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Yukigakure's Fall [Hatake Tagayasu* vs Nakayama Madoka]

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Yukigakure's Fall

Nanukazuki-kumi | Round 2


The war against Yukigakure in the north turned sour, the small nation pulling out a secret weapon that turned the tides and sunk the great nation of Earth. With their Tsuchikage killed in action, Yukigakuree has taken over its larger southern neighbor, and has ruled them in peace for ten years. Now, on the anniversary of their fall, a resistance of former Iwagakure ninja strike in the heart of Hyouden. At their head is Nakayama Madoka, a former rising star in the hidden earth that lost everything in the war, including no small bit of her sanity. Hatake Yagayasu is a decorated Jounin of his country, and an honorable guard of their nation. In the streets of Hyouden, with fire and sirens all around, the two meet. 


ooc:  Begin your battle here! Remember that there is a 72 hour posting deadline for all battles! Make sure to review the rules here.

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