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Ryuken Oda

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Guest Samurai Master

===General Info===

- Name: Ryuken oda

- Gender: male

- Age: 16


- Height: "5"9

- Weight: 145

- Hair: black

- Eyes:black

- Clothing: wears a dark blue tee with a black slim vest over top.Has black style jeans with a dragon logo going up the front right pants leg.He wears a silver chain around his neck and has his hair in a pony tail

- Physical Description: tall, slim but has normal shaped muscles


- Background: Through his middle school years he has had nothing to look for.With good grades and not to many friends ryuken was a loner.He would always be bullied by the popular kids and tease by his last name oda..for that name is a name of weird poor people.His parents.Going through this day in and day out..made him insane so he finally decicded to do something about it.He fought back. beating up the bullies and teaser's after school..so he won't get expelled.or meeting them in a underground fight club a few blocks from the school..It made him feel good inside..and so he kept fighting till there was no one left....now people give him respect...and thus he became popular.So now with this new him he determines to get the best out of it no matter how it may be.


- Personality: wierd,crazy,quiet,lot of pride,deadly

- Likes: girls,fighting and eating

- Dislikes: bullies,people who call him wierd..tofo


- Food:sake,and meatloaf

- Color:black,blue,and red

- Music Genre:rock,hip-hop

- Book Genre: fansty

- Hangout: fight clubs,clubs

- Class: P.E


- Crush: kaprise swindler,and mya ahoy

- Current BF/GF: single

- GPA: 4.0-3.0

- can get a gf if he wanted..he's working on mya though

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===BR Related===

- Kills:

- Weapon(s):

- Area of Death:

- Number Dead:

- Date of Death:

- Killed By:

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