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Disciples of Shoki

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Disciples of Shoki


The hunting of yokai is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it for those who feel bound by such trivial doctrines as law or national borders.




Region: Worldwide


Base of Operation: Anbaenkai Outskirts (Hi no Kuni)


Status: Active; Unrecognized By The Major Villages


Organizational Goals: Eradicate All Yokai


Organization Entry: Successfully pass the Disciples of Shoki admission exam or receive an invitation by one of the Legendary Disciples. Invitees may be subject to testing as they increase their rank within the Disciples of Shoki.


Organization History:

It is unknown how long the Disciples of Shoki have been working towards eradicating Yokai and Jinchuuriki. However, legends state that the Disciples of Shoki originated after an individual named Shoki lost his family due to a Yokai attack. After the death of their family, Shoki dedicated his life to studying Yokai. Learning their strengths and weaknesses. While training his mind, he also trained his body in the hopes of killing the Yokai that killed his family. 


After years of studying and training, Shoki created his own Kenjutsu. One that would allow him to fight and destroy Yokai. Additionally, Shoki learned a special form of breathing which he coined as ‘Total Concentration Breathing.’ His new form of breathing would allow him to increase the flow of oxygen within his bloodstream, allowing him to match a Yokai’s strength and speed. After years of training, he was ready to track down and kill the Yokai that killed his family. Following his difficult fight with the Yokai, he emerged victorious. 


After his fight, Shoki realized other Yokai still roamed the earth, and he knew he would not be able to fight and kill every Yokai on his own. Shoki then decided to take on Disciples. Each Disciple was taught Shoki’s new way of fighting so they too could protect innocent lives. Ever since, Shoki’s skills have been passed down to every generation of Disciples in the hopes that one day the Disciples of Shoki will eventually remove Yokai and Jinchuuriki from the planet.



Disciple: An entry level position in the Disciples of Shoki, Disciples are known to have promise in their swordsmanship, and have taken their first vow to track down and hunt yokai.


Cultivator: Cultivators are the frontline position within the organization. Cultivators are known within the organization as skilled shinobi who have taken their vow to hunt down yokai to another level. (Requirement to advance: 50 RP) 


Successor: Successors are exceptional yokai hunters and known to be apprentices to Pillars. Due to their talents, they are frequently tasked with hunting down power yokai. (Requirement to advance: 150 RP)


Pillar: The highest and most respected rank within the Disciples of Shoki. Successors are known as the pillars that hold up the organization. They each possess extraordinary skills in a specific Kenjutsu due to their dedication and are tasked with hunting down the most powerful yokai. (Requirement to advance: 300 RP)

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Organization Missions:



Sharpen Party

Description: It is vital that fellow Disciples of Shoki have adequate equipment. Help the swordsmiths gather materials and sharpen swords for your fellow Disciples. 

Word Requirement: 2000

Reward: 両345, 20 RP for the Disciples of Shoki

Rank Requirement: Any


Room for Recruitment

Description: It is best to recruit Academy Students and Genin as they are the future of the shinobi world. Your job is to go out and recruit young shinobi in order to grow the ranks of the Disciples of Shoki. 

Word Requirement: 2000

Reward: 400 Exp, 両80, 20 RP for the Disciples of Shoki

Rank Requirement: Any



Freedom to Teach

Description: Once upon a time you were a new Disciple being trained. It is now your turn to give back and train our newest recruits. 

Reward: 200 Exp, 両560, 40 RP for the Disciples of Shoki

Word Requirement: 4000

Rank Requirement: Cultivator


Slash and Learn

Description: Time to put your experience and swordsmanship to work. Join up with one of our organization's researchers and learn more about Yokai. You are welcome to join someone in the field, in the library, or in the lab. Choose wisely though. You never know what can happen with these damn Yokai.  

Reward: 800 Exp, 両160, 40 RP for the Disciples of Shoki 

Word Requirement: 3500

Rank Requirement: Cultivator



Yokai & Hello

Description: Glad to see that you’re working your way up the ranks. Since we can trust that you can handle yourself now, go out there and kill a minor Yokai. 

Reward: 1200 Exp, 両250, 60 RP for the Disciples of Shoki

Word Count: 6000

Rank Requirement: Successor, Level 30+



The Long Yokai

Description: Congratulations, you’ve not only survived this long, but you’re made it all the way to being a Pillar within the Disciples of Yokai. Your biggest job now is to go out and kill a major Yokai. Have fun, and don’t die. 

Reward: 1600 Exp, 両400, 100 RP for the Disciples of Shoki

Word Count: 8000

Rank Requirement: Pillar Level 45+

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Organization Oyakata: 

Hoga Ken’ichi


Important Members:

Yoshimoto Kaji - Fire Pillar

Isobe Enkai - Water Pillar

Matsuno Daichi - Earth Pillar

Gima Fuuko - Wind Pillar

Takara Akari - Lightning Pillar


Current Members

There are 5 slots for membership, once these slots are filled no other PC's may join the ranks of the Disciples of Shoki until a slot opens.


1. Masuda Itsuo





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