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The Comet Saga

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The night's silence was trumped by remarkable whistling sound thundered across the entire continent. A mystical and unexplainable light fell from at least seven different points. Most were small and went unnoticed except for the largest, and most blinding of the lights. To a Scholar's eye, it would have been apparent that a small comet had been broken into several pieces and were crashing towards the ground. Before falling all the way to the ground, all but one burned itself out of existence. When the mass first touched the ground a shock wave was sent rippling in every direction for countless miles. From the unexplored west to the Eastern Sea, what would have seemed like a earthquake could be felt shaking the ground.

Nearly one hundred miles west of Konohagakure no Sato was the impact zone. It was merely a matter of coincidence that it landed exactly the same distance from Konohagakure no Sato, as it was from The City of Tin, and Nigiyakashufu; forming the perfect triangle. Upon investigation of the impact area, a massive crater nearing a half mile in diameter would be found. In the Center a six foot metallic sphere would be present, buried by it's own crash pattern. With further attempts to decern the origins of the element, it would seem similar to iron ore. The only difference would be in the radiating heat when it comes into H20, or other liquids containing the same compounds.

((ooc:There will be no less than three spots to start this storyline, and no more than six.

Pm Me for interest in the Rp and I will put you on the list. Please do not post here yet.))

  1. Tsukasa
  2. Jirou
  3. Fluffywerewolf
  4. Xion
  5. Bifrost
  6. _____

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((OOC: The Comet hasn't hit yet. Everyone needs to Rp that they have been in The Country of The Fang's Capital, for no more than two months, and no less than one month. Nothing has happened out of the ordinary since you have gotten there, at least not plot wise. Everyone has worked together. People from different villages will usually distrust each other, unless they have a trusting personality. The Main goal for this to begin before the comet, is to work out some base Rp together so I know your skills character personalities ect. If you have a picture of the character, please post a link to in above your first post. People can join in later, just PM me and we can talk about how to fit you in on that stage of the Rp. Or if there are any other questions, Pm me for that also))

(Ooc:Kisoku, Age 17, Jounin)

[Time approximation is around four Am. Countdown to Comet, nearing two hours IC]

He had woken up nearly an hour ago, and couldn't sleep anymore. Leaving his temporary apartment, not knowing where he was going, he ended up laying on one of the branches of his favorite tree. It made Kisoku uneasy how much earlier he was waking up. It served as a reminder of the vestiges of the past, all the hardships that the war had brought. Al thought he hadn't been irreparably wounded in the war, he had came close on a number of occasions. The thing that bothered him so was the loss of both of his childhood team mates, Senji, and Taku. It had barely been three months since the new's of Senji's entire four-man cell being killed. Taku being included in that squad as the replacement for the medical ninja that had died the year before. Their teacher, Satori had been killed during the Kumo Invasion. Looking back on the day his original squad parted ways, his fists tightened. Nails digging into the palm, a slight trickle of blood was staining the tightly wrapped bandages on his arms. Trying to shake away the memory before it drove to deeply into his consciousness, mirroring his ideas, he shook his head slightly. It was enough that his dreams were haunted by those thoughts, he didn't want his waking hours to be the same.

Trying to think about something else, anything else, he traced events that stuck him in the Fang's Capital. Being called into the Hokage's Quarters, given the news that he to be one of the capital buildings guards. All of the hidden villages had assigned one jounin and one chunnin to be stationed there. It was sort of a paranoid attempt to watch all the villages at the same time. It seemed irrational at the time. Most of the details were still fuzzy, this was because it was two days after he found out about the deaths of Senji and Taku. All he knew was that he was stuck there until he received another order from Syaoran Alchem, the Tsuchikage, or the Iwagakure counsel. Either way, unless something big happened nothing would change soon... Nothing.

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[OOC]: Heres just a picture of my character:





The sheathing metal echoed a harmonic sound as it re-entered the scabbard, the clanging of the metal signaled the smooth entry of the blade, as it was re-holstered onto Jirou's back. In front of him, the tree in which was once standing tall suddenly found it's self in pieces amongst the tattered grass of the now disturbed forest.

Seeming how time was virtually useless in the Capital of Fang, Jirou managed to think up a countermeasure for the extreme boredom; training. Unless he wasn't sleeping, eating, or working as a guard for the current Hokage, he was out in the fields decorated with vibrant trees using his sword to run a muck.

Training well spent had seen the end to Jirou's day, staggering to the nearby tree, panting heavy; he dropped and leant up against the thick, aiding tree. Its shadow blocked out the violent and quite annoying sun, this made him feel rather relieved. From his pocket, Jirou pulled out a tin case, which seemed quite heavy. Opening the case, Jirou pulls out the small snack bar from inside, desperately tearing the wrap off, he was quick to demolish the small nutrient bar.

Whilst munching down on another much needed nutrients bar, he gazed upon the blue sky above; Jirou knew that the time to come was going to be long, his days here weren't numbered and where seemingly lasting for ever, he disliked Guard Duty, it required them to be immobile for long periods of time which made Jirou ache, but nonetheless everyone had to earn their living around town and this was it.

Finishing the bar, and slowly crunching the wrapper into his pocket, he laid his head against the bark of the sheltering tree. And soon enough he found himself within a sleep, his jaw hung wide open with his head tilted upwards, letting out some hard breathing. His body was motionless as the day dragged on….

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To those who stood outside of the training room, the sounds emmenating from the room sang herald to a warzone. A peircing shriek, shook the inner walls despite them being insulated to prevent such noises escaping. Inside, a creature from nightmares stood with static electricity rampaging off of his powerful frame. Before him lay the shattered carcasses of four training dummies. Sweat gleaned off of alabaster skin, lending a light to his body that his obsidian eyes lacked. A vicious sneer was spread accross his face as he deftly pulled a small throwing star from the sash that crossed his well muscled abdomen. It remained a mystery to those who did not know Shodaan R'Angh, as to how such a small implement could blast holes in stone, and sunder limbs from any who took a direct hit. But to shodaan, it was no mystery. In fact, it was what made his life interesting. His hair danced briefly as he directed a small portion of his own energies into the projectile, then hurled it toward the last standing dummy.

An ear shattering explosion shook the door to the outside once more as the dummy was reduced to little more than scraps. Pursing his lips, he breathed out calming his resperation rate. He had been training in this room for a little over three hours, and in that time had managed to destroy most of the elementary equipment. In this time of reconstruction, most were advocating conservation. Shodaan, however, was advocating further destruction. Physically voicing his opinion that the old must be destroyed to make way for the new. However, he was exhuasted.

Deciding now would be an excellent time for a cooldown, the large youth stepped outside into the cold night air. He didn't sleep much anymore, for the most part, he didn't sleep at all. Two hours every three days or so was enough for him to recharge his batteries. His time in Hakumei had done him well. His senses were dulled from exhaustion, so it came as no suprise that he had walked into a forest without seeing where he was going. However, his senses were not dead, so he did indeed see a young man sleeping up against a nearby tree.

He crept forward slowly, drawing a kunai from his belt and passing a small portion of his energies into it, causing it to turn an eerie shade of reddish-purple. For now, he had control of the kinetic forces that raged through the small knife, but he could drop it in an instant, and quite possibly kill the youth, as well as himself. He noted a weapon strapped on his back, and took a step back. He gave a shrill whistle, amplified to the point where it would hurt any shinobi other than those properly trained in sonic manipulations, hoping to wake the man from his slumber. His knife was at the ready, and could be thrown in an instant.

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"Why do I continue this..." it was a thought that continuously ravaged his mind. He never wanted to become a ninja except to to make his family proud. His parents were farmers, nothing special or out of the ordinary. The truth of the matter was that his brother always talked about how the ninja were great and kept everything safe for the village. Parents agreeing with that sentiment, he had it set he wanted that standing to be his own. But it wasn't anything like they said, the pain of friends constantly dying in war. Maybe it wasn't the same way back when he was told, but the kumo war left him in angst. "Stop, you know you have to go on..." Thoughts trailing to Taku and her attitude, She always made him smile when they were together. She would have said something to anger him, and give him an overall distraction. Like, "Shut up you big baby, you don't have the stones to be a ninja anyways." This would have pissed him off, maybe even have had him start yelling at her, but it was exactly what he needed. He was starting to need a reason not to just run off and abandon everything.

Standing up, Kisoku brushed some bark that had attached itself to his shoulders. It was time for him to do something besides sit in a tree waiting for the sun to come up. Deciding to go on a walk through the wood, he would know before the sun rose. Light always bleed through the canopy, whether it was dusk, dawn, or the middle of the day. He needed to know because at Eight in the morning his shift at guarding the capital started. Even with the knowledge he would make it in time he still didn't want to go to far away from town. After setting off, it wasn't long before he saw something the interested him. It was Shodaan, the blast happy kid from the Sound. Not really liking or disliking him, he would have been tempted to avoid him any other time. This might have been a sign for Kisoku's anti-social behavior, but it didn't matter, being interested was more important. Shodaan was standing over someone with a kunai, it wasn't normal behavior, at least not for the people he had usually been around. He gently stepped closer to the pair, trying to get a better look at who the submissive one was, careful not to make a sound. Ninja from Otogakure were known for their prowess at detecting vibrations in the air. If it was someone he didn't like, he wouldn't interfere. If it was someone from his own village, or someone he actually liked, he would stop it.

When a cloud in the air shifted, he was able to see Jirou's face. That was it, he had to step in, it was his job to try and protect that kid because he was the weakest one there. Still a Genin it was unfair to let him get picked up by a higher ranked shinobi. "Damn my self righteousness..." he thought. Removing one of the three scrolls he had holstered on his side, he held it in bolt hands. It would take a bit of concentration from this distance, but kisoku thought he could make it work. He only stayed so far back to make sure it would be completely silent, with no trace it was coming at him. The goal being to bind Shodaan's arms together and distract him, he flooded the paper with tangible chakra, forcing it at his target. There was almost no way he could evade it, it would grapple with him for a short time before letting him go without harming him in any real way. Whether it would hit or not, it would stop whatever was going on. After whatever happened he would say something like "Tisk tisk tisk, you kiddies have to learn to play nice with each other." It would sound sarcastically condescending, but both of the two people in from of him would know he was joking, for the sole reason he had spoken to both of them on a number of occasions.

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Shodaan was in the midst of analyzing the sleeping form in front of him, his inky black eyes absorbing the details of the youth, trying to decide what exactly to do, when a sudden shift in the air behind him let him know that something was amiss.

Normal shinobi, and a good portion of those from his village, could only sense vague tremors within the air. Shodaan, however, had been persuing ninjutsu all of his life, and had attuned the entirety of his senses to the feel of chakra. Still, it came as a suprise when he felt his arms suddenly constricted. He let out a small grunt of suprise, loosing his hold on the ember colored kunai knife he held.

"Oh shit...

He managed to voice just before the explosive hit the ground merely inches from his feet. To the brunt of the shinobi population, the crimson haired shinobi's unique abilities remained a mystery. Able to make the smallest of objects into a kinetic bomb, shodaan's ultimate trump card was his ability to excite the potential energy of molecules, convert it into kinetic energy, and release it at will. However, this only worked for a short period of time, and required immense concentration. Should his focus fail, as it did now, the energy was released in a catastrophic explosion of raw force.

The burly lad was lifted from his feet and thrown into a nearby tree, snapping through several of it's thicker branches, and leaving a fair sized dent in the wood. Where the Kunai had dropped, a large crater, about five feet in length now hold dominance.

He groaned softly, landing on the ground gracelessly, and hauling himself to his feet and gazing at the young man who had attempted to confine him.

"You know...If you knew anything about me, you would have realized just how dangerous what you just did was. I think we have spoken before, yet I forget your name. Mine is Shodaan. I assume this here-" He gestured toward Jirou with his bandaged arm, Is a friend of yours. For future reference, I suggest you avoid breaking my concentration when I have explosives in my hands... He wiped a trickle of blood from his hairline...It's just not a good idea...

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Falling from the tree above and landing with impact on Jirou's head, the pine cone rolled to a slow stop in front of Jirou's motionless body. From his much needed sleep, he awoke. His eyes shifted slowly to the atmosphere surrounding him.

Where am I…? he thought

It was evident that the surroundings were much different now that the two Shinobi's had turned it into pure destruction, the tree beside him had seemed to been blown to pieces, and was clouded with smoke. Although through the clearing smoke, he could see a tall shinobi; whom seemed fairly tattered. Opposite him, stood a man he was familiar with in the capital.


His superior, Kisoku, was a terrifying shinobi with a wide array of destructive techniques; evidently. Throughout his time spend here in the capital; Jirou had been training under him as a Gennin.

`What's going on here sensei? Who is that man?

Gazing upon the man standing beside the destroyed tree, he noticed that the man was in tatters and was covered in bark. There was only one situation that Jirou had thought occurred for this to have happened; Shodaan, the man whom took a blow from Kisoku had obvious intentions of hurting Jirou whilst vulnerable…

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Seeing that his jutsu had taken hold, it wasn't the end of it. He knew a small bit about the explosive forces that was employed in Shodaan's projectiles. It made him nervous that his binding technique was forcing him to drop the softly glowing kunai. There was no real danger unless Shodaan put a large amount of energy into the weapon. Either way, he knew that he was going to have to stop any critical damage to Jirou. Though he still might get a little hurt from the fall, it would be nothing compared to explosive damage. Making a few hand seals in the blink of an eye, he cupped his hands around his mouth. He was about to make a wall of solid mud. It was something he was taught at an early age by his first sensei, the Doton Doryuuheki, would spew from his mouth shielding Jirou. The only problem was he needed to be closer in order to get the wall where he needed it and fast. He Pushed an abnormal amount of chakra to the soles of his feet, this would cause a catapult reaction. He would launch himself forward in a flash, trying to make it by his student in order to save him some unneeded pain. He liked to call this quick burst of speed a flash step, because it causes a after image effect to those whose eyes weren't adjusted to witnessing quick speeds. It actually gave Kisoku a bit of tunnel vision when he traveled in this manner, even after practicing it so much. When arriving at the base of the tree, exactly between the falling kunai and Jirou, he spit out a large clump of mud. As soon as it had hit the ground, it began to grow into a hardening barricade.

The wall having grown to the point where he couldn't see Shodaan anymore, he heard, and felt a thud on the ground behind him. Turning his head forty-five degrees to the right, he saw the Jirou had fallen beside him. He ignored the crashes that came over the wall, Shodaan could take care of himself, he was sure of that. "Jirou...What are you doing sleeping out here, it's foolish to be somewhere so unguarded whilst being so vulnerable. I thought I knocked some common sense into you yesterday." His tone wasn't overly stern in any means, in fact it was half joking and only partly serious. The question was rhetorical, so he didn't wait for an answer. The Doton Doryuuheki was starting to crumble now, he didn't want to place another one up, he felt no need, he didn't think the situation would call for it.

Turning his head back around to face the direction Shodaan's voice was coming from he listen to the words that were aimed at him. "Shodaan, you really don't remember my name?" he called out. "It's Kisoku, we work together at the Capital, granted we don't have many shifts together. And well, About breaking your concentration, I'll avoid that. Well I'll avoid that, if you avoid hovering over my subordinates." He spoke to Shodaan in a playful tone of voice.

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Shodaan absently stroked the back of his head, before he was struck by an increadible realization. Oh...I didn't recognize you. And I didn't know that he was one of yours. Hey, are you on dudty today? He asked, dusting himself off. He reached down, tearing a small strip from his already tattered sash and binding it around his head. He looked over toward the young man he had pulled his weapon on.

Sorry about that, I just didn't know who you were. I'd hoped that my whistle would have awoken you, but it seems it's a little bit too high pitched. My name's Shodaan. What are you two doing out here?

((ooc: Short and crappy post, but eh...))

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Looking over Shodaan's shoulder, he noticed the snaps in the tree he evidently hit. Many of the weaker branches, and one or two of the thinker limbs. Kisoku noted that Shodaan must have a pretty high tolerance for pain. The slight trickle of blood and the snapped parts of the tree were a true testament to that fact. And that all of his words could be heard even after an explosion that happened right in front of him. If mountain climbers had to adjust to high altitudes, a demolition specialist, like the ninja in front of him must have been accustomed to high frequency shock waves. It was the only viable reason his ear drums weren't damaged, or maybe they were, and he just read his mouth, air vibrations and other signs of sound that could be analyzed. Either way it was impressive.

"Well, after being launched into a tree like that," He pointed to the fragmented limbs, "I don't really blame you for not remembering my name. Well if you were seeing stars I wouldn't blame you either. But yea, this is Jirou, a gennin I took on a few weeks after I got here, he's hopeless." He winked at Shodaan, showing he was only joking. Continuing with the series of questions that were addressed to him, he said, "I have the morning shift, well late morning shift, Eight to four." Watching the man in from of him wrap a piece of his sash around his head, he decided to help him out, if he would except it. "I can heal that up for you, if you want that is?" It was more of a question that anything else, but it was open ended question. It could have been interpreted as a statement, but kisoku doubted it would be taken as such.

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Shodaan smiled his strange grin, finishing the binding up with a quick tug on the sash. "Nah, things heal up better if allowed to do it the natural way, but thanks anyway."

He glanced up and over his shoulder, analyzing the damage his powerful frame had inflicted onto the trees. Like most things about him, his explosive kunai may have been a bit overkill. But that was shodaan in a nutshell. Ever since his first attempt in the shinobi academy, he had been renown for over doing things. Which was why he had pulled guard duty in this city. It wasn't because his skills were needed here, it was because the higher ups were fully aware that he would probably destroy something important.

His ebon eyes focused back onto the small gennin who had yet to speak up. "You know, were it not for your teacher over there, you would have been reduced to a small smear against the tree. Thank him for that some time." He remarked coldly, thinking back to all the times he had to fend for himself. These kids were lucky these days, having teachers who actually cared for them.

"Kisoku, what was it like back where you went to school? I remember that if I had left my guard down like that in Otogakure No Sato, I'd be holding my own head in no time. What are they teaching in schools nowadays? It's been a while since the academy for me...." His voice trailed off, with more of an inquisitory tone than a bellitiling one.

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Kisoku watched the top of Shodaan's head, the slight blood flow smeared onto the bandage. It didn't strike him as strange that the man in front of him denied the offer to be healed up, he just didn't seem the type to accept help on anything except the big things. When his student was addressed, he heard the cold air in his voice, it was almost enough to unsettle him. Like he had almost intended to actually attack Jirou in the wood before he interceded. Though it didn't matter much at the moment, he made a mental note never to leave Jirou in Shodaan's company unsupervised.

When he was asked about his time at the academy, he involuntarily shuddered, he didn't like to think back on it. In school he was an underachiever who was given many harsh punishments, harsh being an understatement. His academy teacher at the time had been the most strict person he had ever met, and probably the reason he was so lax, at least to a degree. "Well, for other people it might now have been so bad, but for me...for me it was like being in a hell like environment," He wouldn't divulge anything important from Iwagakure, he wanted to keep the secrets, secret. But he did feel the urge to explain a bit further, otherwise the information wouldn't have been interesting. "Let me just say I never went home with more than the normal amount or scrapes and cuts, only because the teacher healed the bad one's before I would leave. I believe he called it...One, on, One endurance training." From here on out he would let Shodaan and Jirou's imagination go to work. If any specifics were asked, he would answer them as best he could without revealing to much. He liked to have an enigmatic air to himself.

He looked back ta Jirou, just to make sure he was paying attention. When he was decently satisfied the boy was, he looked back at Shodaan. "Even without a harsh academy, I'm surprised your head is still attached. no disrespect, but you are a little...Blast happy?" The last two words sounded like a statement and question combined, that was because he didn't know if it was exactly the right wording. "How was your Village though, what was it like before the invasion?" He seemed somewhat sad when he asked this question. He was thinking of Taku again, and all the things they were before they were separated.

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Shodaan bent down, plucking a small stone from the ground, and casually tossed it into a tree, blowing a hole through the center of the trunk.

Blast happy, huh? I'd say that is an apt description. I've been blowing stuff up ever since I figured it out. And that was about...six years ago?" He shrugged, not too concerned with details. "I remember my days at the sound academy. The nightmares will never actually leave me. Day in and day out I was forced to a near death state, be it from my own energy consumption, or the harsh assaults on my body. My teachers were ruthless, and were it not for the density my skin developed after I began creating explosion techniques, I probably would have been killed. Many did not make it through the academy of Otogakure No Sato. "

"As per my village itself, to the common passerby, it would seem an ordinary run of the mill village, small effecient houses, tennated by simple hardworking people. But that was a front. In truth, my village was a hunting slash training ground. You never knew when someone was going to pull a knife, or launch an air blast into your back. I learned really quickly to cover my ass, because no one else would do it for me."

Once more, he picked up a few stones, and then began to juggle them, a wistful, yet tearful smile appearing on his face, as he thought back to his best friend, Amisharo Suzuke. Seeming to react to his subconcious thoughts, an ebon card deck appeared, floating around shodaan's body.

His black eyes caught sight, and he thought for a moment to dismiss the floating Tarot deck, but deciding against it, he pulled a five of swords out, a small laugh beginning to form on his lips.

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Staring at Shodaan, he could tell he had said something that had triggered something post traumatic. He had seen it many times with people in the war. They come home, seem fine, until something triggers them. Flashbacks were the last thing he wanted, but he had to be mindful of everything that was going on, he was worried for jirou more than himself. When Shodaan picked up even more stones from the ground, he thought it was an ominous sign indeed. If the man, he seemed to close now, lost control and made them explosives, it would have been a disaster. He shot a look at Jirou that clearly mirrored his thoughts, "Take cover."

As events progressed, He kept watching Shodaan but slowly edged away himself. He would yet again protect jirou if he had to. He would try to do something drastic, changing their setting should do fine. He didn't want to affect unhinged man directly, just snap him out of it. Moving his hand to his mouth he bit a small tear in the flesh of his index finger. Making four or five hand seals, he slammed his left hand down on the tree nearest him. Not going for the ground as a flat surface was the best idea, the tree was the nearest flat surface. A mass of pink flesh colored material started to phase itself around both him and Shodaan. It was a unique summoning technique, he was lucky to have mastered at such a young age. He was taught this technique from his sensei, it was the last thing he received from him. That fact saddened him even more. Kisoku didn't want to fight, just stop the instability, or restrain him if he felt it became necessary.

.:Kuchiyose: Gamaguchi Shibari (Summoning: Toad Mouth Bind):.

Type: Ninjutsu (Void)

Rank: Kage/Sennin

Cost: 500

Effect: The terrain is changed to: Fire-Toad Stomach:

--Opponents may not use any Jutsu or Skills to change their location with the exception of Amaterasu [which gains the following effect: dispels Kuchiyose: Gamaguchi Shibari, it may not be used again for the remainder of combat]

--Speed is at 60%; Accuracy, and Evasion are at 75%

--Negative effects do not apply to characters with Summoning Contract: Frogs -or- Summoned Frogs

--Weathered Shinobi does not apply to this terrain effect

Description: This jutsu encloses the surrounding area with the esophagus of a great, fire-breathing toad from Mount Myoboku: Rock Lodging ("Myoboku-san: Iwayado"). This Jutsu was a favroite of the famous Konoha Sennin, Jiraiya, who could control the stomach, causing it to expand, contract, or grow in whatever direction he wished. When first used, Jiraiya claimed that no one had ever escaped from this jutsu. Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki managed to escape, however, with the use of Amaterasu to burn through the stomach.

Points: 8

Requirement: Summoning Contract: Frogs

((Ooc: sorry for the crappy post, just hard to think up what to really write in response to that xD))

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A feral growl burned through shodaan's throat, as his joyous memories of Suzuke returned, calling him back to his days when he first battled his friend in a serious situation. His ebon eyes flashed with purple streaks, and the tarot deck began swirling around him, seperating into all 52 individual cards.

To everyone who was caught within the sudden vortex of chakra being summoned up, it would seem as though the very elements that surrounded the crimson haired demon were aching to do his bidding. A blindingly bright purple aura began to swirl around him, starting just below his neck and swirling down his arm to end at the tips of his left hand. His eyes flashed between shades of black and purple, electric arcs jumping from the edges of his mouth.

"You know..." He began, his voice taking on an ethereal dual tone, both equally menacing..."We had hoped that the last time we used this technique would be the final time. But it seems that the fates have conspired against us, demanding that we activate the ability that earned us our title as S Ranked Missing Nin. We were the pair who wrought the destruction of the Otogakure No Sato academy, taking a bite from the next generation of mindless drones. There is danger in attempting to confine chaos. And you have made the most grevious mistake of your life. Now, the entire forest must parish, as well as your friend. Release us from here, or suffer the consequences!"

The technique that had obliterated an entire building, one that left no witnesses, no evidence, nothing. Just a crater in the ground and buildings left destroyed in the wake of the blast. The destruction was well known, but the method...it had been theorized that it was merely an assault, perpetrated by many enemy shinobi.

((OOC: Preparing to activate Structural Detonation....Hit him with something please, otherwise....

Name: Structural Detonation

Type: Ninjutsu (Personal to Shodaan R'Angh)

Rank: Forbidden (Unacceptable)

Cost: N/A

Damage: N/A

Effect: Causes a Building to Detonate, killing all NPC non Shinobi inside. Using this techniqe wil result in the user becoming a Missing Nin. If used inside of a village, The user has a permanent -10 to his missing Nin Roll in that village.

I.E. If user needs to roll a 54 to aviod being seen, and has used this technique inside of a village, And they roll a 60, they are still seen. Structure detonates 1000 words after technique has been used. This is to be used outside of battle

After it has been used, the user has -900 chakra for AT LEAST 1 RL day, or 12 hours in game


Potential energy. The energy an object could have if it was only forced into motion. Large structures, such as buildings have a tremendous amount of potential energy stored. This technique utilizes the potential energy of the structure by converting it to Kinetic, causing the molecules to excite and collide with each other. This in turn causes a tremendous blast, leveling the building and killing any who cannot get out in time.

Cost: 15 ))

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The almost mystic, resonating sound erupted from Shodaan's vocal cords like sword sounding it's escape from an imprisoning scabbard. The man's speech ran a riot in Kisoku mind, striking at his emotions, but most of all, fear that the Great Toad Stomach wouldn't be able to contain the blast that seemed inevitable. "When things go bad, they just have to get worse." the thought was panicky but restrained. He was used to high pressure situations, and resolving them. But this was an inner conflict he felt he had little part in. Thoughts of restraining the man felt necessary at last. "Shodaan snap out of it!" he Yelled. He took the second scroll from his left hip. He was about to use an offensive jutsu with a defensive one. It took double the chakra, but time was of the essence. Placing the scroll in his left hand, he made a quick hand seal with his left, he was fusing His Snake wrap with a Body freeze jutsu. This combination had yet to fail him. The Scroll would form a loose cocoon around Shodaan before the Body freeze was to take effect, and when it would, he could quickly constrict the scrolls fibrous threads around the man. This type of jutsu, formed an unblockable web of restriction, distracting with the Snake wrap, immobilizing with the Body Freeze, and then lassoing the opponent up in a full body bind.

((Ooc: The jutsu will be aimed at The arms, but roll played as to around waist level wrapped. [just trying to stop him from getting out of control lol] Also sorry for the overly crappy post, just felt uncreative when writing this.))

Name: Hebi-Rappu no Jutsu (Snake Wrap Technique) [Rank 3]

Type: Ninjutsu [Void]

Rank: Jounin

Cost: arms- 190 Chakra ; legs- 115 Chakra

Damage: N/A


Arms- Causes 3 turns of [bound: Paired Arms] and 2 turns of [Distracted]

Legs- Causes 3 turns of [Ensnared] and 2 turns of [Distracted]

Description: A shinobi using this jutsu seeps his/her own chakra into a scroll, cloth wrap, or strings in order to control the material for a short amount of time. Whichever material is used is then focused to snake up and down an enemies arms or legs. This is very distracting and whichever part the user decides to tie up helps them in very specific ways. If they choose an opponents arms, they are bound together in which case weapons held in the persons hands are dropped. If the user chooses to go after an opponents legs, they are considered snared in place. A person effected with this technique is able to sacrifice a set-up phase and a main phase to break the duration of the jutsu.

Restriction: This jutsu cannot be used consecutively, and use in battle must not break the status effects max in battle limit.

Requirements: Hebi-Rappu no Jutsu (Snake Wrap Technique) [Rank 2]

Points: 2

Body Freeze Skill (Kanashibari no Jutsu)

Type: Ninjutsu

Rank: Chuunin

Cost: 100


- Cannot be dodged. Opponent rolls 1d100.

- If they roll higher than 25, then they skip their next response and main phase. - May only target the same opponent with this technique after 4 turns since they were last effected by it.

- May only be used once a battle per enemy by Gennin, two times by Chuunin and three times by Jounin.

- If target is of two ranks or higher than the user, they are unaffected by this technique.

Description: Used to cause ones opponent to lose the advantage of movement. Freezing them in their tracks, this Jutsu creates an opening for a more dangerous attack. Most Anbu Ninjas seem to know this technique.

Points: 4

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The scroll connected with shodaan's frame, and for a moment seemed to hold him, until the scroll absorbed the energy in shodaan's arms. Thw feeling of static electricity died down, as all of shodaan's power was condensed into the lightweight material. A flash, and shodaan was sent flying once again, this time, his head struck a thick-trunked tree, and he slowly slid to the ground, obviously unconcious. . . For now.

(Likewise, I apologize, but I figure it would be best if we were to get to some sort of civilization. I am getting weary of the other people's neglection to post...QQ))

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Kisoku was breathless in the moment before the scroll struck it's target. Not but a second went by before Shodaan's shape was outlined by a shower of sparks. He was sent flying, once more, by his own explosive nature. He was going to hit the digestive wall of the Great toad stomach. That would have been a bad thing indeed, so he quickly dismissed the enclosure. But as he had pointed out to himself earlier...when things go bad, they go worse. Shodaan was on a crash course, which would leave him to connect with a large tree. Kisoku noticed the his twisting pattern was going to put the man landing head first against the bark. He rushed to try and save the man from the obviously dangerous impact, but he was moving to fast for him to catch up. His first instinct was to protect the man, and the only way it was possible, was to simply mitigate the damage. He reached into the pack that was strapped behind him on his waist and pulled out a Kunai. It wasn't a normal kunai, it was made out of Chakra embedded metal. He took it out with lightning speed, when his hand emerged from the pack, it glowed with a glowing green hue. He was transferring a medical jutsu into the blade. His plan was to imbue the blade with a protective cross, and hit Shodaan with it. In a way it was a brilliant move that most people wouldn't think of. In another it was completely ridiculous to hurt someone, to try and save them pain. He threw the kunai at full speed, it was a continuous motion. Hand to Pack, hand to Kunai, hand from pack, and kunai to Shodaan, and all the while adding medical properties to the blade. When the weapon pierced the man's shoulder, a faintly glowing mark that was large enough to be seen somewhat on his neck.

Shodaan's body fell to the ground right after the crash. When Kisoku arrived moments after, he saw that the protective cross did little more that stop some of the damage, he was still unconscious. And Kisoku had used quite a lot of his chakra reserve trying to control Shodaan. The only thing for it was to take Shodaan back to town so they could both rest. His own apartment seemed like the sensible place since he didn't know where Shodaan resided. Slinging the man over his shoulder, he Set out. Springing his feet from tree limb, to tree limb he arrived on the outskirts of town in a matter of minutes. It took at least another three for him to arrive at his front door. He was thankful that it was so early in the morning, it would have looked suspicious if anyone saw him carrying Shodaan on his back. He opened the door and walked inside. He deposited the Oto-nin on his bed and took the chair next to his desk. It was a two room Apartment, one the bedroom and kitchen, the other, a bathroom and laundry room. It wasn't much but was functional and appropriate for short stays.

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Groggily the young man opened his eyes, gazing into unfamiliar surroundings. He sat up, placing a broad hand against the base of his skull, then slid off of the bed. He padded silently about, searching for any clue as to where he was. Returning to the small room in which he awoke, he surveyed the entirety of the area, noting that Kisoku was sitting at a small desk, watching over him.

"Morning...what happened? It feels like my head got put in a vice..." He said, his voice devoid of maliciousness.

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-Raikoh 17 Male-

After changing his name and his whole persona flipping a whole different page. Raikoh, Who is still the same Xion we once knew is on a high new level and game. But it is still the patient and quiet person he once was but stronger..

Laying on top of his house on the roof, Looking up in a daze at the sky with shades on..Wishing it was night time since he dwells more around that time..Raikoh began to raise up a little and look about

"Hmm...Just a regular day....Nothing new.."

((OOC: Sounds good for first post ? Tried to keep it a lil easy for a start))

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[[Hagemasu Kikuya, 17, Otogakure Chuunin]]

Sound Eater- the wayward and the abhorred. It had been over a month since the girl had taken the winding road to Fang as a part of her thoughtless globetrotting attempt. She'd acquired a negligible income through sparse, trivial missions. No matter how hard she worked, it seemed no one entrusted her to tasks matching her capability. Kikuya had to admit that she was abnormal compared to others, but in the light she grew up in, everyone else seemed abnormal to her clansmen.

The Hagemasu clan of Otogakure- Sound Eaters, a newfangled clan densely populated in a speck of the Oto border. The girl's father was leading the clan progress- the Shizukesa Project was the pride of this new generation of Hagemasu who have finally put their unique traits to use, rather than sit and wallow in alienation. Konsei had sent Kikuya to Fang as sort of informal ambassador of the new clan, hoping the young Chuunin could introduce the sonic powers to the rest of the shinobi world. Reliant on Sound like a plant to sunshine, Kikuya followed the sound in Fang, wherever it took her. Restless, she'd caught wind of a delicious explosion of sound echoing outside the city walls. Kikuya basked in it, sitting in wait with large eyes transfixed on the two shinobi who struggled down the street from which she sat [temporarily homeless]. They disappeared behind the block, behind the closed apartment doors... and from then until the sun rose, the girl remained unmoving, with a tranquil exterior in contrast to the sound ricocheting through her mind, through her veins... the essence of sound that she carried in her, thicker than blood, hungrily stirring in search of something more substantial than crickets and leaves brushing in the wind.

As the noises around her started to grow in tandem with the sun's pale rays, Kikuya felt her hunger satisfied. She felt her sound companion lift from her shoulderblades, similar to her ancestors, Sakon and Ukon, whom Orochimaru had so mutated. In their natural forms, Hagemasu sound doubles were simply constructs of sound, not flesh, and possessed little personality, save for the basest of the feral drives like hunger. Kagerou, as she called it, was simply a mirror image of her own dark-haired, dark-eyed features, slightly transparent under the dusky phase of a new dawn.

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Kisoku's eyes didn't leave Shodaan for a second, he was trying to get a lock on how stable the young man was. After all he had just torn himself to ribbons with an explosion, it only made sense to watch him carefully to make sure he was okay. Although that wasn't all of it Kisoku was worried that he still might be a danger to himself and others. When he began walking around the the apartment, it was a good sign that he had been defused by being knocked out. yet another note that was written Subconsciously in Kisoku's mind. When Shodaan started talking in a normal voice, asking him questions. he waiting him the man to be quite so he could answer. "You blew yourself all to hell... idiot. " was his reply. It was a slightly sarcastic tone that would seem to be mocking Shodaan of his own stupidity, trying to avoid bringing up the events that happened in full.

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The big man shrugged his massive shoulders, and his characteristic lopsided grin emerged onto his features. "Well, I suppose it wasnt the first time I've ever done so, and it probably won't be the last. So this is your...Oh crap! We are supposed to report to HQ, we have duty in a few minutes!" He exclaimed, turning quickly from the door and immediately running into the bathroom. He looked around, his bright red hair flapping around as his head snapped quickly from left to right.

He found the exit, and burst through the door, yelling out "C'Mon, I can't be late for wall duty again. The commander said he'd fire me if I was!" He continued on, making sudden turns and leaping over whatever obstacles looked like he couldn't just run over.

He noted a different frame in front of him, but it didn't quite register as anything but a blur. He ran full force into it, (her moreover) and slowed to a halt, turning around to see if he had hurt anyone.

"Hey, are you alright?" He asked, amplifying his voice in case he had rendered the form unconsious. Knowledge of sound waves had long ago imparted him with this ability, and many many others as well. The sound amplifier that was worn inside of his throat would assured him that no wall of unconsiousness would prevent his voice from penetrating into the senses of someone.

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The girl set into motion again, feeling rather in the way as the streets livened and gave way to commuters. So much for bringing honor to the new name of Hagemasu- Kikuya had trouble communicating to these prejudiced people. Anyhow, it seemed to be the time of day again [she couldn't grasp the concept of a person's daily routines and sleep patterns] where the Fang headquarters opened their doors to most visitors. The sun was up, and Kikuya was looking for work again.

Her quivering fingers struck up a frantic rhythm on her thighs as she walked, shoulders pushed before her so her back hunched and neck sunk. Her skinny form was hidden beneath a heap of shapeless clothes; the style was best described as granny chic. Out of the air, a rush of sound headed towards her, leaving Kikuya no time to react and-


Kikuya opened her eyes, staring at dirt. She must've bumped her head somewhere- the ringing sound was so unpleasant in her taste she wanted to hurl...

"Hey, are you alright?"

And before the girl had a chance to reply, her sound double was startled out of dormancy. "Yeargh! Don' talb so loub!" A ghostly head lifted from the girl's shoulders, speaking as Kikuya helped herself up. "Wherejoo looking? Steb on Kag'rou... steb on 'Kuya... 'Kuya hab bump on her 'ead!" And the creature's scratchy voice trailed off into nothing.

Saying nothing, the creature's host wordlessly stood and straightened her hair, brushing her bangs to slant across her forehead with one hand; the other gingerly rubbed the spot on the back of her head where the man's force had slammed her against the wall. All the while, Kagerou had pulled itself to brace its pallid arms on Kikuya's shoulders so it could try to tower over Shodaan while cursing up a storm.

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