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Happy New Holi-Ween Year 2023!

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It's that time of year when we all get busy with various holidays and family obligations. So, why don't we do a little something to make this all a little more fun and give out some free stuff! Happy Late Halloween, Holidays and Early New Years! All combined into one! 


If you're a regular around here, you already know how this goes. If not, here's how it works! This is a mix of two events we normally try to do. A Halloween event where we give out some candy and creepy gifts and then a Holiday one to spread goodwill and cheer. Regardless of what holidays you celebrate, please join in on the festivities!


All currently approved characters, receive the following:

3 Milk Chocolate Shuriken
-A four pronged piece of chocolate shaped to look like a Shuriken. A classic treat for children dressed as ninjas.
Effect: Gain 1 JP when this candy is eaten.
Value: $25
2 Pumpkin Juice
-A small wax bottle containing a sweet orange liquid. Even the small amount in the bottle packs a punch of flavor including cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin and just a little hint of something spicy.
Effect: This candy may be eaten when your character receives experience. When you eat this candy, you gain +100 EXP. Only one "Pumpkin Juice" may be eaten per thread.

Value: $50
2 Black Licorice Bats
-Only psychopaths like this candy. The unforgettable flavor of the licorice root in the shape of a hairy bat, complete with little strands that get caught in your teeth. Makes a squeaking sound when you eat it.
Effect: When this candy is eaten, you may increase the word-count of the post that this candy was consumed in by +200 Words. Eating multiple 'Black Licorice Bats' may stack this effect to a maximum of +400 words.
Value: $50


1 Creepy Capsule Prize! [Roll 1 (One) d35 to Determine your prize!]


1-2: 1 Tissue (Removes the status effect 'Impaired Eyesight' when used; Consumable)
3-4: 1 Black Licorice Bat
5-6: 2 Windmill Shuriken with the attribute 'Bleeding Weapon; Rank 1'
7-8: 1 Liquid Viperfang Venom.
9: 1 Golden Kunai. (Made of solid gold. May be sold for 250 Ryo)
10: 2 Elemental Scrolls Rank III
11-12: 2 Caltrops; Rank II that also afflict the status effect 'Poisoned; 10' for 1 turn.
13-14: 2 Ninja Wire; Rank II that also afflict the status effect 'Slow' for 1 turn.
15-16: 2 Flash Bombs; Rank II that also afflict the status effect 'Dizzy' for 1 turn.
17-18: 15 Senbon that have a +5% chance to hit. (replaces their base effect)
19: 1 Head-Armor that grants +80 Defense [screaming Pumpkin Mask]
20: 1 Luck Sutra (Effect: May be used before any 100-sided dice roll, must be referenced when making the roll. Treat the outcome of that roll as if it were naturally +20; Consumable)
21-22: 2 Explosive Tags; Rank II that also afflict the status effect 'Numb' for 1 turn.
23-24: 1 Pumpkin Juice
25-26: 1 'Soldier Pill; Rank II' that also has the effects of a 'Shotrun Pill; Rank I'.
27-28: 1 Tsukimi Dango (Acts a Blood Increasing Pill; Rank II that also increases Chakra and Stamina by 10% of their total.)
29: 1 Transport Scroll (Effect: May be used to reduce any 1 travel post requirement to 5 words; Consumable)
30: 2 Kite Shuriken with the attribute "Burning Weapon; Rank 1"
31-32: 2 Milk Chocolate Shuriken
33-34: 1 Antidote

35: 1 Back Armor that grants +80 Speed [Leather Bat Wings]


1 Random Holiday Gift

-To get your random gift, roll 2d50, using the die roller found on the main site. You're only allowed two (2) rolls and out of those two (2) rolls you can take a (one) gift!


01: Enhancement Scroll [Rank III]
02: 2x Antidotes 
03: Village-Stamped Plated Gloves [+80 Defense] 
04: Small Scroll [Water Release; Water Dragon Blast Skill | Suiton; Suiryuudan no Jutsu]
05: 2x Kite Shuriken
06: 2x Elemental Scrolls [Rank II] [Choose Element]
07: Small Scroll [Polarized Spear | Raiton; Tsunagiyari]
08: 5x Shuriken, 5x Kunai, 5x Large Shuriken
09: 2x Wire Strings [Rank II]
10: 2x Enhancement Scroll [Rank II]
11: 2x Giant Scroll (Blank)
12: Bellflower Poison (Liquid), 5x Shuriken
13: Blood Increasing Pill [Rank III} 
14: 2x Caltrops [Rank III]
15: Large Scroll [Slashing Wind Skill | Kamaitachi no Jutsu]
16: 1x Backpack
17: Windmill Shuriken, 2x Flash Bombs [Rank II], 2x Smoke Bomb [Rank II]
18: Shinobi Goggles [+80 Accuracy] 
19: Molding Mushroom Extract, 2x Large Shuriken
20: Large Reusable Scroll [Fire Release; Great Fireball Technique II | Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu]
21: Shot Run Pill [Rank II], Explosive Tag [Rank II]
22: Clan Signet Ring [Clan of choice] [+80 Concentration] 
23: Soldier Pill [Rank II] 
24: 1x Wire String [Rank IV]
25: Small Scroll [Soil Clone Technique | Iwa Bunshin no Jutsu]
26: Tortoise Shell Pill [Rank III]
27: Heavy Desert Cloak (Tan) [+80 Evasion] 
28: Smoke Bomb [Rank I], Wire String [Rank I], Blood Increasing Pill [Rank I]
29: Polished Jasper Necklace [+20 Concentration, Evasion, Defense, Accuracy] 
30: Viperfang Venom [Liquid], 2x Kunai
31: Small Reusable Scroll [Beginning | Akebono]
32: Wolvesbane Toxin (Liquid), 10 Senbon
33: Small Scroll [Earth Release; Rising Earth Wall | Doton; Doryūheki]
34: 5x Shuriken, 2x Explosive Tags [Rank II]
35: 1x Flash Bomb [Rank V]
36: Large Scroll [Plant Release; Shield of Nature | Shokuton; Shizen no Tate]
37: 2x Explosive Tag [Rank IV]
38: Small Reusable Scroll [Blossoming Flow | Hana Ryūdō]
39: Giant Wasp Venom (Liquid), 2x Kunai
40: 2x Large Scrolls (Blank)
41: Blood Increasing Pill [Rank I], Soldier Pill [Rank I]
42: 1 Flash Bomb [Rank II], 2x Explosive Tags [Rank II]
43: 3x Explosive Tag Ball [Rank III]
44: Large Reusable Scroll [Blank]
45: Large Reusable Scroll [Armor of Sand: Rank 2 | Suna no Yoroi]
46: Travel Scroll [Reduces a single travel word requirement to zero, consumed when used]
47: Small Scroll [Shadow Clone Technique | Kage Bunshin No Jutsu]
48: High Performance Ninja Sandals (Brown) [+80 Speed]
49: Chainmail Shirt [Anti-Bleed [Rank I], Anti-Burn [Rank I], Underlay Attribute]
50: Giant Scroll [All Consuming Fog Technique | Kuikiri no Jutsu, Armor of Sand: Rank 2 | Suna no Yoroi]


Please feel free to reach out to me or any staff with questions.

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