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Name: Damped

Type: terrain

Description: the water formed on the land lingers long after the justu is used. Puddles are scattered along the field where the caster and allies can use it to help with the formation of water, plant, and wood ninjustu.

effect:this justu inflicts the terrain with the damped effect on the ground’s surface.

 Damped: water, plant, and wood ninjust used by the caster and their allies have a 50% chance of that justu costing 5% less chakra. 

Cp cost: 40+50=90cp



Base cost= 40cp

5% Justu reduction= 50cp

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Damped...probs not a greeeat name. Maybe something like Wetlands or Sodden Earth, damp isn't quite the term we use for stuff that's rocking puddles. Damp is like, step on the ground and it seeps up through to your shoes, leaving puddles behind.


As for the cost...look there's nothing hard about it, 50% chance for reduction at 10% per point...yeah I can accept that. You're doing inverse wildfire but worse, so sure. I'll play ball.

Approved, but I really want a more evocative name.

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I am rewriting this to format it like the mainsite terrains:



All characters have a 50% chance to reduce the base cost of any Water, Plant, or Wood Element techniques, or that of any other Element that involves plantlife, by 5%.

Cost Points: 90.


Mention that it is a terrain in the title of the thread, as terrains and climates do not have type fields. They also do not require descriptions, though you are free to include that if you wish. I combined the cost point stuff you had listed because terrains are not climates and do not have durations.


I recommend against spending Chakra for a coinflip-chance to save a small amount of Chakra, but I’ll approve this terrain if you use the above text. For reference, assuming you are using one max CP Sennin tech per turn, it will take an average of four turns of this to make up the 90 Chakra you spent. Given the small reduction this offers, and that it is very unlikely for anyone to be spamming techniques of that cost, I believe it is unlikely to work out much better even if it is used by or benefits your secondary characters. 

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