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The darken bloodline

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This bloodline is the darken family of the vanthyris Clan which has the ability called shukketusgan and as of being in the vanthyris Clan they can smell blood


Shukketusgan: this ability in the darken family bloodline is known as shukketusgan it has the ability to let the user see their foes bloodflow at higher experience with  this ability the user will be able to paralyze and stop someone's blood flow when looking into their eyes directly and as a bonus their lifespan will be trippled

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Bloodlines are typically collections of related skills. Here is the Byakugan as an example. They don't all need to be advanced systems either - bloodlines can also be passive, like this one is. These are interesting ideas to build a bloodline off of, but we'll need to expand on them to get the bloodline to where it needs to be. 


We have three abilities here, really: 

  1. See someone's blood flow.
  2. Halt their blood flow. 
  3. Live three times longer than normal.  


3 is fine and will probably be cheap, since it's almost entirely a fluff effect. 1 is going to be as easy or as hard to make as you want it to be, because lots of things can represent this kind of effect. An increase to Accuracy would be fine, if you were looking to make it an AS. 2 is going to be harder - you can't just kill someone outright - but we can certainly do things to represent it slowing down, and it can halt stop it if the action would otherwise kill the target anyway, so this is just going to be a little harder than the other to get set up right. 


Like I said on the techs and skill, we just gotta figure out what you want these to do in terms of game mechanics, and we can move forward from there.

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