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Country of Lightning Chuunin Exams

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While rumors have been circulating for months prior to the formal announcement, further fueled by the recent appearance of planned promotional material within Kumogakure no Sato, the Kyuudaime Raikage Tokeiza Jishin has formally announced the date and location of the Lightning Country's upcoming Chuunin Exams, including an open invitation for other nations to have their shinobi compete as well.

While relations with the Hidden Village and it's country have steadily improved since the days of the NCIA and Kumogakure no Sato, there are still lingering feelings of animosity towards the nation on both civilian and military fronts, ones that Jishin may be attempting to alleviate by welcoming others to visit his homeland and see his people - many of which had little involvement with the late Raikage's imperialistic agenda. Others are curious as whether or no "Time's Mercy" will attempt to take on the role of mediator in some of the growing conflicts between nations, most notably the continued strained relations between the Countries of Wind and Fire.

Currently, no nation has formally pledged to send participants to the event.

- Maro Tan Li, Metropolis Journalist

Rai no Kuni International Chuunin Exams
Who is Eligible to Compete: All Approved Characters, Levels 15 - 30
Start Date: November 6th, 2015 - Characters must arrive in the country by this date.
Type of Events

  • Exams Preliminaries - RP Event
  • Exam Practicum - Battle Event
  • Additional Side Events 

Character sheets for exam participants will be LOCKED. No techniques/skills may be learned, or Level/Stats adjusted after the event starts. Time limits on posting will be enforced.

The Rai no Kuni International Chuunin Exams are classified as a "Primary Location". Any character who wishes to compete must be on the current timeline. Your GM has final say on whether or not your character is allowed to participate. 

Players may only be in one (1) battle thread at a time.  
Spring 2116

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⚡ Important Information Regarding Training and EXP Rewards
For those of you wish to level your characters in preparation for the Chuunin Exams, we wanted to remind you of some of the rules/restrictions when it comes to earning EXP, as well as to clarify the intention behind some of the bonuses players may receive while training/completing missions:

  • All missions/training threads are read by the approving Staff member. We may (at our judgment) adjust the final amount of EXP given based on the quality of the RP. It is strongly recommended that you proofread your work before posting.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. If we catch you copying noticible portions of written content from outside sources (Wikipedia, published novels, etc.) you will receive no EXP. This is a general site rule, and is not restricted to this event.
  • If you wish to receive additional EXP by RPing with other characters, each player must make a meaningful contribution to the training or mission thread. While there is no 'hard rule' to the amount of participation each character has to make, the "spirit" of this bonus is to reward players for taking the time and effort to role play together.
    • GMs who are using NPCs are not expected to go "word-for-word" with PCs, but they should make an effort to post with relative frequency in the thread. 
    • In the event that a player decides to do a distinctly 'solo' segment in the middle of an established thread, part or all of it may be considered 'Training Alone' (and receive no bonuses based on the other people in the thread). 
  • You may only train a maximum of 1000 lines per week. This begins Monday morning at 12:01 AM and goes through until Sunday at midnight.
  • When training for a jutsu, skill or any other ability that requires 'Training' to unlock or obtain, you do not gain any EXP, Money or any other reward aside the object the training is trying to give you until the training is complete. Only words beyond the training requirement are eligible for EXP, Money or any other reward. 

As always, if there is any dispute or confusion on why a certain reward (EXP, Item, Jutsu, etc.) was or was not given, please contact Staff.

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⚡ Under Construction


With only a few weeks away before the Country of Lightning Chuunin Exams, construction is in full swing as the host nation works to ensure that everything is ready in time for the Exams Opening Ceremony. Kumogakure's mechanical marvels are being used to the fullest of their capabilities, as it appears as though every man, women, child and machine capable of assisting with the construction of both the venue and it's surrounding areas have shown up in full force. While the Country's 'Thunderdome' was surely undergoing renovations prior to the formal announcement, there is no disguising that the Kings of the Mountain are sparing no expense to ensure that this particular Exam is unlike any we have seen before.

However, improvements to the Thunderdome isn't the only project the Country of Lightning's engineers have been working on. I had the opportunity to meet with master weaponsmith Talos Sei Ren, who showcased some of the special items the Country is developing as potential prizes for those who attend. While some are still in the proto-typing phase, the items I saw were as beautiful as they were powerful. Talos explained that each piece of armor and equipment is wholly unique, and capable of even more one-of-a-kind feats.


- Sato Sagiso, Kaze no Kuni Journalist

Livewire Sickle
活線鎌 | Katsusen Kama



Weapon Type: Scythe | Relic Gear
Weapon Size: Medium
Weapon Level: 10
Attributes: Unique, Indestructible

Special Abilities

Chain Reaction: Area of Effect attacks made with this weapon have their cost reduced by 30%.
Shock and Awe: Whenever an attack made by this weapon deals Critical Damage, it also inflicts one turn of 'Metabolic Shock'. This effect may only trigger once every other turn.




Important Information

Sign-Ups are Now Open!
Please post in this thread if you are currently plan on attending.

Announcing: Relic Gear
Special equipment that will be available to those who attend the Chuunin Exams. For more information, please read the Relic Gear FAQ located in the Chuunin Exam Q&A Thread.

Chuunin Exam Creation Deadline
In order to ensure that Staff has adequate time to review and approve skills and techniques, please make sure that any creations you wish to use for the Chuunin Exam are posted by October 16th, 2015.


Anything posted after this day may not be approved in time to use for the Exams.

Myself and Cntr will be in Japan from October 20th thru November 3rd, which means there will be two less people available to approve things. Seriously, get your shit posted ASAP.

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⚡ Custom Creation Deadline
As a reminder, tomorrow, October 16th 2015 is the last day to submit any new creations with the assurance that they will be approved in time for the Chuunin Exam. Any skills, techniques, or custom items that you wish to use during the event need to be posted as soon as possible. This is your last warning. Anything posted after this date may or may not be approved before the start of the Exams. 

Lucky Coin
運の硬貨 | Un no Kōka
Armor Type: Amulet | Relic Gear
Placement: Anywhere
Attributes: Unique, Indestructible, Hidden
Special Abilities

 Gilded Gifts: Increases the monetary rewards from Missions and GM Arcs by 5%.

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⚡ Cost Reductions via Negative Effects

For those of you who wish to use some kind of negative effect to reduce the overall cost of a technique (e.g. self-inflicted status effects or stat reductions) there is a few 'unwritten rules' we wanted to make sure you were aware:

  • These techniques are the exception, not the rule. They are all considered special cases, and may require a longer approval process as they are approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • You should rarely expect a 1:1 cost conversion rate (e.g. Inflicting yourself with a Status Effect that costs 50CP does not mean you will be able to reduce the cost by -50CP).
  • The 'sum total' should not break the normal CP caps for the techniques rank and/or type. You do not get to make a 380CP Gennin Technique because you've loaded the effects with negatives that target the User.
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⚡ Last Call: Character Sheet Modifications

As a reminder, today is the last day for players who are participating in the Chuunin Exam will have to modify their character sheets. After tonight characters sheets will be locked, and any changes or edits to their sheets will be considered cheating. We will be making copies of all character sheets and storing them in a separate location to ensure their validty

If you need to change your character sheet at any point after 11:59PM CST for whatever reason,

you must get explicit permission from either myself or Cntrstrk before doing so.


Please send any requests via PM.

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⚡ Important Information Re: Chuunin Exams

All players who have signed up to participate should have recently received a PM titled "Important Information Re: Chuunin Exams". As the name implies, it contains important information regarding the Chuunin Exam. If you did NOT receive this PM, please let me know as soon as possible as it means you are not on the master list of participating characters.

Players who have indicted that they are going to compete with multiple characters should have also received a seperate PM that outlines the rules and requirements for having multiple characters participate. If you are one of these players and did NOT receive this PM, please let me know as soon as possible so I can forward this information along.

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⚡ Hotfix: Defender and Protector

The Hindering Skills "Defender" and "Protector" have received a small hotfix. You can read about, here. Participants with this skill have the option to either update it to the new version, or remove it from their sheets. Regardless, please contact either myself or Cntrstrk via PM with your decision so we can make note of the edit to your character sheet.

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⚡ Event One: START!

The starting thread for the first event is now live. You can locate it, here. Please note that you must post within 72 hours to be considered "on time" for the Event. If you fail to have your character show within this timeline you will be considered "late" and disqualified from this portion of the Exam. 

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⚡ Event One: Update

Participants should expect Event One to kick off either later tonight or early tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, real life obligations (read: work, and physical wellness) has prevented me from fine tuning some of the details, however myself and Cntr working on the event tonight and will be posting it as soon as possible. If you have yet to post in the "opening ceremony" thread, now is the time to do so.

Thank you for your understanding.

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⚡ Event One: Scavenger Hunt

The details for Event One have been posted. You may located them, here: Chuunin Exams; Event One. Once again, you must post within 72 Hours to avoid disqualification. If you have any questions, please ask them in the Chuunin Exam Q&A Thread.

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⚡ Event One: Rule Updates and Clarification

Actions During your Turn
The following information has been added to the Rules Post, under the new section "Actions During Your Turn".

After you have successfully entered your Coordinate, you are able to do ONE of the following options during your Turn:

  • Search the Area
  • Move to a Different Coordinate
  • Use a Special Coordinate (if available)
  • Recover a Coin (if available)
  • Attack an Opponent (if available)

Locating a Special Coordinate or Recovering a Coin requires you to Search the Area first.

Turn Structure
Since you are now choosing whether or not your character advances, the 'process' going forward is changing slightly. As some of you have already begun to move out of your starting location, the posting structure will now be as follows:

Player A moves from A1 -> A2

  • A small prompt is given, describing the general vicinity. The player may then...

Option One: Search the Area
Player A remains in A2, using the prompt and their abilities to explore the area.

  • Rhap Sodos/Cntrstrk reply, giving more detailed information based on the actions done in character.
    • If a Special Coordinate is revealed, they must move/interact with it first before it goes into effect.
    • If a Coin is revealed, they must write a post attempting to recover it first.
    • If there is nothing, they may move to a new coordinate, and report the process.

Option Two: The Player Continues Moving
Player A moves from A2 -> A3

  • No further information regarding A2 is revealed

Attacking Other Players
The following clarification was added to the existing rules:
You may move and interact with a player in the same turn. If you are targeted by an opponents attack, you MUST respond to it before continuing.

In practice, the turn structure will look like this:

  • Player A moves from B2 - C2, knowing that Player B is located there.
  • Player A immediately attacks Player B.
  • This consumes your turn 'action'. You will not be able to search the area.

Player B turn starts.

  • They must respond to the attack before they can take any other action.

Clarification: Players in Adjacent Squares
As we stated in the opening post of each Zone, your character should be able to ascertain whether or not there is a person in a neighboring coordinate. This was primarily done as an out-of-character consideration to keep your character from operating in a vacuum, otherwise you may never have the in-character rationalization that someone is 'nearby' unless they were directly in your zone. To be clear; you should be able to 'detect' the presence of another person in an adjacent tile, however this is about as much information as you would naturally receive. Being able to identify exactly who it is will require more roleplay on your behalf, especially if character hardly knows the other person. 
Only Players who are in the same area will be close enough to directly interact with (see clearly, converse, attack, etc.). A 'Players in Adjacent Squares' section has also been added to the Rules Post with the same information. 
Reminder: Roleplay Event! 
While we know that most of you are excited to get started, we've noticed that a lot of the posts are coming across as being rather rushed. We've been fairly lenient as this is the first turn, however it's very hard to justify revealing detailed information when the only thing you've given us to work with is "Player A begins to explore the area, hoping to find something." If you only dedicate a single sentence to 'exploring' a location that looks like this, chances are very good one of two things is going to happen:

  • Your character is going to find nothing, regardless of what is actually there. 
  • Your character is going to spend a very long time looking, which will mostly likely equate to a time penalty. 

Put some thought, effort, and most importantly descriptions of what  your character is doing. This isn't a race, nor is it a 'timed' event.


As always, please direct any other questions or concerns to the Chuunin Exams 2015 Q&A Thread

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⚡ Event One: Posting Timelines

Due to the strong tendency for participants to reply in the late afternoon/early evening, if you post after 10PM CST you may not receive a reply within the standard 12 hours. The past few days have required some late night updates from myself and Cntrstrk (case and point, this is being written at 3AM) and it's really beginning to screw with both our sleep schedules and our ability to do... pretty much anything else on NA right now. We'll get to those posts as soon as possible, however it may not be until the early afternoon on the following day. 

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⚡ Event One: Exiting the Zone/s

As some players have managed to locate the coin necessary to complete the Event, we've updated the Rules and with information on how players can return to the Arena Floor with the following information.

Exiting Your Zone

Once you have obtained a coin you must travel to one of the designated "Return Coordinates" to exit the Zone and return to the Arena Floor. <CLICK HERE> for the location of these coordinates, designated by their light blue/cyan color.

Please Note: Only players who are in possession of coin will be able to travel to the new Coordinates. Any Player who attempts to be enter one of these locations prior to obtaining a Coin will be 'frozen', and will be unable to move for an additional 12 hours.

Once you have successfully navigated to one of the Return Coordinates, they must continue in the "Event One; Arena Floor" thread in order to finish the event.

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⚡ Event One: Posting Timelines

If at any point during this Event you have not received a response for your character within 24 hours, and Cntrstrk or I have not contacted to you with a reason why, please let us know ASAP.

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⚡ Event One: Holidays

With Thanksgiving this Thursday, please expect some time between GM prompts as I both Cntrstrk and I will be traveling to visit family. We will try and get replies up at least once a day, as our schedules permit.

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⚡ Event One: End Date

Since the majority of the participants have located their coin and are in the process of finishing the event, we're going to set a definite end date for the first portion of the Exam: December 31st, 2015. To ensure that we can help everyone who has yet to finish the event do so, Azure will also be helping Cntr and I with the prompts, especially since I've been out of commission for most of December.

What happens if I don't find a coin and/or finish the Event by the deadline?
While players may earn additional rewards for finding a coin and/or officially finishing, the majority of the prizing will come from your RP. This means it's entirely possible to receive the same amount of EXP/Tokens as someone who completed the event depending on how your character responded to the various situations they encountered. 


When will Event Two start? 

Our tentative start date for Event Two will be January 8th, 2015. This will give us time to do a second roll-call as well as establish brackets for this portion. More details will be coming soon. 

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⚡ Event Two: Roll Call

All current participants should have received an information with instructions on how to confirm whether or not you are interested in competing in the second event of the Chuunin Exams. If you did not receive this PM and you are still committed to competing, please let me know ASAP. 

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⚡ Event Two: Roll Call - FINAL WARNING

If you have not replied to the PM confirming your interest in competing in the second portion of the exam, please do so AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You have until tonight, 11:59PM CST to respond or you will not be marked as participating and will be excluded from the brackets.

If you do not know which PM I am referring to, please PM me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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⚡ Event Two: Terrain and Climate Rule Reminders + Changing Clarification

As a reminder:

  • Terrain will always stay on the field unless another effect specifically says that the terrain changes or to remove the terrain. Climate does not change the Terrain and vice versa.
  •  A climate without an upkeep can not last longer than five full rounds of battle. A round is considered to be one full loop in which every player has had at least one turn.
  • If one climate would come into effect while another climate is in play, the preexisting climate is overwritten.

This means:

  • If your current terraform is a terrain, and the next option is a climate, they will both exist simultaneously. 
  • If you current terraform is a terrain, and you create your own climate, they will both exist simultaneously (and vice versa). 
  • if you current terraform is a terrain, and you create a terrain, it will 'overight' the current terrain (and vice versa). This is also true for climates. 

Using the "Terraform" Mechanic


The following has been added to the main rules topic, as well as to each battle thread: "To change the terrain, you must press an activation button located in one of the six corners of the 'arena' (keeping with the hexagon theme). This means you must be capable of moving to it, or pressing it some fashion (be it with your hand, forehead, or throwing a well aimed rock)."

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⚡ Event Two: Opponent's Turns, and Editing Posts

If you believe your opponent has done something incorrectly on their turn (use of technique, turn order, damage reductions, etc.), please notify Staff before you respond.

This is to keep us from having to potentially 'ret-con' several posts, and to resolve any confusion as quickly as possible. Both players will receive a PM detailing what needs to be changed (if anything) and why, and the 72-hour deadline will begin once any issue is corrected (ergo, you will not accidentally 'forfeit' the match because you were waiting on staff ruling or post adjustment). 
We are independently keeping an eye on all the matches, however the frequency of posts may make it impossible to catch things as they happen. 
Editing a Post
If you need to edit a post after it's been submitted, but before your opponent has responded, please send a PM to your opponent, CC'ing myself and Cntrstrk, detailing what you have changed. 
If your opponent has already replied, you must get permission prior to making any changes. Please Note: Given the nature of the change, it may not be given.

Edited by Rhap Sodos
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⚡ Event Two: Automatic Terraform Mechanic

The "Terrain | Climate will automatically change after five turns" is only if the terrain hasn't been changed in five turns. If at any point the terrain is manually changed by a Player, this count resets itself.

⚡ Event Two: Genjutsu Shaper and Bleeding/Burning/Poison Damage

If Genjutsu Shaper would inflict an additional turn of Bleeding/Burning/Poison Damage, it cannot break damage caps for the type of technique. In the event of a hybrid technique that deals physical damage, the additional turn via Genjutsu Shaper is also dealt as physical damage.

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⚡ Event Two, Round Two: Important Information

All remaining participants should have received a PM titled "Round 2: Important Information". If you did not receive this PM, let me know ASAP so I can forward the information on to you.

⚡ Round Two: Start!


The battle threads for Round Two of the Chuunin Exam have been posted. For players who have received Byes, your threads will be available shortly. If you do not know what this means, please refer to the earlier note regarding the "Round 2: Important Information" PM.

⚡ Terraform: Hailstorm


For players who trigger the "Hailstorm" Climate using the Terraform Mechanic, the effect has been altered to as follows:

All characters take 20 unmodified damage at the beginning of each turn with an unmodified 50% chance to dodge.


This is to prevent players from being KO'd too quickly by the climate. Techniques that create "hailstorm" by the traditional cost/upkeep is not impacted.

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