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Nara Shikahiro

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Nara Shikahiro












18px-Gender_Male.svg.png Male




204 [Genius]


Birth Date:


18px-Astrological_Sign_Sagittarius.svg.p December 16, 2105


Sexual Orientation:




Blood Type:



Ninja Registration:






18px-Nara_Symbol.svg.png Nara








18px-Land_of_Fire_Symbol.svg.png Hi No Kuni | The Land Of Fire | 火の国




18px-Konohagakure_Symbol.svg.png Konohagakure No Sato | The Village Hidden In The Leaves | 木ノ葉隠れの里


Current Whereabouts:


18px-Konohagakure_Symbol.svg.png Konohagakure No Sato | The Village Hidden In The Leaves | 木ノ葉隠れの里


Theme Song:

Voice Actor:

Bryce Papenbrook

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4'10" [1.49 Meters]




87 Pounds [40 Kilograms]



Like many Nara, Shikahiro has dark colored eyes, with smallish irises and pupils that seem to make him look tired more often than not. His eyes betray his intelligence, where most of his demeanor suggests an unremarkable boy, always watching and absorbing every bit of information they find.




Commonly, shinobi of the Nara clan wear a topknots, which mark them as warriors and not medics or deer tenders. The funny part about that is almost all Nara are shinobi as well as those other things. Shikahiro considers himself something of a traditionalist, in that he prefers to wear his hair in the pineapple-y topknot of his clan.


Civilian Attire:


Simple and easy are Shikahiro's favorite adjectives, and so he tends to dress himself in simple things like t-shirts and shorts when he is not actively dressed for work. Shika doesn't enjoy shoes, so he prefers to be barefoot. The youth has no real preference as to color, but most often wears neutrals of white, black, or gray with a clan symbol of the opposite color printed somewhere visible.


Mission Attire:


Sturdier pants, and the traditional shinobi sandals are all that really differ Shikahiro's casual dress from what he wears during missions. He tends to add a jacket with sleeves that can be rolled up and fastened, and a satchel containing medical supplies if he suspects that there might be trouble.


Physical Description:


Shikahiro is kind of a shrimpy kid, not very tall or muscular, despite being a well-conditioned young ninja. His mother attributes his appearance to not eating his vegetables, which could be true. On his chin, Shikahiro bears a small, cross-shaped scar from an incident with a territorial deer when he was younger. Across his chest, his pale skin is marred by several other scars, all of which having been gained in the same manner, the most vicious of which, being a pair of dark scars that travel from beneath his armpit to just above his navel, a wound that had been nearly fatal.

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The Nara clan have had very dominant traits that seem to be a part of the personality of most clan members for a very long time. Shikahiro is almost a quintessential Nara. He is extremely intelligent, but like most young ninja of his clan, he lacks a lot of the drive that Nara tend to grow into as they get older. The boy is much happier hidden away from people who expect a lot from him than he is in the spotlight having to act like a ninja.

Despite a seemingly apathetic nature, Shikahiro cares a lot for his friends, and because of his natural aptitude for medicine, he has grown to respect and enjoy the field. Despite that he still tries his best to shirk working hard, even when it comes to healing the sick.


Find nice places to nap.

Become a shogi master.

Study medical ninjutsu under a master. (If it comes up.)





Peanut Butter

Nara Jutsu

Sour Drinks


Hard Work

Pulpy Drinks

Bright Light

Gung-Ho Types

Big Crowds






Food - Chirashi

Drink - Sports Drinks

Color - Green

Music Genre - Instrumental

Book Genre - Instructional

Hang-Out - Nara Clan Forest

Hobby - Medicine | Shogi

Season - Winter

Animal - Deer

Desired Opponent - ???

Phrase - "Always defend the King with three Generals."

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Nara Shikahiro was born in the autumn, in Konohagakure, when the leaves begin to change from the vibrant greens of the spring and summer to the riot of colors that herald the impending winter. Almost from the day he was born, it was obvious that he would be a problematic one for his hapless parents. He was not quick to cry as some children seem to do without end, but the boy seemed to have been born with a naturally stubborn streak. From the get-go he was the kind of child that seemed hellbent on causing his parents no end of grief.

Shikahiro often worried his parents, as his stubborn streak seemed to carry into things that would prove to be dangerous. He would refuse to eat, often leaving his high chair smeared in food, and trailing a mess through out his home. To his family it was never a wonder what he was doing when he sat alone in a corner of the house with a deep scowl on his face. That had become a routine of Shikahiro's in which he would put off the process of pooping until it became painful, sitting alone, his small body scrunched up in obstinate refusal to do even the most natural of things.

The grumpy, stubborn baby grew into a stubborn, though somewhat less grumpy child. Shikahiro's disposition improved when he gained the ability to communicate. It did not take him terribly long to learn to understand language, but in fashion true to the boy, he waited quite some time before even attempting to say his first words. Of course though, he skipped directly to complete sentences. His mother swears to this day that his first words were 'It wasn't me.'

Shikamasa and Kotone, Shikahiro's long suffering parents, struggled in those early years. They had both been career shinobi. Shikamasa had become ANBU early in his life, and years on the field of battle had made him into a hard man, and something of a typical Nara. His wife Kotone, who had married into the clan was a medical shinobi of some reputation, and took to life among the Nara like a fish to water. What could a medic want more than to live and work among some of the chiefest makers of medicine in the world? Neither of them were particularly well-suited to raising a little rat of their own.

Shikahiro was three, when his parents decided that he was intelligent enough to survive without them there to tend to his immediate needs every second of every day. They began their routines once again, leaving the toddler in the hands of babysitters. Not just any babysitters though. Shikahiro's birth had not exactly been an accident. In the Nara clan, there is a custom that involves the Akimichi and Yamanaka clans. When children of the three clans are born in unison, they are teamed together and are taught from a young age to operate as an inseperable unit. It had been several generations though, since a team consisting of these three clans had graced Konohagakure. Naturally, when it became known that a family from both the Akimichi and Yamanaka families were expecting, gentle, but very firm pressure was put on some of the younger Nara couples to conceive.

So, a plan three years in the making met its first benchmark in the meeting of Nara Shikahiro, Yamanaka Inorin, and Akimichi Chozo. Shikahiro disliked them immediately. It seemed as if every day, he found himself cooped up in a playroom in one of the three clan estates with the other two children. As stubborn and unwilling as he was, Shikahiro spent the first several months of their time together completely ignoring both of them.

He was quite sure on more than one occasion he had offended them both. After a time they stopped offering to share toys or snacks, and began to only play with each other. That didn't particularly bother the Nara child. He enjoyed solitude, and would often sneak away, looking for out of the way places to enjoy some peace and quiet. That was when he inadvertantly created the first game that would bond him to the Yamanaka and Akimichi children.

Inorin thought up the game first, and she dubbed it 'Catch The Rat' after overhearing Shikahiro's mother once refer to him as a lazy, little rat. They would give the little Nara perhaps ten or twenty minutes to sneak away and find a hiding place, and then it would be the job of Inorin and Chozo to catch him. At first Shikahiro found this game terribly disturbing, and would scowl and grump each time he was caught, but the scowls eventually turned to reluctant smiles, and before long he would laugh and run away to find a new hiding place.

The trio of children became inseperable in time, and though he became less of a trouble-maker for his family it seemed as though Shikahiro had formed a tighter bond with the other two children than he had with his mother or father. Although this was not uncommon for children fated to become an Ino-Shika-Cho, it did signify the traditional point when a parent would begin training their child in the ways of the clan's jutsu. This practice both gave the children who were used to depending on other children a deeper connection to their parents, but also served to continue their training. Unfortunately for Inorin, Chozo, and Shikahiro, a storm was brewing on the horizon, which would throw a wrench in the plans of their families.

The forces of Kumogakure attacked Konohagakure, and ever other village simulatneously when Shikahiro was four years old. The attack caused his clan to retreat into the forests where they tended their deer, and his family in particular moved far to the North. While Shikahiro's father left to battle in unison with the Resistance, his mother began operating a safe house for Resistance shinobi on the border of the Land of Hot Water.

With his father gone, and left only with his mother who was a no nonsense medic, Shikahiro was left in a deep depression. He was a world removed from his friends, who could have been carried away from the village themselves, and any day he could receive news that his father had been lost to the Kumo Empire. The surly young ninja occupied himself by spending time with some of the older clan members, learning the most basic of his clan's jutsu, and the history of them, and of course learning to play shogi.

There were a few, small, silver linings to living so close to the Land of Hot Water. Mainly, Shikahiro never lacked access to a warm hot spring in which to soak himself and lots of quiet countryside in which to be by himself. He would tend the deer in wooded lands of the mostly abandoned country. For years he roved across Yu no Kuni, coming to know it well as he came to know deer herding. Often times he would pass the quiet times exploring the ruines of Yugakure no Sato, the village that had been left a ghost town by the Nara clan's most hated enemy. He never ventured too deep for the place had a way of making him sad, the feeling of lost history and greater lost life was too oppressing for the small boy.

It wasn't until some time later that a Nara elder told him that the dead village was a holy place for those who worship Jashin, and that it was dangerous to go anywhere near there. After that point his mother kept him closer to the safehouse, and began to train him in the arts of medicine. Shikahiro was not pleased with this development, and was far less pleased when it became obvious that he had a natural knack for the medical arts.

After three long years living far from his home village, Shikahiro was elated the day that his father hobbled back into the building that had become the Nara clan's underground medical facility. It was over. They were able to go home. Or almost, his father was not in good shape, and it took several additional weeks of treatment before he was in any condition to travel.

Shikahiro was nearing his eighth year of life when he returned home to the Village Hidden in the Leaves. It was weird to him, to realize that he had been away from it for nearly as long as he had lived there, and remembered less of it than he did the forests and tiny villages of Yu no Kuni. One thing he had not forgotten though, were the places where he could find his friends. The race to be reunited with the kids that had been his only friends was almost too much for him, but as he reached the places where they could be found he slowed to a stroll. His insides were churning with excitement but he was determined not to look it.

The Nara boy learned from Inorin that both he and Chozo had been gone, leaving her home by herself. He was the first to return, but Chozo was not too far behind him, and before long the camaraderie they had had before soon returned. Before long all of their parents had enrolled them in the reopened academy. Like most of the Nara before him, Shikahiro's scores very often betrayed his intellect. The only time he seemed to really excell was in the first aid classes. Inorin seemed to do much better than him at most courses, and Chozo did very well at taijutsu training. Shikahiro didn't make many friends other than the other three. He wasn't particularly friendly, and he figured the only reason no one tried to pick on him was because his Akimichi friend had become so popular and his Yamanaka friend was attractive.

Life continued much in that manner for him. He would go to classes, sleep in them, spend time with his friends, and then do it all over again. Finally, the time for their graduation was drawing close, and they were preparing to become genin. Their instructor hadn't revealed what the final test would be, but Shikahiro wasn't concerned with it. He was okay with being the 'Dead Last' in his class. and equally okay with not graduating at all. Whatever happened would happen.

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18px-Genin_Symbol.svg.png Genin

Latent Potential:

Average Potential

Primary Elemental Affinity:

Fire | Locked

Characters with this skill have a +10% bonus chance to dodge any attack. Techniques with the 'Fire' descriptor cost 1 less JP to a minimum of 1. User receives the skill 'Subtle Elements: Fire' for free and may purchase an additional rank of the skill 'Subtle Elements'. If the user already has 'Subtle Elements: Fire', they may have their points refunded. This skill may be learned before level 30, but the effects are not granted until level 30 is obtained.

Description: Naturally aligned to the element of fire, this character has a natural tact at using and manipulating fire to their bidding. This character's chakra tends to be very fierce and moves through the body with a natural speed, making it exceptional for those fast, evasive shinobi who flit from place to place on the battlefield like leaping flame.

Secondary Elemental Affinity:

Earth | Locked

Characters with this skill receive a -15% reduction to Base Damage of Ninjutsu techniques that would deal damage to them. Techniques with the 'Earth' descriptor cost 1 less JP to a minimum of 1. User receives the skill 'Subtle Elements: Earth' for free and may purchase an additional rank of the skill 'Subtle Elements'. If the user already has 'Subtle Elements: Earth', they may have their points refunded. This skill may be learned before level 30, but the effects are not granted until level 30 is obtained.

Description: Naturally aligned to the element of earth, this character has a natural tact at using and manipulating soil, mud, and stones to their bidding. This character's chakra tends to be extremely solid and strong, making it exceptional for barriers that help defend themself or their allies.



Total Experience:


Experience This Level:

219 [400]

Statistical Log: [800]

+500 - Character Creation

+300 - Levels 1-3


Health - 80

Stamina - 40

Chakra - 100

Taijutsu - 00

Ninjutsu - 100

Genjutsu - 00

Defense - 40

Concentration - 40

Speed - 200

Accuracy - 100

Evasion - 100

Statistical Modifiers:


Taijutsu Damage; +00

Basic Attack Damage; +00

Ranged Weapon Damage; +00


Ninjutsu Damage; +15


Genjutsu Statistic Damage; +00

Genjutsu Ghost Damage; +00

Genjutsu Statistic Reduction; -00


Physical Damage; -20


Genjutsu 'To-Hit'; +2%

Genjutsu 'To-Dodge'; -2%

Taijutsu Critical Chance; +0%

Ninjutsu Cost Reduction; -0%


Speed Percentile; ???%


Physical 'To-Hit'; +6%

Ranged Weapon Damage; +5


Physical 'To-Dodge'; -6%


Current Effects & Conditions:


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Skill Point Gains: 13





+2 - Character Creation
+2 - Compulsive Catchphrase; Cool
+1 - Unmotivated
+2 - Sealed Genjutsu
+3 - Lonely
+3 - Levels 1 - 3


Skill Point Expenditures: 10



-0 - Nara Shadow Arts
-1 - The Path of the Defender
-1 - Guard Expertise; Rank II
-1 - Resistance Mastery; Rank II
-1 - Defensive Martial Artist; Rank II
-1 - First Aid Provider
-2 - Ninjutsu Mastery [Void]; Rank II
-2 - Second Wind
-1 - Guts Pose
-3 - Strategist


Remaining Skill Points:





Hindering Skills:



 Compulsive Catchphrase; Cool
Effect: Characters with this skill must say their catch phrase at least once every 50 spoken words or once every 800 written words, whichever comes first. This count is kept between posts. If the character fails to meet this requirement they take a -5% reduction to all of their non-tank stats for the rest of the day, cumulative. This reduction lasts for the rest of the day in character or at least two (2) days in real life, which ever is longer. The chosen phrase must be at least one word.
Description: The character has a compulsive habit to repeat the same catch phrase over and over multiple times a day. It is borderline disease in nature, and if the character does not, or is unable to say the catch phrase so often, their morale drops subconsciously, leaving them considerably weaker. Dattebayo.
Cost: +2



Effect: Characters with this skill must train for an additional 2 posts, when training for techniques, jutsu points, or skills.
Description: Some ninja don’t do well when left to their own devices. No matter how skilled they are, they don’t have the motivation to train as hard as they could if they had somebody there to psyche them up. In groups though, these ninja are able to perform just like any other shinobi.
Cost: +1



Sealed Genjutsu
Effect: Characters with this skill may not use Genjutsu techniques.
Description: Some ninja lack the ability to use certain types of jutsu. Genjutsu is a very demanding field of jutsu and takes an incredible amount of concentration and chakra control to do well. Without those traits, performing genjutsu well is almost impossible.
Cost: +2



Effect: Characters with this skill reduce Experience gained when training alone by 50%. Characters with this skill may not take missions alone.
Description: Some people can go through life relying only on their own strength of will, facing off against the world by themselves. Others, like those with this skill, are eternally desperate for companionship and find the idea of operating on their own as demoralizing as they do terrifying. They feel a constant, codependent need for a companion, or something like it that they can see, feel, and touch in order to cope with everyday life, finding even antagonistic company preferable to isolation. While these individuals often have a solid grasp of teamwork, they are often woefully unprepared for situations in which they must act by themselves for an extended period of time.
Cost: +3



Beneficial Skills:



Nara Shadow Arts
Effect: Characters with this skill may purchase techniques with the ‘Hijutsu: Nara’ descriptor. Response Phase techniques used to counter techniques with the ‘Hijutsu: Nara’ descriptor have a +10% chance to fail, and additional +5% chance to fail for each combatant from the ‘Akimichi’ or ‘Yamanaka’ clans on the battlefield. This effect may not be increased beyond 20%. This skill may be taken at character creation for the cost of 0 SP instead of a village element. The effects of this skill may never stack with skills that increase base damage, nor any 'Subtle Element' or 'Combinatorial Element' skills.
Description: As far back into the annals of history as even the eldest in Leaf Village can recall, the Nara have practiced an obscure branch of ninjutsu that makes them a great asset to their village. By utilizing yin natured chakra, Nara are able to control their shadows, and use them to immobilize their foes. This makes them among the most skilled scouts and assassins in the world. When combined with their age-old allies, the Akimichi, and Yamanaka clansmen, the Nara are able to use their techniques to the greatest effect.
Cost: -0 Nara

• Path Of The Defender
Effect: User gains 1 extra Jutsu Point every 3rd level and gains the skill 'Savior' for free.


Garrison's Teachings:
Enlightened Defender -- May learn 'Guard Expertise', the first rank is free.
Unbreakable -- User is capable of gaining 'Resistance Mastery' and 'Defensive Martial Artist' at the cost of 1 SP per 2 ranks.


Description: Though few have the inner strength and willpower to do so, some shinobi are brought down a distinct path, focusing on defense, either because they do not wish to harm others, because they want to protect those they love, or because they take heart to the classical proverb, the best offense is a good defense. These shinobi-nin are often very stubborn, and also often very naturally tough
Cost: -1

• Guard Expertise; Rank II 

Effect: The character receives +3 to their block range per rank.
Description: The reflexes of a wild animal and the coordination to see incoming attacks, you are a master at keeping yourself from harms way.
Cost: -1

• Resistance Mastery; Rank II
Effect: The user takes -5 damage from incoming Ninjutsu attacks per ninja rank of the user (per skill rank).
Description: A strong will and experience with the elements make you more resistant than the normal ninja.
Cost: -1

• Defensive Martial Artist; Rank II
Effect: The user takes -5 damage from incoming Taijutsu attacks per ninja rank of the user (per skill rank). The user also takes -3 damage from incoming Basic attacks per strike (per skill rank).
Description: Built like a brick shit-house and twice as pretty.
Cost: -1


• First Aid Provider
Effect: May use Gennin Ranked Medical Jutsu.
Description: You've taken a few classes and know the basics of first aid.
Cost: -1

• Ninjutsu Mastery [Void]; Rank II
Effect: For each rank of this skill choose a Ninjutsu Element. Ninjutsu of the chosen type of Element will deal a bonus +5 damage per ninja rank of the technique (per skill rank). You may choose "Void" Ninjutsu as your chosen element, which would include any Ninjutsu that does not fall under a specific type of element.
Description: A master of the ninja magic arts, you bend your specialty element to your whim.
Cost: -2

• Second Wind
Effect: Once per battle, if the user's health would be reduced to zero or less, the user's health is reduced to 1 instead. If the user's health would be reduced below -25% of its total then this skill does not come into effect.
Description: Pure tenacity is the only word to describe you. When most would be down for the count you will drag yourself back to your feet to finish the job.
Cost: -2

• Guts Pose
Effect: This skill may be activated in any phase as a free action. Once per battle, a character with this skill may choose one of the following effects when their Health is at or below 25% of its total. This skill may not be used if the skill ‘My Ninja Way’, ‘Stroke Of Genius’, ‘Stubborn Grit’, or ‘Healer’s Passion’ have been activated by this character during this battle.


1. Any skill or technique with a usage limit may be used one additional time by this character.
2. This character’s next attack may not be negated by Response Phase techniques.
3. This character gains 30% of their total Stamina.

Description: When things aren't going well, and enemies are closing in, there is often only one thing to do. Offer them a crisp smile, and a thumbs up. This age old method of bolstering determination and instilling doubt in opponents has been known to drive a gutsy ninja to snap victory out of the jaws of certain defeat.
Cost: -1

• Strategist
Effect: Once a battle, characters with this skill may choose to have any attack on a single target become a critical hit for 1.5 times its usual total damage.
Description: You are a planner, a thinker. It is not uncommon for you to be three steps ahead of your opponent and making moves that make no sense now but pay off in the long run.
Cost: -3


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Jutsu Point Gains: 45






+4 - Character Creation
+30 - Character Bundle
+4 - Holiday Gift; 2015
+3 - Rinne Festival Celebration
+3 - Levels 1 - 3
+1 - Levels 1 - 3 [Path of the Defender]


Jutsu Point Expenditures: 44




-2 - Bunshin No Jutsu
-1 - Henge No Jutsu
-2 - Kawarimi No Jutsu
-4 - Kage Zashi No Jutsu
-10- Kagemane No Jutsu
-10 - Kage Kubishibari No Jutsu
-8 - Kage Nui No Jutsu
-4 - Shōsen Jutsu
-3 - Tenshi No Kekkai


Remaining Jutsu Points:





Available Elements:







• Bunshin No Jutsu | Clone Technique | 分身の術 II
Type: Ninjutsu [Void | Evolving; Bunshin No Jutsu I]
Rank: Genin
Cost: 5x Chakra
Effect: This technique may be used in the Setup Phase or Main Phase. When determining the cost of this technique 'x' is considered to be the number of 'Clones' created by the user and may never be greater than 4. 'Clones' have 1 Health and 1% of the user's other statistics. 'Clones' are not physical, and may not use items, techniques or attack during their turn. The user of this technique gains +20 Evasion or +20 Accuracy for every 'Clone' on the battlefield. The effects of 'Clones' may be ignored by any character with heightened senses (i.e; Byakugan, Path of the Sensor, Inuzuka Smell Tracker, etc). This technique may be used in the Setup Phase 1 time per battle. 
Description: A technique that most students are required to be proficient in before they can graduate from the academy, the Bunshin no Jutsu is the most basic of the myriad of clone techniques that exist in the world. By properly molding their chakra, the user is capable of creating near perfect replicas of themselves. Unlike most bunshinjutsu, the basic clone technique does not produce physical clones but creates something more akin to a projected image, which is a real image that has no form. The Clone Technique is considered an E-Ranked jutsu, and is not very powerful, but with practice and ingenuity many shinobi have come to use it in masterful ways. Most often stalling by hiding out among their clones, or setting themselves up for a strong offensive.
Points: ⁿ/ₐ [Evolving; 2]
• Henge No Jutsu | Transformation Technique | 変わり身の術 II
Type: Ninjutsu [Void | Evolving; Henge No Jutsu I]
Rank: Genin
Cost: 40 Chakra
Effect: During any situation in which a character with this technique would need to calculate their 'Visibility Score', they may use this technique to reduce their 'Visibility Score' by -20%. 'Visibility Score' reduction caused by this technique may be ignored by any character with heightened senses (i.e; Byakugan, Path of the Sensor, Inuzuka Smell Tracker, etc). 
Description: The Transformation Technique is a time-honored staple of nearly every shinobi academy the world over. Its concept and execution are both extremely basic, making it a perfect training technique for young students. By molding chakra around their body, the user of the Transformation Jutsu is able to temporarily take on the physical characteristics of another person. Though the Henge no Jutsu rarely offers a perfect disguise, clever ninja have been using it for hundreds of years to confound their foes.
Points: ⁿ/ₐ [Evolving; 1]
• Kawarimi No Jutsu | Body Replacement Technique | 変わり身の術 II
Type: Ninjutsu [Void | Evolving; Kawarimi No Jutsu I]
Rank: Genin
Cost: x Chakra
Effect: This technique may be performed as a Free Action in the Response Phase following a failed dodge roll. When determining the cost of this technique 'x' is equivalent to the cost of 1 basic attack or weapon attack that the user failed to dodge. The damage and effects of that basic attack or weapon attack are negated. The user may take no action in the Setup Phase or Main Phase on the turn this technique is used. This technique has a 5% chance to fail. This technique may be performed 1 time per battle.
Description: A life-saving technique for most young shinobi, the Body Replacement Jutsu has been a staple in academy learning for many years. By utilizing their ability to manipulate chakra, with quick movement, a skillful shinobi is capable of switching their position with another object to evade damage. By creating a simple optical illusion, the user of the Kawarimi no Jutsu can make it appear as though they were damaged or even killed by the opponent’s attack. Some ninja become extremely adept in the usage of this technique, and have even been known to swap places with hazardous materials to trap their enemies.
Points: ⁿ/ₐ [Evolving; 2]

• Kage Zashi No Jutsu | Shadow Stabbing Technique | 影刺しの術
Type: Ninjutsu [Void | Hijutsu; Nara]
Rank: Genin
Cost: 70 Chakra
Damage: 50
Effect: This technique may performed while the user is under the effects of the technique 'Kagemane No Jutsu'. This technique has a +20% chance to deal Critical damage to its target.
Description: The ability of the Nara clan to manipulate their own shadows is not an easy skill to master. Many young Nara struggle with just moving their shadow along flat surfaces, let alone moving their shadow in three dimensions. As a method of practice, the Shadow Stabbing Technique was devised. The jutsu is performed by utilizing chakra to create tendrils of shadow that shoot out toward a target. Less experienced users can often create only a single tendril, while masters of the Nara shadow arts are able to create many. Regardless of the number of shadowy needles, all are very sharp and when accurately aimed can be deadly.
Cost: -4


• Kagemane No Jutsu | Shadow Imitation Technique | 影真似の術
Type: Ninjutsu [Void | Hijutsu; Nara ]
Rank: Chūnin
Cost: 150 Chakra
Effects: The user may end this jutsu during their Set-up Phase or Response Phase as a free action. During this jutsu the user may not use any other jutsu or perform any Main Phase actions except those which require “Kagemane no Jutsu” to be active. This jutsu’s maximum duration is 3 turns.

For the duration of the jutsu the target has their Evasion set to 0 and the user loses 25% of their total Evasion. At the start of each of the target’s turns, they will roll a D(100 - E), where E is the difference between this jutsu's hit chance (when it succeeded) and the target's dodge roll to evade this jutsu. If no dodge roll was made against this jutsu, their dodge roll is considered to have been 0. The target will then proceed with their turn according to the following:

1-20: Target can take no actions this turn.
21-40: Target can take actions that do not involve the legs, but all actions have a 50% Fail Chance.
41-60: Target can move normally, but all actions have a 30% Fail Chance.
61-75: Target can move normally, but suffers from “Distracted” during this turn.
76+: Target breaks free of Kagemane, and this jutsu ends.

Description: ”If the body’s reflection is the shadow, then is the shadow’s reflection not the body?” - Nara Proverb
The user, long trained in the art of manipulating their own shadow through chakra, will stretch and swell their shadow however is necessary in order to get it to touch the opponent’s shadow. Immediately once connection is made, the user’s shadow will flow into the enemy’s, causing the user to take possession of it through chakra. The user will then move their body, and as their shadow moves, the user’s chakra that has synched with the opposing shadow will force it react in a similar fashion. Ultimately, this means that the enemy will be forced to obey the laws of existence, moving in an exact mirror of the user.
Points: 5 [Under-Ranked: 10]

• Kage–Kubishibari No Jutsu | Shadow–Neck Binding Technique | 影首縛りの術
Type: Ninjutsu [Void | Hijutsu; Nara]
Rank: Chūnin
Cost: 160 Chakra
Damage: 60 [Turn 1], 40 [Turn 2]
Effect: This jutsu takes up two (2) main phases, and each phase receives full modifiers from both participants involved with this jutsu. While this jutsu resolves, Kagemane no Jutsu, Maruchi Kagemane, or the acceptable Kagemane replacement (henceforth referred to as "Kagemane") remains active. This includes all of its effects, upkeep costs, and chances to break free. On the second turn of this jutsu, the target will roll a D20 in their Response Phase. They will suffer effects based on their roll (listed below). When this jutsu ends, Kagemane also ends. If the target breaks free of Kagemane at any point during this jutsu, both jutsu will end simultaneously. Usable twice per battle.


1-3: Target is “Clobbered” for 2 Turns.
4-7: Target is “Dizzy” for 2 Turns.
8-9: Target has a “Migraine” for 2 Turns.
10: Damage from this Technique on this Turn is treated as a Critical Hit.
11-12: The Base Damage of this Technique this turn increases by 80.
13-14: Opponent is Slow for 2 Turns.
15: Opponent Skips their Next Turn.
16-20: No Additional Effect

Description: In the history of the Nara Clan, the Kagemane no Jutsu was originally thought to be a support type jutsu, and it kept the clan in a rather weak standing among other of the nation's clans. As the Kagemane began to be revolutionized, and the Nara Clan Shinobi focused more on being a mobile force capable of bringing down an army, the Kage Kubishibari was developed to give the Nara Clan its first real weapon to be created out of their Shadow Jutsu. The Kage Kubishibari requires that the Kagemane no Jutsu be attached to the opponent. Then the Kage Kubishibari, its victim unlikely to move at all, will begin to creep up the body, slowly wrapping itself around the victim, squeezing the body like a boa constrictor. Eventually, the shadow will reach the throat, and the shadow will grow a five-fingered hand, which will grip the opponent was if they were being strangled. Within moments, the opponent will either die of a broken neck, or find themselves suddenly succumbing to asphyxiation by the shadow hand.
Points: 5 [Under-Ranked: 10]

• Kage Nui No Jutsu | Shadow Stitching Technique | 影縫いの術
Type: Ninjutsu [Void | Hijutsu; Nara]
Rank: Chūnin
Cost: 40x
Damage: 15x
Effect: Multi-Hit Jutsu. This jutsu follows all Multi-Hit Rules. This jutsu is capable of targeting multiple opponents if the user chooses to do so, but is not required to target more than one opponent. Each opponent targeted by this jutsu can be attacked with up to 5 needles at once. If any barrier-type, shield-type, or living-wall type jutsu, shield-type items, or damage-reducing/negating armor is used against Kage Nui or any of its needles, only ½ of that needle's total damage can be blocked. The remainder of that needle's damage bypasses any of the above items and the hits the enemy. Modifiers are applied BEFORE the halving takes effect, and before any equipment or jutsu are used.
Description: The Kage Nui is the far more common version of the first truly offensive jutsu implemented by the Nara Clan. After the creation of the Kage Genshi, it was easily determined that such a thin piece of shadow could never truly kill an enemy unless pinpoint accuracy were obtain, and a vital spot in the brain targeted. The remedy was simple. Instead of a single thread, the members of the Nara Clan, almost immediately after the invention of the Kage Genshi, had developed the Kage Nui, and had almost completely ceased using the Kage Genshi, using it only for their smaller children whose chakra control would not permit them to use the multiple stranded version.
Points: 4 [Under-Ranked: 8]

• Shōsen Jutsu | Mystical Palm Technique | 掌仙術
Type: Ninjutsu [Void | Medical]
Rank: Genin
Cost: x Chakra
Effect: The user may spend chakra to heal the target of this technique at a ratio of 5 chakra to 4 health points. This may not break damage cap for Gennin rank, and a minimum of 5 chakra must be paid. A maximum of 60 health points may be restored in this way.
Description: This medical ninjutsu allows the user to speed up the body's natural healing process by sending chakra from their hands into a wound or afflicted body part. This allows the user to heal a patient without the need for medical equipment or surgery, making it highly useful on the battlefield. It can be used to treat both external and internal injuries. It is vital to match the amount of chakra used to the severity of the affliction or injury.
Points: 4

• Tenshi No Kekkai | Angelic Ward | 天使の結界
Type: Ninjutsu [Void | Medical]
Rank: Genin
Cost: 50 Chakra
Effect:  If, in the next 3 of their turns, the target of the technique would be inflicted with a Status Effect with a CP of 50 or lower, it is negated. The target of this technique may chose which effects are negated.
Description: A small amount of curative chakra is deposited into the target, which then becomes active upon the introduction of sudden trauma.
Points: 3


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Monetary Gains: [両525]





+両125 - Character Creation
+両400 - Character Bundle
+両50 - Holiday 2015
+両50 - Rinne Festival Monetary Gift
+2 Kite Shuriken - Holiday 2015 Random Gift

+2 Ninja Wire [Rank II] - Halloween 2016 Random Gift

+3 Milk Chocolate Shuriken - Halloween 2016

+2 Bleeding Sugar Skulls - Halloween 2016

+2 Black Licorice Bats - Halloween 2016
+1 Cloudy Quartz Necklace (+40 Ninjutsu) - Rinne Festival Random Gift

+2 Discount Coupons - Rinne Festival Gift Exchange
+両20 - D Rank Mission: Administration Assistant

+両40 - D Rank Mission: Administration Assistant

+両250 - D Rank Mission: Cipher Translation


Monetary Expenditures: [両00]



-両000 - N/A


Cash On Hand:
































Primary Weapon:






Secondary Weapon:










Quantity: 4
Size: 1 Item Slots
Type: Small Weapon
Damage: 2
Description: Metal needles with a point at both tips, senbon are more commonly associated with certain medical practices, but ninja have been known to carry them because they are easily concealed. While they deal very little damage, senbon are often dipped in poison to maximize their lethality.


Quantity: 3
Size: 3 Item Slots
Type: Small Weapon
Damage: 5
Description: One of the most basic weapons utilized by ninja, the shuriken are flat, four-pronged metal stars. They are often used to distract, pin enemy's clothing, or other diversionary tactics, but many shinobi are skilled enough to be lethal with them.


Quantity: 3
Size: 3 Item Slots
Type: Small Weapon
Damage: 8
Description: The all-purpose utility knife used by shinobi all over the world, the kunai is a blade made of a single piece of metal, usually with a metal hoop at the back end. These blades are often thrown, but can be wielded in melee with equal efficiency.


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Character Approval



Hardcore Skittlez


Experience Log


+719 - Furaikari Ryokan

+100 - D Rank Mission: Administration Assistant!

+100 - D Rank Mission: Administration Assistant!

+500 - D Rank Mission: Cipher Translation
+1375 - One Thousand Mirrors Tournament


Level Advancement Record:


Level 1 - Furaikari Ryokan

Level 2 - D Rank Mission: Administration Assistant!

Level 3 - D Rank Mission: Cipher Translation
 Level 4-7 - One Thousand Mirrors Tournament

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Check your money and equipment. You didnt erase any of kazuto's stuff.

Also, you have a skill "Unmotivated" that reads exactly like "Pervert" and doesn't list a gender. You should probly fix that.

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