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D Rank Mission: Village Registration!

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D Rank Mission: Village Registration!



Hello everyone! As a form of encouragement to help add characters to our ever growing wiki, we are now going to offer a D Rank mission that can be done for each character one time. This is meant as an optional mission that every character can take at any point in their ninja career!

Village Registration

The road to being a great ninja starts... with bureaucracy. Make sure to fill out the proper files when registering with your village. You'll need two green sheets, a blue sheet and a white sheet. Pens are on the back table.

Requirement: A completed wiki page for the character that includes at least Summary, Appearance and History.

Reward: 400 EXP and $80

Official Ranking: D

How do you go about completing this mission? Good question! In the following post I will go through the process of getting your account setup for the wiki if you do not have one and then how to go about creating your first wiki page. I've also included a template for you to use as well as a link to help about formatting on the wiki. You do not need to use the template, and feel free to deviate from it as long as the same information or more is contained. Once you have completed your character's wiki page all you have to do is post a reply in this thread with a link to the page. Cntrstrk14 will post approvals in this thread as well and once it is approve you can add the completed mission to your character sheet, linking to this post in your logs.


To be approved you will need to fill out the following information.

  • Summary*

  • Appearance

  • History

  • Add the tag [[Category: PC]] to the bottom of your article.

The following are bonus objectives for the mission, and each one will net the bonus that follows.
  • Include a character image [+50 EXP]

  • Include quotes [+25 EXP & +$10]

  • Include trivia [+25 EXP & +$10]

  • An additional 100 EXP and $20 can be given as bonus for very well created pages.



* - A summary is the 1-2 sentences at the very top that tells someone reading the page who this is and why they should care.

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Q: What if I already have a page created for my character?

A: Good news! You already completed the mission and just need to post it in this topic!


Q: What if someone else made a wiki page for one of my characters!

A: It doesn't matter who made the page, the character can complete this mission so long as a wiki page for them exists!


Q: I am having trouble posting on the wiki, what should I do?

A: Contact cntrstrk14 through PM or Discord. There may be an issue with your account permissions. See the next post for more information on making a new account!


Q: What is an example of a "very well created" wiki article?

A: For a character we can give some examples. Any of my PC characters are good examples of wiki pages that are pretty close to the template provided ( Alchem Syaroran | Endo Tsubasa | Iona Keanu ). The most crucial thing for a wiki page is to display information in a concise and easy to read manner.


Q: How do I add images to my page?

A: Check out this link for a full explanation on how images work in formatting. You will need to upload an image to the wiki in order to use it.


Q: ... How do I upload an image to the wiki?

A: When you are on the wiki, the left navigation has a link under tools that says "Upload File". Click this and you will be brought to a page. Here you want to choose the image you want to upload in the "Source filename" field. Below that you can set the "Destination filename" if you wish. This will be the name of your image that you will use when actually making use of the image. If you leave this blank it will simply be the name of the Source filename. Summary can be ignored as it will almost never be seen.


Q: Can I get money instead of EXP? 

A: Yes. Request it when you post the link in this thread and you will get $340 instead of 400 EXP and $80.


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How do I get started?

Great question! So there are two parts to getting started. Making an Account and Creating Your First Page, both are outlined below.


Making an Account

1.) Head over to our wiki. You can find it here.

2.) Click the "create account" button on the very top right of the page.

3.) Fill out the information. In case you are confused, the answer to the first question is "Naruto" and is a way to prevent bot accounts. The "Real name" option can be ignored. If you do use the Real Name option it will display this name instead of your username on the wiki. I also highly suggest not skipping the email portion as this is the primary means of account recovery if you lose your password.

4.) You're done! Once you finish the creation process you will be logged in and can move on to the next step.


Creating Your First Page

The wiki can be intimidating if this is your first time ever editing or contributing to one. Before we even get started let me leave this helpful link here. This page will have the answer to many questions you might have about how to create a page and is a helpful read. You can also find this link on the wiki under "Help" on the left side.


1.) First we need to create the empty page. The easiest way I find is to go to the search bar on the left side and search for your character's name. It won't find anything since the page does not yet exist, but this is exactly what we want.




2.) On the next page you will get a message that says "There were no results matching the query" or something similar. It will then give you the option to create the page on the wiki. Click the red text to be taken to a new blank page with your character's name!




3.) Now we are on your character's new blank page. From here I suggest copy pasting the code in the following post and filling it in appropriately. Some of the formatting on the wiki can be weird, so let me quickly try and explain how some of it works.


''' — Wrapping text in three apostrophes ( '''example''' ) will make it bold.

'' — Wrapping text in two apostrophes ( ''example'' ) will make it italics.

= — Wrapping text in equal signs ( ==example== ) will make that text a header. For new users I highly suggest just using the double equal signs for now.

[[ ]] — Wrapping text in double brackets ( [[example]] ) will turn that text into a link that will go to the wiki page of the contained text. This is the soul of what makes a wiki a wiki, the ability to click words to pull up more information. On the template you will notice that things like village and nationality are wrapped in these. I suggest the first time you mention something that could or should have a wiki page that you wrap it in these brackets. Common etiquette is that a single page should only be linked to once on a page, usually in its first mention. 

: — Putting a colon in front of a sentence will indent that sentence. Very helpful for making things look cleaner.

— Putting a star at the front of a sentence will make that sentence a bullet point.

<br> — Putting this at the end of a line will force a line break. You can also do a line break by putting a blank line between two paragraphs, but if you want to make nice stacked text this is the way to do it. 


4.) Once you finish working on a page you can click "Save page" at the bottom and the page will display! You're done!


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Character Wiki Template

This is a template that you can use to start your first wiki page!

[[Image:TsubasaFull2.png|thumb|420px|Endo Tsubasa]]]
:'''User:''' [[Cntrstrk14]]<br>
:'''Name:''' Endō Tsubasa<br>
:'''Alias:''' ---<br>
:'''Clan:''' None<br>
:'''Shinobi Rank:''' [[Chuunin]]<br>
:'''Other Ranks Held:''' ---<br>
:'''Village:''' [[Konohagakure no Sato]]<br>
:'''Nationality:''' [[Hi no Kuni]]<br>
:'''Specialty:''' Instance Strobe Style<br>
:'''Age:''' 19<br>
:'''Birthdate:''' Fall 2095<br>
:'''Gender:''' Male<br>
:'''Sexuality:''' Straight
'''Height:''' 5’5"<br>
'''Weight:''' 140 lbs.<br>
'''Hair Color:''' Dark Charcoal, almost Black; To his shoulders in length, cut shorter in the back than it is in the front.<br>
'''Eye Color:''' Azure Blue<br>
'''Clothing:''' Tsubasa sports a lot of clothing, being a normal person, and his style changes with time. Currently he wears a black long sleeve jacket with a high collar and zipper on front. When on missions he tends to wear a thin pair of black pants, tied to his leg with his kunai pouch. Over his left eye, Tsubasa wears a medical eye patch that is a simple white color. His t-shirts underneath his jacket are usually white or other light colors and have various logos or wording on them dependent on his mood for the day. He also usually keeps a set of thick, high quality headphones around his neck, if not on his ears.<br>
'''Physical Description:''' Tsubasa has a thin and fit body, his discipline in Taijutsu has made sure of that. His body frame slightly wiry, not enough to make him look small, but enough to keep people from calling him of regular size. He has no scarring on his body aside small unnoticeable nicks and scratches here and there from growing up and being a boy.<br>
:*''"This is your first quote."''<br>
:*''"Second quote goes here!"''<br>
:*''"Add as many as you want!"''<br>
::''General Knowledge Available to Public; IC''
:* First bit of trivia. This is something anyone can know about the character that may not be obvious.
:* Add as much as you like!
::''Private Knowledge; OOC''
:* This is information that is more private and may be interesting to players, but not information that those player's characters would know.
:* Add as much as you like!
::''Outside the Box; OOC''
:* Completely meta trivia! Lots of fun stuff can go here!
:* Add as much as you like!

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Akasabure Kouta: 550 EXP & $110 — Approved
Nara Kaidomaru: 500 EXP & $100
 — Approved

Sokudo Ichiro: $430 — Approved

Hyuuga Mizumono: $500 — Approved

Nakayama Madoka: 550 EXP & $110 — Approved

Ueshi Mairah: 550 EXP & $110 — Approved

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Aburame Shiina: 550 EXP & $120 — Approved

Shuurajou Mitsuhide: 450 EXP & $80 — Approved

Zandoran Kiyoshi: 549* EXP & $120 — Approved

Hyuuga Yatako: 550 EXP & $120 — Approved

Hisame Haruyuki: 550 EXP & $120 — Approved

Naito Saiyuriel: 550 EXP & $120 — Approved

Naiyume Lilina: 525 EXP & $110 — Approved

* - Removed 1 EXP because 'Kiyoshi' wasn't capitalized.

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