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Lunar Lights :.

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And as the little earth slept beneath the loving eye of its tiny, glowing paramore an invitation went out to all the slumbering beings across the globe. For all who wanted could come, this castle’s gates were open but once during this festival of lights and rebirth. No measuring devices would find it should they gaze starbound, but here on this pearly white surface, here in this tryst was an escape into a moment of joyful bliss.


A man stood upon a balcony, wrapped in fine royal red garments and leaning on a golden staff. His twinkling eyes jovially gazed down at all his guests as they winked into existence as they took his invitation. They came into a foyer, nearly bursting from food and drink selection. At the end and just below where this man towered over them was a tree from which finely wrapped presents were gathered beneath. 


“Welcome one and all. I, Ureshii, will be your host tonight! 
Revel in the light of Tensei and Saṃsāra!
In these halls you will find games and gifts aplenty!
Forget the woes of the past!
And rejoice in that which is yet to come!”


The halls were alight with flickering flames softly floating like fireflies in room. On either end of this magnificent castle were rooms for games of skill and luck and all who wanted a present would receive. Yet there would be ever more for those wanted to give. 


T’was a time for the novel. A time for when communities would cross and meet. A time for sharing and for caring. A time in suspension for all things impossible and desired, for when the morning rose against the galactic horizon this place would fade back towards obscurity. Yet somewhere, these memories would remain.


Welcome to the NA annual holiday thread! This year, we're back to a community effort. Everyone is invited, bring any and all your characters, your concepts, and your favorite NPCs! Have a slice of life and meet your fellow characters!

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37: 2x Explosive Tag [Rank IV]


It seemed Fu was almost completed his Chuunin exams. Not much more to go until the boy would be allowed more freedoms to look for his mother's killers. He wasn't sure whether or not he should be happy or apprehensive, as the thought of investigating the matter by himself definitely was intimidating. Fu's hand gravitated toward the dog tag that lay across his neck and gripped it tightly. There was no way in hell that he was going to fail ...


Fu looked up from his latest trial to face the Jounin proctor that was teaching him, his face slowly slithering into a smile, but instead saw two great doors. He gently tapped them and watched in awe as they slowly opened and revealed a feast fit for all of the shinobi nations. Was he dreaming? He had to be. Was he?


The blonde Yamanaka rubbed his eyes as he entered, noting how the tables lined the halls of the great banquet, and followed the "illusion" to a great big green tree, decorated festively with tiny ornaments, lights and rolls of colored foil. This is quite ... odd, the boy thought as he walked toward the tree. Above, he heard a voice welcoming him to the feast, telling him he should forget his tragic past, and to make merry. Fu couldn't help but smile. 


He looked under the tree and saw a bunch of boxes, one in particular addressed to him. 


"Haha, a gift for me?" Fu laughed as he picked up the gift, shaking it gently, attempting to guess what it could be. The box was light, and no matter how much shaking the boy would do, the box was weightless, and offered no clues as to what it could be. 


"Well let's see what you have for me mister." Fu told the man, as he gently unwrapped the large, shallow box in his possession, revealing ... GASP ... two powerful explosive tags?!


Fu dropped the gift in surprise, but quickly picked them back up. He smiled at the man with one of his large smiles and waved. "This is exactly what I needed! Thank you Mister!!" he told the man joyously, as he sat down at the nearest table to admire his gift.

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