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Hallowed Ground [Terrain]

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Hallowed Ground
Terrain Effect: At the beginning of each turn, all characters have a 40% chance to suffer ‘Burning: 400’ for one turn, and a 40% chance to suffer ‘Unbalanced’ for one turn. Roll separately for each effect. 

CP: 740


“You dare trespass upon this hallowed ground? This shall be your final resting place!”





  • 740 CP = 40 [base] + {400 [damage] * .8 [bleeding] * 2 [40% terrain status]} + {2*30 [unbalanced 40%]}
  • The cost restricts Hallowed Ground to sennin level 
  • Terrain rules
  • Spoiler

    You take double negative effects from Terrain.
    Max Duration: 2 turns
    Cost Points: 30/turn


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