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    Tetsuo's Buy Thread

    ⚔ Yozora No Ken; Mugetsu | Sword Of The Night’s Sky; Moonless Night | 夜空の剣・無月 ⚔ Weapon Type: One Handed Longsword Weapon Size: Medium Weapon Level: 70 -> 100 Attributes: Unique, Affliction; Afraid 2, Sharpened Edge Rank 3, Parry Rank I, Defend Rank I, Chakra Blade | Unique - Only one of this item may exist at any time within the RP. ($50) Chakra Blade - Attacks made with this weapon cost chakra instead of stamina ($50) Parry Rank I - Your weapon is able to block (Take half damage with no dodge roll) another set of weapon attacks in a single turn a number of times equal to the rank you have in this. Can get up to 2 ranks. Ranks 2/2 Defend Rank I - Your weapon is able to block (Take half damage with no dodge roll) a Taijutsu or basic attack a number of times equal to the rank you have in this. Can get up to 2 ranks. Ranks 1/2 Affliction: [Afraid 2] - A weapon with this attribute has the potential to afflict a target with one (1) turn of a status effect when successfully struck. The status effect is chosen at the time of purchase. Once per attack with this weapon the user may choose to increase the cost of the attack by 0.5x, where x is the CP value of the chosen status effect. If they do, they may add the chosen status effect to a single strike of their weapon attack. Status effects with a CP value of 50 or higher, or any status effect with a variable cost may not be chosen for this attribute. A weapon may never have more than one 'Affliction' attribute. Sharpened Edge Rank 3; - When calculating the damage of this weapon, treat this weapon as if it were 10x levels higher. The value of 'x' is the number of ranks of 'Sharpened Edge'. ⚔ Sōga | Twin Fangs | 双牙 ⚔ Ward - As an action in your Response Phase you may Block (take half damage) a single Ninjutsu. This ability may be used a number of times equal to the times it was purchased. A character may use this ability a maximum of two (2) times per battle. Effect: While ‘Yozora No Ken; Daiga’ is equipped the levels, attributes, and special abilities of both weapons are combined as if they were a single weapon. The combined weapon level and ranks of attributes may not exceed their caps. Everytime the user successfully hits an opponent with a strike from this combined weapon they gain x Speed for one (1) turn. The values of x is equal to the number of levels over the weapon level cap that this combined weapon has. Description: Being forged from the same batch of tirelessly folded steel, the twin swords that went into the forging of the larger one, and then the brilliant idea Tetsuo gave the blacksmith he had hired for this job, the best one in kumokagure he was able to find, the highest of quality in his creations. He took stormcutter and his other emerald meteor steeled sword and combined the two metals and formed a compound that seemed to be even stronger than the previous form it was in separated, because he had the new larger blade forged all from the old material, and then had the idea to have it forged in a way that the swords could be split apart, by a technique if the smith deemed it necessary, but Tetsuo definitely preferred the utility of being able to separately draw them on the fly with his reflexes that had gotten so much training in that maneuver over the years. The end result was a masterpiece of craftsmanship and artistry, the blades were not only durable but almost cut 'through' the wind when swung with enough force behind it, especially when Tetsuo mixed some chakra into a swing and tested it out on a nearby tree only to cleave around thirty of them to the ground with the one swing on accident. Tetsuo found that by using both swords in their separate form his attacks could be faster and more agile than in their combined albeit more durably strong form. ⚔ Tsuihōtsuki | Banishing Moon | 追放月 ⚔ Effect: When targeted by a physical attack, the wielder of this weapon may choose to use a Response Phase action to make a Weapon Attack. The unresolved attack targeting the wielder has its damage reduced by the total damage of the user’s Weapon Attack. If this would bring the incoming damage to zero (0), all effects of the incoming technique are negated as well. This effect may be activated once per battle and has a 5% chance to fail. If successful, the use rmay take no action in their main phase. The user may not preform Response Phase Techniques for three (3) turns after using this ability. This effect is considered a Response Phase Technique for all purposes. Description: The adage if try hard at something eventually you will improve has some truth to it, at least for Hayashi Tetsuo it does, through his unwavering force of will and want to master swordsmanship at its most advanced levels and bridge the gap between swordsman and shinobi once and for all, he found that with enough physical training of his arms swinging his blades in the various exercises he did every time he woke up each morning, he had over time developed the ability to use his control of the wind element and his chakra to essentially stop an attack coming at him dead in its track because of the momentum of his blade carving through the nearby space in front of him diverting whatever attack was coming in his direction. Description: Yozora No Ken; Daiga derives its fighting style from that of the cloak and dagger variant, combined with a larger more powerful sword in the other hand instead of another dagger or keeping it free handed for more utility, Yozora No Ken; Mugetsu takes the form of a variation of a Short sword; the smaller of the black bladed duo comprises the inner part of the sword and has the handle fixed to it, while the base of the sword is slanted and the blade continues with a section jutting out from the underside as a guard, Tetsuo wrapped dark black cloth around the handle to protect his hands. After all. its edges sharper then any other blade he'd seen before, possibly due ion part to the materials used in its forging, and the thousands of times the steel was folded on itself before it was completely forged. Upgrading This sword from Level 70 -> Level 100 | 30$*30= $900 Also adding 1 Rank of Ward = $200 Total Cost: $1,100 Cash on Hand: $1,288 - $1,100 = $188 Remaining Cash on Hand
  8. Made all of the requested changes, should be ready for app
  9. -Character Logs- -Experience Log- Experience Gained: 0 -Transaction Log- Ryo Earned: +125 - Character Creation Ryo Spent: 0 Items Gained: +4 Shuriken - Character Creation +4 Kunai - Character Creation Items Lost: 0 -Mission Log- D Rank Missions: 0 C Rank Missions: 0 B Rank Missions: 0 A Rank Missions: 0 S Rank Missions: 0 -Additional Logs-
  10. Equipment -Inventory- Slots Used: 6 Total Slots: 15 -Armour- Hitai-ate Head: Neck: Body: Waist: Forearm(s): Hand(s): Thigh(s): Calve(s): Feet: -Weapons- Main Weapon: Sub Weapon: -Item Listing- Items on Hand: 4 Shuriken and 4 Kunai Items in Vault: None Money on Hand: $125 Money in Vault: 0
  11. -Techniques- Body Replacement Technique | Kawarimi no Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu Rank: Academy Student Cost: x Chakra Effect: This technique may be performed as a Free Action in the Response Phase following a failed dodge roll. When determining the cost of this technique "x" is equivalent to the cost of 1 basic attack or small weapon attack that the user failed to dodge. The damage and effects of that basic attack or small weapon attack are negated. The user may take no action in the Setup Phase or Main Phase on the turn this technique is used. This technique has a 5% chance to fail. This technique may be performed 1 time per battle. Description: A life-saving technique for most young shinobi, the Body Replacement Jutsu has been a staple in academy learning for many years. By utilizing their ability to manipulate chakra, with quick movement, a skillful shinobi is capable of switching their position with another object to evade damage. By creating a simple optical illusion, the user of the Kawarimi no Jutsu can make it appear as though they were damaged or even killed by the opponent's attack. Some ninja become extremely adept in the usage of this technique, and have even been known to swap places with hazardous materials to trap their enemies. Points: Free Upon Creation Clone Technique | Bunshin no Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu Rank: Academy Student Cost: 5x Chakra Effect: This technique may be used in the Setup Phase or Main Phase. When determining the cost of this technique "x" is considered to be the number of "Clones" created by the user and may never be greater than 2. "Clones" have 1 Health and 1% of the user's other statistics. "Clones" are not physical, and may not use items, techniques or attack during their turn. The user of this technique gains +20 Evasion or +20 Accuracy for every "Clone" on the battlefield. The effects of 'Clones' may be ignored by any character with heightened senses (i.e; Byakugan, Path of the Sensor, Inuzuka Smell Tracker, etc). This technique may be used in the Setup Phase 1 time per battle. Description: A technique that most students are required to be proficient in before they can graduate from the academy, the Bunshin no Jutsu is the most basic of the myriad of clone techniques that exist in the world. By properly molding their chakra, the user is capable of creating near perfect replicas of themselves. Unlike most bunshinjutsu, the basic clone technique does not produce physical clones but creates something more akin to a projected image, which is a real image that has no form. The Clone Technique is considered an E-Ranked jutsu, and is not very powerful, but with practice and ingenuity many shinobi have come to use it in masterful ways. Most often stalling by hiding out among their clones, or setting themselves up for a strong offensive. Points: Free Upon Creation Transformation Technique | Henge no Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu Rank: Academy Student Cost: 10 Chakra Effect: During any situation in which a character with this technique would need to calculate their "Visibility Score", they may use this technique to reduce their "Visibility Score" by -10%. "Visibility Score" reduction caused by this technique may be ignored by any character with heightened senses (i.e; Byakugan, Path of the Sensor, Inuzuka Smell Tracker, etc). Description: The Transformation Technique is a time-honored staple of nearly every shinobi academy the world over. Its concept and execution are both extremely basic, making it a perfect training technique for young students. By molding chakra around their body, the user of the Transformation Jutsu is able to temporarily take on the physical characteristics of another person. Though the Henge no Jutsu rarely offers a perfect disguise, clever ninja have been using it for hundreds of years to confound their foes. Points: Free Upon Creation Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique | Katon; Gōkakyū no Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu [ Fire ] Rank: Gennin Cost: 20 + 8x Chakra Damage: 20 Effect: The value of X is a number between 0 and 3, chosen when this technique is utilized. This technique afflicts one (1) turn of 'Burning: 10x'. Description: Originally crafted as a signature technique of the Uchiha clan of Konohagakure, Gōkakyū no Jutsu has found its way into the hands of both common Konoha shinobi and further into the world at large. Though most powerful when handled by a member of its origin clan, Gōkakyū no Jutsu is a formidable and relatively easy to use technique wherein the user kneads chakra inside their body, converts it to fire, then expels flames rapidly from their mouth. Though the technique gains its namesake from a large orb shape, it is easily used as a continuous flame-thrower whose volume can be controlled through raw chakra output. The impact of this technique is not the most potent, but it easily burns away its targets and often leaves a scorched crater in its wake. Points: 3
  12. -Jutsu Point Ledger- Point Total: 4 Total Spent: 3 Points Left: 1 Gains: 4 – Creation Spent on: 0 - Body Replacement Technique | Kawarimi no Jutsu 0 - Clone Technique | Bunshin no Jutsu 0 - Transformation Technique | Henge no Jutsu 3 - Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique | Katon; Gōkakyū no Jutsu
  13. -Character Skills- Path Related Skills: Null: N/A Clan Skills: Null: N/A Elemental Skills: Subtle Elements; Fire: May use Fire element techniques. All Fire techniques deal an additional 5% of their total damage in 'Burning' damage on the following turn, rounded up. All 5 'Subtle Element' skills share ranks, however each skill may only be taken once. Ninjutsu Skills: Null: N/A Genjutsu Skills: Null: N/A General Skills: Quick Learner: You pick up on concepts and skills more quickly than the average ninja. You may gain +10% EXP From Training, Battles, Gamemaster and Mission rewards. Bonus EXP is not included in this. Teacher Trained Skills: Null: N/A Hindering Traits: Null: N/A
  14. -Skill Point Ledger- Point Total: 2 Total Spent: 2 Total Left: 0 Gains: 2 – Creation Spent on: 0 - Subtle Elements; Fire 2 - Quick Learner
  15. -Game Statistics- Level: 0 Rank: Gennin Total Experience: 000 Next Level: 000/400 Total Stats: 500 Health: 60 Chakra: 70 Stamina: 70 Ninjutsu: 40 Genjutsu: 0 Taijutsu: 60 Concentration: 0 Defence: 40 Speed: 50 Accuracy: 50 Evasion: 60 Taijutsu Mod: +10 damage to their Taijutsu attacks and Basic Weapon Attacks. +10 damage to their Basic Unarmed Attacks. Ninjutsu Mod: +10 damage to their Ninjutsu attacks. Defence Mod: takes -10 damage. Speed Percentile: 667 Accuracy: +5 accuracy Evasion: + 6 evasion
  16. -Information- -User Data- Timezone: CST/UTC-6 Posting: hopefully at least once a day. ill post as much as I can Character Slot: 1 -Character Data- Name: Uzumaki Sumiya Clan: Uzumaki Gender: Female Date of Birth: September 8th 2104 Age: 12 Birthplace: Konoha General Hospital Village: Konohagakure -Appearance- Hair: her hair is Mid-thigh length it is a scarlet red in color. Eyes: Red eye's with glint's of gold in them Height: 4'8 Weight: 77 Skin Tone: pale Physical Description: Sumiya has mid-thigh length scarlet red hair that is tieghed up into twin-tails with black bows, she has a slim and slender build, Clothing: she wears a short-sleeved tan kimono with a dark embroidery border with a black obi, a dark short skirt, and stockings up to her thighs with the forehead protector and sandals. Sumiya is a carefree young lady, almost always dressed in different types of kimonos, dresses, and skirts. The color of her clothes varies but she wears more dull colors when on duty and typically wears pastel's and more vibrant colors off duty. Sumiya’s hair is long and reaches her thighs, it is long and a scarlet red. She keeps it up tieghed into twin-tails using black bows for the majority of the time bit does let her hair down sometime usually because she cant be bothered to tie it up that day. She is never seen without perfectly combed hair and expertly applied make up. Perhaps her most distinctive feature, aside from her slim and delicately slender figure, are her red eyes with glints of gold in them, they shine with a vibrancy and are filled with life. Her face is slender and a tad round with full lips, high cheekbones and long eyelashes. -Persona- Ideals: Sumiya's primary goal is to protect those she cares for and loves while trying to find inner peace. She sees her fellow ninja as comrades and family. Sumiya doesn't have any grand dreams she just wants to live in peace with her loved ones and protect them to the best of her abilities. Bonds: Sumiya loves her parents and has great reverence for the Uzumaki clan, she is loyal to her Konoha and is excited to meet her team mates Flaws: Sumiya wasn't the best student in the academy. she would get average grades but was never book smart she learned better with hands on activities. Sumiya struggles with chakra control due to her Uzumaki heritage which gives her naturally large chakra store's. Sumiya never lived a difficult life and had loving parents but she does understand that there are people that are less fortunate than her in the world, she may not be able to fully understand a person's situation but she tries her best to empathize with them. Personality: Sumiya is a Ditzy and carefree girl, she is compassionate and empathetic. She holds her family, friends and comrades close to her heart. Due to Sumiya's somewhat limited understanding of the world and small responsibilities she comes off as Naive and carefree. Sumiya Helps where she can and always tries her best, She likes to train often with her parents and goes to the Library semi-frequently in attempts to better her lack of book smarts. -Relationships- Uzumaki Gehi: Gehi is carefree and loving man. he is a retired Jonin who now runs a Fuinjutsu shop. Gehi is 38 year's old , he has shoulder length red hair , pale skin, green eyes and has a slim yet fit body, he is clean shaven and has sparse body hair. he usually wears a white shirt, dark blue jacket over his shirt, dark blue shinobi pants and black sandals. Gehi is a loving father to Sumiya and husbands to Ena, like most fathers he is a bit overprotective of Sumiya and rarely disciplined her when she was younger but as Sumiya grew older he would teach her about responsibility and became a bit stricter with Sumiya, as he would put it " I need to let my little girl spread her wings and experience this vast world". He would still dote on her but would start training Sumiya to be a ninja when she entered The academy. Uzumaki Ena: Ena is a stubborn and carrying women with a fiery temper. She is also a retired Jonin who has retired and became a housewife. Ena is 37 year's old, she has calf length red hair, pale skin, red eyes and has a slim and voluptuous body, she naturally has no body or facial hair ( just in case it wasn't clear she still has eyebrows' and eyelashes). she usually wears a high collared, sleeveless white blouse under a loose-fitting red dress with black heeled-sandals. Ena is a loving mother to Sumiya and wife to Gehi, she was the stricter parent of the two and would be the discipliner of Sumiya when she would act up. Ena loves and dotes on Sumiya but is strict when needed she would usually scolds Gehi about him not being strict enough with Sumiya. though a inverse effect would happen as when Sumiya grew older Ena would be less strict but she would still hold Sumiya to a certain level of responsibility. -History- Sumiya was born into the Uzumaki clan on September 8th 2104 on a brisk and sunny morning in Konohagakure general. She was born as a only child to two loving parents who doted on her and basked her with unconditional love. Early life was mostly peaceful, though Sumiya's parents would often teach her about the history of the Uzumaki clan, basics of Fuinjutsu and do some very light physical training. as Sumiya grew she would listen to stories about her parents being ninja inspiring her to want to pursue being a Ninja like her parents along with reading the stories of her Uzumaki ancestors. Sumiya was never book smart she would often struggle academically, she would also zone out most of the time and would loose her focus and train of thought rather often this would lead people to call her Ditzy and her lack of worry about her low grade and focus on ninja training has some people also call her carefree. Currently Sumiya For now, Sumiya splits her time between fulfilling missions for Konohagakure and the surrounding country side and spending time with her family though when alone she would usually be outside thinking to herself and taking in the nature around her,
  17. It's that time of year when we all get busy with various holidays and family obligations. So, why don't we do a little something to make this all a little more fun and give out some free stuff! Happy Late Halloween, Holidays and Early New Years! All combined into one! If you're a regular around here, you already know how this goes. If not, here's how it works! This is a mix of two events we normally try to do. A Halloween event where we give out some candy and creepy gifts and then a Holiday one to spread goodwill and cheer. Regardless of what holidays you celebrate, please join in on the festivities! All currently approved characters, receive the following: 3 Milk Chocolate Shuriken -A four pronged piece of chocolate shaped to look like a Shuriken. A classic treat for children dressed as ninjas. Effect: Gain 1 JP when this candy is eaten. Value: $25 2 Pumpkin Juice -A small wax bottle containing a sweet orange liquid. Even the small amount in the bottle packs a punch of flavor including cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin and just a little hint of something spicy. Effect: This candy may be eaten when your character receives experience. When you eat this candy, you gain +100 EXP. Only one "Pumpkin Juice" may be eaten per thread. Value: $50 2 Black Licorice Bats -Only psychopaths like this candy. The unforgettable flavor of the licorice root in the shape of a hairy bat, complete with little strands that get caught in your teeth. Makes a squeaking sound when you eat it. Effect: When this candy is eaten, you may increase the word-count of the post that this candy was consumed in by +200 Words. Eating multiple 'Black Licorice Bats' may stack this effect to a maximum of +400 words. Value: $50 1 Creepy Capsule Prize! [Roll 1 (One) d35 to Determine your prize!] 1 Random Holiday Gift -To get your random gift, roll 2d50, using the die roller found on the main site. You're only allowed two (2) rolls and out of those two (2) rolls you can take a (one) gift! Please feel free to reach out to me or any staff with questions.
  18. Notes • Opening: 20 + (10 * JP)– Making this 'any' Silent Killing technique as I didn't want to restrict this to one specific technique. Keeping to canon flavor of Haku preferring needles, Zabuza preferring giant sword etc. I accounted for 'any' in the costing as JP = maximum JP at each rank. i.e. Genin: 20+(10*4) etc. As well as making this enforced on the first Silent Killing technique used. • Impaired x/y = 15/turn – 15(2) = 30 on Genin; (15*2)*2 = 60 on Chuunin; (15*3)*2 = 90 on Jonin. • Genin costing – Opening (max 4jp) + Impaired 2 turns: (20+(10*4)) + 30 = 90. The +40 cost on Murder charge making 100 in resources spent to access the 90. • Chuunin costing – Opening (max 5jp) + Impaired x+y 2 turns + Mist 1 turn: (20+(10*5)) + 60 (impaired) + 30 (Mist) = 160. The +40 cost on Murder charge again covering the spread but hitting the 160 mark with no excess. • Jounin costing – Opening (max 8jp) + Impaired x+y 3 turns + Mist 2 turns: (20+(10*8)) + 60 (impaired) + 60 (Mist) = 160. The +40 cost on Murder charge again covering the spread. No need to bend limits in this one. • I made these Evolving since it is only making the previous version larger. JP is tricky here however as Chuunin would be 5pts and Jonin would be 6pts without evolving. Quick reminder: These techniques have a solid barrier to entry and makes users commit to Silent Killing by requiring Hiding in Mist and Silent Killing Style. The update to Hiding in Mist made it Chuunin rank, so a genin buying in would put up 8 JP (unless DB'd) and still need to unlock the Silent Killing tree. These also have the drawback of being tied to 'Mist' climate active status. Link to Silent Killing style is [ here ]
  19. Muon Satsujin no Jutsu | Silent Killing Technique I 無音殺人術の術 • Muon Katsuoto no Jutsu | Silent Stepping Technique I 無音靴音の術 Type: Ninjutsu [ Silent Killing ] Rank: Genin Cost: 60 Chakra + 1 Murder Charge Effect: [Opening] to the first Silent Killing Style technique used while this technique is active. The Silent Killing Style technique used must be equal in rank to this technique to receive the opening effect. Additionally the opponent is [Impaired Hearing] for 2 turns while the climate is 'Mist' is active. This technique resolves after the final turn of [impaired hearing] or 'Mist' is removed, whichever comes first. RP Effect – The user's movements within mist are harder to notice and may seem to come from further away than they actually are. Description: Further developing the capacity to manipulate the Hiding in Mist Technique, the shinobi trained in the ways of the Hidden Mist's Silent Killing Style concentrates their chakra in a unique way to muffle and throw the sounds of their movements from within the veil of mist. Cost: 4 JP Restrictions: Silent Killing Style; Kirigakure no jutsu • Muon Tsuibi no Jutsu | Silent Tracking Technique I 無音追尾の術 Type: Ninjutsu [ Silent Killing ] Rank: Chûnin Cost: 120 Chakra + 1 Murder Charge Effect: [Opening] to the first Silent Killing Style technique used while this technique is active. The Silent Killing Style technique used must be equal or lower rank to this technique to receive the opening effect. Additionally the opponent is [Impaired Hearing] and [Impaired Eyesight] for 2 turns while the climate is 'Mist' is active. Extend duration of active 'Mist' by +1 turn. This technique resolves after the final turn of [Impaired Hearing] and [Impaired Eyesight] or 'Mist' is removed, whichever comes first. RP Effect – The user's movements within mist are difficult to track and cannot be 'heard' by normal means. Description: As the shinobi trained in the ways of the Silent Killing Style progresses, so does their ability to form an offensive from the mist. Their footsteps absent and their manipulation over the mist growing to keep them unnoticeable until the moment of striking from under the veil of the mist. Cost: 3 JP [evolving] Restrictions: Silent Killing Style; Kirigakure no jutsu; Silent Stepping Stepping • Muon Satsujin no Jutsu | Silent Killing Technique I 無音殺人術の術 Type: Ninjutsu [ Silent Killing ] Rank: Jōnin Cost: 210 Chakra + 1 Murder Charge Effect: [Opening] to the first Silent Killing Style technique used while this technique is active. The Silent Killing Style technique used must be equal or lower rank to this technique to receive the opening effect. Additionally the opponent is [Impaired Hearing] and [Impaired Eyesight] for 3 turns while the climate is 'Mist' is active. Extend duration of active 'Mist' by +2 turns. This technique resolves after the final turn of [Impaired Hearing] and [Impaired Eyesight] or 'Mist' is removed, whichever comes first. RP Effect – The user's movements within mist are indiscernible and cannot be "heard'. Description: Considered the pinnacle of skill utilizing the Hidden Mist's Silent Killing Style. A mastery of the Hiding in Mist Technique combined with expert skill in combat and chakra control allows the shinobi to seemingly vanish within the veil of mist. Only the most proficient shinobi can discern the presence of this Silent Killing practitioner and even then, it proves difficult even with the use of uncanny means. Cost: 2 JP [evolving] Restrictions: Silent Killing Style; Kirigakure no jutsu; Silent Tracking Technique
  20. Hey guys, I know this is probably a mod or artificer thread but is there anyway someone can help me out here? Ive been waiting for a post in this thread since January of 2022....I know Ryan got injured and everything which of course if anyone would understand life throwing a curveball into your face its me haha. But Im stuck on something I have been wanting to see through the end for so long Im just hoping someones willing to hop in and have a fun epic fight against an uchiha (probably NPCing with Nevan or another Uchiha if I had to guess), I cant be the only one thats fiending for an RP Fight! Heres the thread link, if anyones up for it shoot me a message on discord, youd be my hero <3
  21. Concentrated Breathing Style Elemental Breathing Style was created by the first Disciples of Shoki. The style was created in order to combat Yokai that wandered the earth causing destruction, along with Jinchūriki being used as weapons to wage war. Historically, it has been best used with swords such as Katana’s to help prevent opponents from accessing their stamina and chakra. Effects: The user may learn and perform Concentrated Breathing Style Taijutsu Weapon techniques and may generate ‘Breath Charges.’ Twice per battle, the user may spend four (4) Breath Charges to add the following effect to the first strike of any Concentrated Breathing Style technique they perform: "For one turn after being hit by this attack, the target may not pay any X costs. X is equal to a tank stat selected by the user when this attack is performed. If the target cannot pay upkeep costs due to this effect, the relevant abilities are deactivated." The user may spend x ‘Concentrated Breathing Style’ charges when performing a Concentrated Breathing Style Technique to add the following effect to their next strike: “For one turn after being hit by this attack, the target has all of their regeneration cut by 3x%, where x is the number of charges spent. If the cut to regeneration exceeds zero regeneration, the target takes the difference in Chakra and Stamina damage” Requirement: Disciples of Shoki Cost: -2 Organization: Disciples of Shoki
  22. Organization Skills: - Organization Techniques: - Organization Equipment: - Organization Consumables: -
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