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Concentrated Breathing Style

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Concentrated Breathing Style

Elemental Breathing Style was created by the first Disciples of Shoki. The style was created in order to combat Yokai that wandered the earth causing destruction, along with Jinchūriki being used as weapons to wage war. Historically, it has been best used with swords such as Katana’s to help prevent opponents from accessing their stamina and chakra. 


  • The user may learn and perform Concentrated Breathing Style Taijutsu Weapon techniques and may generate ‘Breath Charges.’
  • Twice per battle, the user may spend four (4) Breath Charges to add the following effect to the first strike of any Concentrated Breathing Style technique they perform: "For one turn after being hit by this attack, the target may not pay any X costs. X is equal to a tank stat selected by the user when this attack is performed. If the target cannot pay upkeep costs due to this effect, the relevant abilities are deactivated."
  • The user may spend x ‘Concentrated Breathing Style’ charges when performing a Concentrated Breathing Style Technique to add the following effect to their next strike: “For one turn after being hit by this attack, the target has all of their regeneration cut by 3x%, where x is the number of charges spent. If the cut to regeneration exceeds zero regeneration, the target takes the difference in Chakra and Stamina damage” 

Requirement: Disciples of Shoki

Cost: -2


Organization: Disciples of Shoki

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