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The vanthyris clan

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Clan Name: vanthyris

Clan Village: the village bathed in blood

Clan Starter:unknown 

Clan Head: jiangshin darken

Clan Age and Status: 460 year old feared clan

Clan bloodline: the darken clan who use the power called shukketsugan which can let the owner of the ability see where someone's blood flows later in life the user might be able to both be able to paralyze and stop someone's blood flow when you look directly into their eyes and this ability might triple the user's lifespan

Clan Element: blood

Clan Emblem: a bloodied curved fang 

Clan Info:this is a clan of people who have a thirst for blood the bloodline of this clan was established when the clan was first founded by an unknown founder the bloodline was considered a bloodline of demons do to their power and elite members or important bloodline members sometimes have the clan curse mark a red curse mark that when used will spread to one of the arms causing the arm to grow into clawed grotesque arm used for melee combat


Clan Specific Techniques: sanguine sword,

Sanguine shard, sanguine clones, sanguine armor, Sanguine wings, sanguine tide

Clan Skills:

the smell of blood: clan members can smell the scent of blood from miles away 


Bloodline: (The effects of the Bloodline. Get this approved in the Bloodline Creation forum then put it here)

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Like I said with the technique descriptions, this is going to need to be expanded on. I suggest using Cntrstrk14's Abe or Panda's Hanamajo clan pages as inspiration, as they're some of the best pages on the site. You don't need to include gifs and whatnot if you don't want to, and you can certainly make your pages smaller than theirs. I do recommend you distribute the information through multiple posts, however, as posts do have a maximum size limit (this also applies when you make a character: please use multiple posts or you'll run out of space).

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