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Deer Jutsu 1.7

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Super Simple, just damage and status effects

Dai Boraku [Great Crash]

Type: Ninjutsu [Wood]

Rank: Chunnin

Cost: 115 Chakra

Damage: 50 Damage

Effect: Target suffers 50 Bleed Damage for 1 Turn. Target is “Distracted” for 2 Turns.

Distracted: -25% Penalty to Evasion.
Description: As its name suggests, the Great Crash is exactly that. The ninja involved will either summon or remove a large limb of a tree nearby, which will then fall down onto the opponent, often cutting them deeply with shards of wood and loose branches. The sudden appearance of a giant tree limb on top of their head usually serves to distract the enemy for a short while.

Cost: 4

Mokuton: Chi no Kyuji [Wood Release: Bloody Feeding]

Type: Ninjutsu [Wood]

Rank: Jounin

Cost: 287 Chakra

Damage: 100

Effect: Target suffers 50 Bleed Damage for 3 Turns. Target suffers “Slow” for 4 turns.

Slow: Targets speed is at 80%
Description: With a mighty explosion of dirt, a dozen roots will leap from the ground and pierce the enemy. In addition to the serious internal damage it can provide, the wounds are usually jagged, bleeding profusely. Even if the opponent manages the rip the roots from the ground, they usually grip tightly for a good bit of time before movement finally dislodges them. During this time, that extra weight slows the enemy, making them easier prey for the next attack.

Cost: 7

Mokuton: Sodai Fumi [Wood Release: Great Crush]

Type: Ninjutsu [Wood]

Rank: Jounin

Cost: 214 Chakra

Damage: 320

Effect: None

Description: Similar to the prism strike, the great crush is simple. Two rectangular prisms of wood jut out either from the ground or from nearby trees. With resounding force they catch the enemy in the middle and crush them with all their might.

Cost: 5

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I'm getting a cost of 112 on the first one, I dunno if you rounded up just because of OCD or whatever, just figured I'd point it out.

50(4/5) = 40 (damage)

50(4/5)(.8) = 32 (bleed)

40 (distracted)

40+40+32 = 112

Second one, you're overpaying as well.

100(2/3) = 67 (damage)

150(2/3)(.8) = 80 (bleed)

140 = (slow)

67+80+140 = 287

Third, I believe the JP cost would be 5, since the DP ranges are counting how much stamina/chakra you're paying, not the damage.

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First: Yes, that was OCD saying round it up. Tis but 3 chakra.

Second: Oh my. I thought that bleed simply used an 80% ratio, not got the rank ratio and then used 80% of it. So I edited that cost.

Third: Well the main site merely specifies by DP Value, and 380 damage is 380 DP, despite the cost being something else. So I went with that. But I'm fine with 5 points. Edited!

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Bleed damage (and I've been doing this ever since I asked staff about it, I forgot the post where) is the chakra/stamina paid * .8, instead of the actual damage. I'm pretty confident on that, it's what I've been told and corrected/approved countless techniques with. It could be wrong, but hey, that's why we have two approvals required. :P I'd rather be wrong and be told now than continue to do it wrong.

As for the JP cost, quoted directly from the main site:

Damage points represent the amount of stamina/chakra you can use in a technique.
I've always found it confusing how it specifies damage limits in that area as well, but I'm also pretty confident that the costs are based off of how much chakra/stamina you spend and not damage.

I will say though that I haven't been around much lately, so hopefully I'm not steering you wrong on corrections and apologize if I am. This is just the way I've approved pretty much every technique I've looked at so far, and no one's said anything about it yet.

Anyways, approved.

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