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Niasitari joins the fray

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Intro To Niasitari

• The Basics

What would you like to be called?: Nia works
Age: 29
Location: Montana
Education?: College Student
Occupation?: Landscaper

New to NA?: Aye

How did you find NA?: A friend recommended me


• Game Experience!
Have you role played before?: Yes
If so for how long?: Oh dear since middle school
Where at (website? local game store? mom's basement)?: I've been playing D&D for many years in many locales
What kind of role play was it?: D&D, WoD


Do you play other games?: Yep

If so, what kind of games? (Console, computer, board games, etc): I'm on the PS4. I play a lot, and I mean a lot, of FFXIV.


• Naruto!

How long have you been interested in Naruto?: I've been watching it since my early twenties.

Do you watch or read?: Watch
What is your favorite story arc?: Shippuden
Who is your favorite character?: Shikamaru
Watch any other anime? If so which ones?: Fairy Tail. Not a big anime guy but these two I really enjoyed.


• Favorite Gauntlet

Favorite Anime: Fairy Tail

Favorite Manga: n/a

Favorite Game: FFXIV

Favorite Book: Dragonlance Chronicles
Favorite Song: This changes often but at the moment Yggdrasil by Brothers of Metal
Favorite Color: crimson or emerald, especially combined with black.

Favorite Number: 7

Favorite Phrase: The past is a lesson to enrich the present, the future a means to guide it.

Favorite Element: Lightning

Favorite Collectible: n/a


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