effects field needs to have mechanical effects, the descriptive ones go in the Description field. Also, skill point costs are negative if the skill helps you and positive if it hinders you (so you gain more to spend on other skills that will help you later). More complex stuff now, there's a handful of ways to represent this kind of skill: For example, the Inuzuka have a skill on this page (Scent Tracker) that weakens and ignores debuffs. You can create a skill that gives you a boost to the Perception roleplay trait, as well as a minor secondary bonus. (Rinha Diplomacy and One With the Mist) Something that works similarly to or functions alongside Path of the Sensor, or even allows you to choose it regardless of your base path, could also be acceptable. Something involving critical hit rate or damage, or maybe even just a boost to Accuracy if certain triggers are met. Perhaps even a travel word reduction boost? And I'm sure there are many other potential options! We'll help you build it after you decide which direction you'd like to take this.
  4. Oh nice, a Genin tech! Those are the ones you should be focusing on making now - Chuunin and Jonin will take a while to reach, and the longer you wait before making them, the more experience you'll have with the system, and so the better they will be. We have rules for techniques that create weapons. They're in unwritten rules, so you can't see them, but I'll copy-paste them here for you since they're pertinent. That said, this both creates a weapon and attacks at the same time. I'm not greatly concerned over this - it's a slight increase in tempo, but, like, only if you already used your Setup Phase on something else. Make it require both the Setup and Main Phase to use, and I think the concept is fine. Mechanically, this does need to explain what it does in systematic terms. I'll provide a fast and simple example, and you can use it or make something else: Sanguine Sword Type: Ninjutsu [ Blood ]. Rank: Genin. Cost: 80 Chakra. Damage: 60. Effects: The user creates a Sanguine Sword weapon after the attack is performed. This technique requires both a Main Phase and Setup Phase action to perform. Description: this jutsu is a jutsu of the vanthyris Clan this jutsu is used when the user needs a weapon it summons a weapon of either blood from your foe or blood from yourself. Technique Points: 4. Sanguine Sword Type: Wakizashi (or whatever! I just picked that because it's basically a small katana). Size: Medium. Level: 10. Attributes: -. Special Abilities: -. I didn't include a Health cost in this one, but if you want to, we can. Health can replace Chakra at a 1 Health to 2 Chakra ratio. Using your opponent's blood to cast this is a bit trickier - I have a few ideas as to how it can be done, but they're all going to be complex, and I already feel like I'm burying you in a lot of information for a new player.
  5. Flying techniques are interesting, because while a handful of abilities grant it, there isn't actually a unified "I am flying!" mechanic we can point at to easily represent it. My suggestion is that you select one or more of the following, and we'll integrate the effects into the technique: The typical flying ability functions by allowing you to ignore all terrain effects, but forcing you to suffer twice as much from climate effects. Flight can increase your Evasion, or perhaps do something a bit different and alter the results of your dodge rolls. Maybe even make Dodge Rolls in advance when the tech is performed, and then swap them in later for dodge rolls you perform. It can increase your Speed or give you Haste (a status effect, viewable here), or otherwise touch on Speed and its related mechanics. Reduce the amount of words required to perform a travel post. This increases the technique's cost by 3, but decreases the words required by 10% (Genin), 25% (Chuunin), 50% (Jonin), 75% (Sennin), or 100% (Forbidden). Make it a Response Phase technique (or just give it the option of being used then) that boosts your dodge rolls, or negates the attack outright. Also, the stuff I said before in the other threads still stands. You can cut "Name:" and the Damage field, the Effect field is for mechanical parts of the game, the description should be expanded, and so on. We'll fix the Cost and Technique Points after you've decided on what you want this to do.
  6. Hmm. This technique is interesting, because we can represent it in a few ways. I'll provide two fast options, but feel free to try out others if you aren't feeling them: Have the technique increase Defense. The rules for a Ninjutsu that boost stats can be found here. Have the technique create a Shield. Shield rules are here. My suggestion is for it to be a Shield, because those are, frankly, plain better than Defenses in most cases. To give a very quick comparison for you: a tech that boosted Defense by 140 would provide you with 35 damage reduction for one turn, for your primary action that turn and 140 Chakra. A Shield with 234 Health would cost the same amount in both actions and Chakra, but lasts four turns and can eat almost seven times as much damage in one attack as the Defense boost can. Cut "Name:", if you want, as it's unnecessary. The Damage field needs to go, as this technique does not inflict damage. Like I've implied in the other technique threads, the effects field is for mechanical effects, not descriptive ones, so what you currently have there should be removed as well. Please expand on the description some more. The Technique Points cost is going to be 1 if the technique costs 1-30 CP, 2 if it costs 31-60, 3 if it's 61-90, 4 if it's 91-120, and 5 if it's 121-150. Chuunin-rank techniques cannot cost more than 150, barring special circumstances, like clones.
  7. The rules for clones are located here, for ease of reference, since I'm going to be referring to them as I talk about this. Anywho, I suggest using this: Sanguine Clones Type: Ninjutsu [ Blood | Clone ]. Rank: Chuunin. Cost: 30X Chakra and 10X Health. Effects: The user creates X Sanguine Clones, where X may not be higher than 5. Sanguine Clones have 50 Health, 25% of the user's total Chakra and Stamina, and 10% of the user's other stats. Description: this ability of the vanthyris Clan will make multiple clones made of blood who will fight for you Technique Points: 7. Some explanations: Like I mentioned in your other thread, you can just drop the part that says "Name:", if you want, as it's not necessary. I added both the Blood and Clone tags this time. The rank is good! You can't make Genin-rank Clone techniques except in rare circumstances. As stated in the clone rules, clones don't actually get real copies of most of your equipment. "Clones do not normally possess any items, other than small weapons when created." So that part of the Effect field was just cut. When creating clones, the part that contributes the most to the cost is the amount of stats that the clones have. Having 25% of your tank stats costs 30CP, and having 10% of your non-tanks costs 20CP. Together, that is 50. You mentioned it costing a bit of blood, so I replaced some of the Chakra cost with a Health cost instead. 1 Health is worth 2 Chakra, which explains the discrepancy in the "real cost" of 50 and the 40 I listed above. Like I said before, please expand on the description. The Technique Point cost has been reduced. Typically, Chuunin-rank techniques are limited to 150 CP and 5 JP, but Clone techs have a higher cap to both. Before I forget: I cut the damage field, as it was unused. You don't need to include fields if they aren't going to be used. I picked out the stat percentages somewhat randomly - feel free to alter them if you want clones with different stats, or access to a different number of clones. The percentages are on the clone page I linked to above.
  8. This would look like this, after correcting the math: Sanguine Shard Type: Ninjutsu [ Blood ]. Rank: Chuunin. Cost: 4 Chakra. Damage: 5. Description: this jutsu from the vanthyris Clan will make a shard that will stab your opponents Technique Points: 1. So, some quick notes here: I cut the "Name" part, as you don't need to include that in your creations. You can, if you want! But it's not a requirement, some people just include it. I added the Blood tag to the Ninjutsu field. If you want to use it, please get permission from the creator of the Blood element, as directed in the PM I sent. If you don't want to use it and the blood stuff is wholely descriptive, please cut the tag. The cost has been reduced significantly as the damage of Chuunin-rank Ninjutsu costs 80% of the listed value and this technique has no other effects. The rules for technique creation can be found here. They can be a bit of a hefty read, so I suggest focusing on the parts that are relevant to you right now - so the parts that cover damage, basically, which are covered under the Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Hybrid fields. The Technique Point cost has also been reduced as that is derived from the Cost of the technique. Please elaborate in the description a bit more.
  9. Hi, welcome to Ninja Academy! I see you posted a lot of stuff, which is good - it's always a good thing when new players come into the game excited! Regarding this weapon, I think it would be best right now to just buy a sword and describe it the way you want. We can work with you to create special abilities if you'd like to, but what you've described is a mix of things we can handle with purchasable attributes and techniques, so you don't necessarily need to go through the whole creation process with it as only new attributes and special abilities need to go through that. If you're okay with scrapping this (for now - you can have special abilities added later on as your character progresses, but both need to be added at once), then just post a buy thread in this subforum after your character is approved. If you don't want to scrap this, that is fine too. I am going to ask that you copy-paste this and we add to it as we work to get this creation up to standards: Blood Fang Level: -. Weapon Type: Katana. Weapon Size: Medium. Attributes: -. Special Abilities: First Ability: All weapons up for review need at least one special ability! Second Ability: But they don't need more than one! But if a weapon is going to have two abilities, they must be judged in the same thread so staff understands that they are meant to be used together and can balance them accordingly! Description: this blade is very good at making people bleed since it absorbs blood it comes in contact with This blade also is good at quick attacks as it is very lightweight this sword can change the shape of its blade do to being made of blood and can shoot slashes of blood a blade made of blood the handle is the only thing besides the gaurd that is not made of blood so it weighs as much as a handle and it's length will change Cost: ??? We aren't supposed to include levels or attributes in these creation threads, hence the minor changes, and formatting makes them easier to read.
  10. I'm going to give this a quick rewrite to fit the formatting and costs of the mainsite skills, Poison Creator and Medicine Maker. I'm also writing up a second skill, since Poison Creator has its own sequel and I'm sure someone one day is going to want to make puppets faster. Also, I'm adding a Puppeteer requirement, because this should be limited to them. Reverse Engineering Description: wordsAndWords. Effects: The user may write a training post to create puppet frames and puppet parts instead of purchasing them. This training is treated as if the user was training on their own, unless it is done with another character that knows this skill. The amount of experience points required to create the items is equal to its cost. Requirements: Path of the Puppeteer. Cost: -2. Reverse Engineering; [name] Description: wordsAndWords. Effects: When writing training posts to create puppet frames and or puppet parts through Reverse Engineering, the amount of experience points required to create the items is now equal to half their cost. Requirements: Reverse Engineering. An advanced path. Cost: -1. The second one is obviously gonna need a name. Also, on the subject of the names… this no longer allows you to reverse engineer parts, so the name doesn't fit as well as it did before the changes were made. You don't have to change the name if you'd rather keep it (especially since it's my fault they no longer fit!), this is just an observation and will not affect the review process. Poison Creator and Medicine Maker, for ease of reference:
  11. Moved to custom as Petrified and Terrified no longer exist. (Be sure to add Elemental Archetype to the tags so we cut down on a round of reviews, please. Shinji has that anyway, so it doesn't make a difference here.)
  12. Moved to custom as Petrified no longer exists. (Be sure to add Elemental Archetype to the tags so we cut down on a round of reviews, please. Shinji has that anyway, so it doesn't make a difference here.)
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