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Saiken, Asashi

Saiken, Asashi

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-User Data-

Timezone: Pacific
Posting: 3-4 times a week
Character Slot: 1

-Character Data-

Name: Saiken, Asashi
Clan: None

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 13 MAR 2105
Age: 12
Birthplace: Hi no Kuni

Village: Konohagakure No Sato


Hair: Light auburn
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 5"5
Weight: 130 lbs
Skin Tone: Olive
Physical Description: Asashi has a full head of hair that always seems to fall naturally around his sculpted face down to his shoulder. He has dark brown eyes that carry a hopeful expression and a light skin tone that alludes to his soft, yet statuesque facial features. He ties his upper hair into a man bun, let's the rest of his hair fall down to his shoulders, and binds the ninja forehead protector that bears the sign of Konoha around his forehead. He appears to be skinny for an twelve year old but he has a toned chest, abs, strong arms and legs, despite his outward appearance. 

Clothing: Asashi wears athletic clothing; usually a black pair of athletic pants, a black pair of low cut boots and a plain T-shirt under an athletic jacket with a zipper. He wears athletic clothing all year around, only making minor adjustments for the weather and seasons. Apart from his ninja tools, the only accessory he wears is a necklace with a cheap Yin/Yang amulet. This amulet is usually only displayed when he takes his jacket off as he likes to keep it tucked between his jacket and undershirt.  



Ideals: Saiken, Asashi believes that world piece is attainable, and that the price of this is a strong military. His primary goal is to become Hokage as he has been raised to believe that that person's ultimate duty is to protect his people. Asashi wishes to take the mantle of Hokage and not only protect his people, but to use it as a tool to suppress war and improve people's lives and stability. He understands that people will always be willing to do evil in the world so his goal is to become strong and fight the bad guys and the Ninja Academy was his primary option to achieve this dream. While believing in strength and peace, he also believes in redemption. He believes that some people can be rehabilitated and is willing to give people the chance, however, it doesn't diminish his sense of justice.  

Bonds: Asashi's parents own their own transportation business and live comfortable, financially stable lives. They planned for Asashi to inherent the family business, but rather he inherited the will of fire. He is driven by a sense to protect his bonds to extreme degrees.  
Flaws: As a shinobi, he often feels insecure. Asashi is very aware that he doesn't come from a prominent clan or possess a kekkei genkai and has been surrounded by it since the start of his academy days. He has learned to manage his feelings of inadequacy but they still may resurface. 

Personality: Saiken, Asashi wishes to bring peace to the world but he knows he can't achieve this without personal strength and military might. Just as Yin/Yang are opposites, they also need and supplement the other. When he loses his sense of direction, he can always look upon his necklace and be reminded of his purpose. However, since enrolling in the academy, everyday he had been made painstakingly aware of how average he is as a shinobi. Often times he wanted to quit because he felt inadequate, but for some reason he hadn't the nerve. Despite not being from a prominent clan or possessing a kekkei genkai, the teacher had never advised him to quit. Instead, the will of fire was reinforced. He was instilled a sense of duty to protect to people of his nation and it reinforced his ideal of world peace. Despite being average, he felt as though he was doing the right thing, and for a long time that sustained him. All he wants to do is protect those that can not protect themselves and help bring about true justice and harmony in the world. 


Really the only profound relationship he had was with his parents and Ninja Academy instructor.  


Ever since his conception, Asashi's parents expected him to inherit the business that they had started. His father and mother started a logistics company for shipping out goods for the Hokage and overall economy of Konohagakure. However, as Asashi grew, it became more clear to him that that wasn't his purpose in life. When he was five, he was out playing shinobi with the other kids in the neighborhood. He had no trouble fitting in, and he was liked, but there were two kids who decided to bully a younger and smaller kid who asked if he could play with them. The bullies started out mean, taunting the boy and making fun of his teeth. Asashi found this behavior repulsive. He was beginning to feel sick so he was removing himself from the situation when the bullies started to throw rocks at the kid. Instinctively, Asashi saw the boy as the little brother he never had and quickly went to his aide. After beating up the bullies, they threatened to come back with real ninja tools that they would steal from their moms or dads and kill him, but he wasn't afraid. Instead, he felt a sense of justice for the boy who had done nothing to warrant the bullies' behavior. Unbeknownst to him, the Hokage had seen the whole interaction while getting away for some fresh air. 


The Hokage leaped down from a high place and commended Asashi for his actions and reassured the two that they had nothing to worry about. He had the highest rank in the village and explained that he was the boss of those boy's parents and that no harm would come to either of them or their families. At that point, he placed a hand on Asashi's shoulder, said that he had the will of fire and explained that every shinobi in their village had it. Ever since then, he was inspired to become a shinobi and enrolled in the Ninja Academy as soon as he was able. Since enrolling in the academy, he had discovered that he was an average fish in a sea of bigger fish. At first, he was angry that he wasn't naturally gifted or talented, but he decided that it didn't matter to his purpose. Many days in the academy were spent meditating on what his purpose is and reconciling with his sense of inadequacy. He has matured a lot since then and has learned to manage those negative feelings, but there's no doubt that they could resurface at anytime.  



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Characters Statistics
(These are the mechanical representations of your character, points they will use in the game's battle system, choose carefully, this section cannot be freely edited once your points are set)

-Game Statistics-
Level: 22
Rank: Gennin 
Total Experience: 8,818
Total Stats: 2,700

Health: 240
Chakra: 240
Stamina: 240
Ninjutsu: 240
Genjutsu: 240
Taijutsu: 240
Concentration: 240
Defense: 240
Speed: 260
Accuracy: 260
Evasion: 260


Ninjutsu Mod: +60 damage

Genjutsu Mod: +24 Ghost Damage, +60 Stat Drain, -60 Stat Drain.

Taijutsu Mod: +60 damage to Taijutsu attacks and basic weapon attacks, +40 basic unarmed attacks
Concentration Mod: 76% to hit with Genjutsu (Mind's Eye skill), 12% to dodge with Genjutsu, -4% Ninjutsu Cost, +2 Taijutsu Crit Chance
Defense Mod: -60 less damage
Speed Percentile: 278
Accuracy: 86% chance to hit
Evasion: 26% to dodge physical attacks
Passive Critical Chance: 3%



(12 RP Traits are unlocked at level ten and every five levels after I gain one) 

Trait Points Gained - 17

Level 10 - 12

Level 15 - 1

Level 20 - 1

Talented Skill - 3

Traits Points Expedited - 17


Physical Traits — These are physical abilities. Actions character take!
• Agility — 2 Physical feats of agility.
• Athletics — 1 Physical feats of endurance.
• Ninja Tools — 1 Identifying and using tools outside of combat.
• Perception  — 3 Ability to notice details or movements.
• Stealth — 3 Moving silently and without notice.
• Survival — 1 Enduring harsh environments.

Mental Traits — These are mental abilities. Knowledge this character has!
• Academics — 4 Technology, physical, natural sciences.
• History — 2 Knowledge of history.
• Instinct — 1 "I don't know, that just seems right."
• Investigation — 4 Seeing patterns and finding evidence.
• Ninja Arts — 2 Knowledge of ninja abilities and origins.
• Politics — 1 Relations of state, both national and international.

Social Traits — These are social abilities. Ways to read & interact with people!
• Culture — 5 Knowledge of practices and customs for various regions.
• Insight —  1 Observing emotions and intentions.
• Intimidation — 1 Coercing via force and threat.
• Charisma — 1 Convincing others and inspiring their emotions.
• Streetwise — 1 Fitting in with crowds and criminal/underworld elements.
• Subterfuge —  1 The art of deception.

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Character Skills

-Skill Point Ledger-


Point Total: 22
Total Spent: 22
Total Left: 0



2 - Creation

2 - Insecure

2 - Merciful

1 -  Unwelcome Occupant at Vacuum Leaf Plaza!

4 - Unique Mission: Criminal Offense

2- Dock Guard: Sunyin Port

2 - Sure Sounds Sweet

3 - Your Daily Dairy

1 - Caturday

1 - Learn from the Best

1 - Carnival




0 - Subtle Elements; Fire  

-1 Path of the Balanced

-2 Quick Learner

-1 Time Archetype 

-1 Subtle Elements; Lightning

-1 Subtle Elements; Wind 

-1 Combinatorial; Vacuum 

-1 Gatherer

-2 Resistance [Rank 2]

-1 Martial Artist [Rank 1 styleless] 

-1 Medical Training 

-2 Overcome Your Problems (Insecurity)

-5 Chakra Flow

-3 Warrior (Rank 3 Shuriken) 


Jounin Taught Skills:

Clash (Learned in Danger Line, Mysterious Delivery to Coal Country)
Effect: When targeted by a physical attack that deals damage, a character with this skill may perform an offensive physical attack during their Response Phase. The total damage of the unresolved attack is reduced by an amount equal to the total damage of the attack used by the character with this skill. If the damage of the unresolved attack would be reduced to 0, then all effects are negated and any remaining damage and effects target the user of the negated attack during their next Response Phase. Techniques performed through the activation of this skill have a 10% chance to fail, and no action may be taken in the Setup or Main Phase in which this skill is activated. After use of this skill, no techniques may be performed in the Response Phase for 3 consecutive turns. This skill may be activated 1 time per battle.
Description: Combat among shinobi is a nuanced and subversive affair. The most successful shinobi are not always the strongest, and the strongest shinobi rarely live the longest. There is a whole other kind of shinobi though, these ninja value guts and confidence in one’s own power beyond all else. To them, an attack is nothing that can’t be overcome by a stronger attack. The best defense is a good offense, as they say.
Cost: -3/4


-Skills Log-
-Path of the Balanced (Economy of Motion + Mind's Eye)

-Quick Learner

-Time Archetype

-Subtle Elements; Fire [Village Skill]

-Subtle Elements; Lightning 

-Subtle Elements; Wind

-Combinatorial; Vacuum


-Medical Training

-Resistance [Rank 2]

-Martial Artist [Rank 1]

-Overcome your problems [Insecure] 

-Chakra Flow


Path Skills:

Path of the Balanced- Rather than specialize themselves in a particular field, there are some shinobi who see such things as limiting their potential. These people often use all that they have at their disposal in order to achieve victory, rather than focus on just one path.
Effect: Characters with this skill may reduce the cost of all Hybrid Techniques by -1 JP, to a minimum of 1. Additionally, characters with this skill may choose an Advanced Path from the ones allowed by their chosen Balanced Masteries.

Road of the Balanced: (Choose Two)
- Economy of Motion: All Hybrid Jutsu that involve Taijutsu do not require hand seals. May take 'Path of the Tactician'.

- Mind's Eye: Every 100 points in Accuracy increases your chance to hit with Concentration based Genjutsu attacks by 2%. May take 'Path of the Mentalist'.

RP Guide:
- Ninja on this path are open minded in their choices, opting for a wide variety of skills and abilities versus a focused concentration. They dabble in all the shinobi art forms, combining the arts of illusions and physical manifestation into one cohesive technique. Ninja who follow this path are generally more moderate than their peers, seeing the strengths (and weakness) in everything.
Advanced Paths:
- Path of the Harmonious. -1 SP

Clan Skills:

General Skills:

Quick Learner- You pick up on concepts and skills more quickly than the average ninja.
You may gain +10% EXP From Training, Battles, Gamemaster and Mission rewards. Bonus EXP is not included in this. [-2 SP]


Time Archetype- Shinobi trained to simulate the speeding and slowing of time are often put under an illusion themselves as training. They study how to masterfully simulate the speeds of time, causing not only their enemies to be hindered but also boosting the abilities of their allies.
Time Archetype genjutsu gain an additional 10% to total stat additions and subtractions on Speed, Accuracy and Evasion. [-1 SP]


Subtle Elements; Fire - May use Fire element techniques. All Fire techniques deal an additional 5% of their total damage in 'Burning' damage on the following turn, rounded up. All 5 'Subtle Element' skills share ranks, however each skill may only be taken once. [-0 SP (Village Skill)]


Subtle Elements; Lightning - May use Lightning element techniques. All Lightning techniques have a +8% chance to hit. This bonus is halved for Concentration based attacks. All 5 'Subtle Element' skills share ranks, however each skill may only be taken once. [-1 SP]


Subtle Elements; Wind - May use Wind element techniques. Any response phase techniques used in response to a Wind Techniques have an additional 10% chance to fail. All 5 'Subtle Element' skills share ranks. [-1 SP]


Combinatorial; Vacuum - May use Vacuum Element techniques. Once per turn, when a Vacuum Element technique is used the the environment gains an 'Essence of Wind'. When using a Vacuum Element technique the user may consume three (3) 'Essence of Wind' from the environment to change the Climate to 'Strong Winds' for two (2) turns. In addition, the user may choose to apply the bonus from one of the Subtle Elements skills required to learn this element if they own it.
Requirements: Subtle Elements; Lightning & Wind1 [-1 SP]


Gatherer - You've always had a habit of collecting, and now it is a helpful career skill.
You may gather 2x small weapons as a Setup Phase action, where x is your ninja rank. (Genin 1; Chuunin 2; etc.) May only gather small weapons that have been used and were not destroyed in their use. [-1 SP]


Resistance A strong will and experience with the elements make you more resistant than the normal ninja.
For each rank of this skill the user takes -5x damage from Ninjutsu attacks, where x is equal to their ninja rank. Ranks in this skill may be purchased once every five (5) levels.
Ex: A Genin takes -5 damage, a Chuunin takes -10 damage, etc. [Rank 2; -2 SP]


Martial Artist (Styleless)You put the art in martial arts. Your expertise with the style that you possess puts others to shame and enemies to the ground.
For each rank of this skill choose a Taijutsu Style. Taijutsu of the chosen Style deal +5x damage per rank in this skill, where x is equal to your ninja rank. You may choose "Styleless" Taijutsu as your chosen style. You may never apply more than 10 combined ranks of Genjutsu Creator, Martial Artist, and Ninjutsu Mastery to a single attack. Ranks in this skill may be purchased once every five (5) levels. [Rank 1; -1 SP]


Medical Training - Medical ninjutsu requires countless hours of practice and study. Even the most basic form of medical ninjutsu can be the difference between life and death. While some dabble, others perfect this science with a degree of focus that borders on obsession.
May learn Medical Ninjutsu Techniques. The maximum rank of Medical technique that can be learned is equal to your rank in this skill (1; Genin, 2; Chunin, etc.). Characters who do not possess "Path of the Medic" can only learn the first rank of this skill.
• Rank 2: Path of the Medic, Level 20
• Rank 3: Path of the Advanced Medic, Level 40
• Rank 4: Path of the Advanced Medic, Level 604 [-1 SP]


Chakra Flow [Rank 1] Maybe you have spent countless hours of meditation and practice, and have crafted your mind and body into a temple of self discipline. Or maybe you're just naturally good at it. Either way, your chakra circulatory system is of superb quality.
Rank 1: Gain 10% of your Total Chakra every turn. This replaces normal Chakra regeneration.
Rank 2: Gain 15% of your Total Chakra every turn. This replaces normal Chakra regeneration. Does not stack with previous ranks.
Requirements: User may not have any other skill (or bloodline skill) that affects Health, Stamina, or Chakra Regeneration. This skill may not be taught. [-5 SP]


Warrior [Rank 3; Shuriken] - A skilled and practiced veteran of your craft.
For each rank of this skill choose a specific weapon type. Basic Weapon Attacks with a weapon of the chosen type deal +5x damage per rank in this skill, where x is equal to your ninja rank. Ranks in this skill may be purchased once every five (5) levels. [-3 SP]


Talented [Rank 1] - You've just got a knack for this stuff!
This character gains +3 Role Play Trait points and may place them in any trait of your choice. [-1 SP]


Teacher Trained Skills:

Hindering Skills:


Overcome Your Problems (Insecurity) -Dads leave. Get over it.
This character may remove any Hindering Skill they gained at character creation. Hindering Skills they gained after character creation need special staff permission to be overcome. The character must spend x skill points to remove the Hindering Skill, where x is the points the skill gave them. [-2 SP]


Insecurity- You've had a history of lacking confidence. Should you really be here? What if you mess everything up! Lives could be at stake, there has to be someone better than you for this job!
Every time this character misses with an attack that targeted an opponent they gain a stacking -10% chance to hit on all attacks. Half this effect for Concentration based attacks. This negative resets if they successfully hit an opponent with an attack. [Rank 1 +2 SP]


Merciful- You bring mercy to your opponents on the battlefield, no matter how terrible they may be. You refuse to bring yourself to their level, and as such will always pull back on that finishing blow. Not to say you won't finish them, but everyone deserves the chance to surrender.

As long as this character is conscious and participating in battle the first time a primary opponent's Health or Ghost Health is reduced to zero (0) or less in a battle they are reduced to one (1) instead and have all status effects removed from them. This skill must be shared at the start of battle.

Cost: +2 SP

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Gained 125 - Character Creation

Spent 123 - 1st Purchase

Gained 100 - Unwelcome Occupant at Vacuum Lead Plaza!

Gained 400 - Unique Mission: Criminal Offense [Noncannon]

Gained 120 - Dock Guard: Sunyin Port

Gained 80 - Sure Sounds Sweet

Gained 80 - Your Daily Dairy

Gained 80 - Caturday

Gained 40 - Learn from the Best

Gained 160 - Carnival!


Slots Used: 14.5
Total Slots: 15



Hitai-ate (This is your forehead protector. It doesn't do anything, not even protect your forehead, but it's very important to most shinobi. A good RP item.)

Vacuum Sealed Boots


Vacuum Sealed Boots

Armour Kind: Boots

Body Placement: Feet

Attributes: -

Special: Vacuum Sealing: While this item is equipped, this character ignores the "Prone" roll of the 'Strong Winds' climate.

Description: Minute suction cups at the sole of the boot allows these boots to adhere to solid surfaces far more effectively than even chakra manages to. Activated with a click of the heel, these boots can ground the wearer in the harshest of storms.

Cost: 80 Ryo


Main Weapon:
Sub Weapon:

-Item Listing-
Items on Hand:
15 Shuriken [7.5 slots], 2 Kunai [2 slots], 2 Windmill Shuriken [4 Slots], Explosive Tag (1 Rank 1) [0.2 slots],  Wire String (4 Rank 1) [0.8 slots]  
Items in Vault: 2 Kunai
Money on Hand: 60 Ryo 
Money in Vault: 762 Ryo

Edited by Saiken, Asashi
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Character Logs

-Experience Log-

(As you complete missions, win fights and so on, you will earn experience. Make sure you link to every instance you have earned experience from, so that your level can be easily and efficiently tracked. A strike through the asset means that it has been allocated)
Experience Gained:

+600 + 60 Unwelcome Occupant at Vacuum Leaf Plaza!   

+1600 + 160 Unique Mission: Criminal Offense  

+600 + 60 Dock Guard: Sunyin Port  

+700 + 70 + 70  Sure Sounds Sweet  

+400 + 40 + 40 Your Daily Dairy 

+400 + 12 + 40  Caturday  

+1000 + 19 + 100 Learn from the Best  

+800 + 60 + 80 Animals Anonymous 

+800 + 20 + 80 Carnival! 

+672 + 268 + 67 QL Danger Line, Mysterious Delivery to Coal Country  = 8,818 XP = Level 22


-Transaction Log-

(Ryo is the currency of the Ninja Academy world. Your missions will earn it, your purchases will expend it, and in return you will acquire items which you will in turn consume through use. As ryo and items come and go, you need to track them here, as well as link to them as detailed above)

Ryo Earned:

+125 - Character Creation

+100 - Unwelcome Occupant at Vacuum Leaf Plaza! 

+400 - Unique Mission: Criminal Offense

+120 - Dock Guard: Sunyin Port

+80 - Sure Sounds Sweet

+80 - Your Daily Dairy

+80 - Caturday

+40 - Learn from the Best

+160 - Animals Anonymous

+160 - Carnival!

+400 - One Time Character Bundle 



Ryo Spent: 

123 -  Asashi's First Purchase

48 Ryo - Keeping a Positive Inventory

80 - Keeping a Positive Inventory

Items Gained:

11 shuriken (33 Ryo), 2 Windmill Shuriken (30 Ryo), Explosive Tags (1 Rank 1: 12 Ryo), Wire String [4 Rank 1: 48 Ryo), Vacuum Sealed Boots (80 Ryo)


Items Lost:


-Mission Log-

(List the number of missions you complete here, don't worry about linking to them though. Links will be in your logs above, this is just for an easy record of your hard work to date)

D Rank Missions: 2
C Rank Missions: 7
B Rank Missions: 0
A Rank Missions: 0
S Rank Missions: 0


-Additional Logs-
(There are some logs that don't quite fit with the sections above, some skills can change your other skills and some actions you take might even redo entire parts of your sheet. We can't really give an example of these, and you may never need this section, but it never hurts to have it.)

Edited by Saiken, Asashi
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-Technique Ledger-

Points Total:  66
Total Spent: 54
Points Left: 12





  • 2  Spinning Fang 
  • 2 Manipulated Shuriken Technique
  • 3 Headhunting River Kick
  • 2 Ebb and Flow
  • 2 Condensing Ice  
  • 3 Lightning Style: Charge [-1 Path of Balanced]
  • 4 Lightning Style: Supercharge [-1 Path of Balanced] 
  • 2 Heightened Perception
  • 2 Enhanced Reflexes
  • 2 Forward Vortex
  • 2 Vacuum Sweep
  • 2 Vacuum Aura
  • 2 Negative Sword
  • 2 Negative Shuriken
  • 5 Dynamic Shuriken [-1 Path of the Balanced]
  • 2 Vortex Siphon
  • 4 Mystical Palm Technique
  • 3 Angelic Ward
  • 3 Regeneration 
  • 1 Firefly
  • 3 Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
  • 4 Negative Step [-1 Path of the Balanced]


Jounin Taught:
(You can learn up to 12 JP of jutsu from Jounin for free! Link to where you learned these techniques.)


Body Replacement Technique | Kawarimi no Jutsu (dog, dragon, serpent, horse)
Type: Ninjutsu 
Rank: Academy Student 
Cost: x Chakra 
Effect: This technique may be performed as a Free Action in the Response Phase following a failed dodge roll. When determining the cost of this technique "x" is equivalent to the cost of 1 basic attack or small weapon attack that the user failed to dodge. The damage and effects of that basic attack or small weapon attack are negated. The user may take no action in the Setup Phase or Main Phase on the turn this technique is used. This technique has a 5% chance to fail. This technique may be performed 1 time per battle. 
Description: A life-saving technique for most young shinobi, the Body Replacement Jutsu has been a staple in academy learning for many years. By utilizing their ability to manipulate chakra, with quick movement, a skillful shinobi is capable of switching their position with another object to evade damage. By creating a simple optical illusion, the user of the Kawarimi no Jutsu can make it appear as though they were damaged or even killed by the opponent's attack. Some ninja become extremely adept in the usage of this technique, and have even been known to swap places with hazardous materials to trap their enemies.
Points: Free Upon Creation

Clone Technique | Bunshin no Jutsu (ram, snake, tiger)
Type: Ninjutsu 
Rank: Academy Student 
Cost: 5x Chakra 
Effect: This technique may be used in the Setup Phase or Main Phase. When determining the cost of this technique "x" is considered to be the number of "Clones" created by the user and may never be greater than 2. "Clones" have 1 Health and 1% of the user's other statistics. "Clones" are not physical, and may not use items, techniques or attack during their turn. The user of this technique gains +20 Evasion or +20 Accuracy for every "Clone" on the battlefield. The effects of 'Clones' may be ignored by any character with heightened senses (i.e; Byakugan, Path of the Sensor, Inuzuka Smell Tracker, etc). This technique may be used in the Setup Phase 1 time per battle. 
Description: A technique that most students are required to be proficient in before they can graduate from the academy, the Bunshin no Jutsu is the most basic of the myriad of clone techniques that exist in the world. By properly molding their chakra, the user is capable of creating near perfect replicas of themselves. Unlike most bunshinjutsu, the basic clone technique does not produce physical clones but creates something more akin to a projected image, which is a real image that has no form. The Clone Technique is considered an E-Ranked jutsu, and is not very powerful, but with practice and ingenuity many shinobi have come to use it in masterful ways. Most often stalling by hiding out among their clones, or setting themselves up for a strong offensive.
Points: Free Upon Creation

Transformation Technique | Henge no Jutsu (Monkey, hawk, rat) 
Type: Ninjutsu 
Rank: Academy Student 
Cost: 10 Chakra 
Effect: During any situation in which a character with this technique would need to calculate their "Visibility Score", they may use this technique to reduce their "Visibility Score" by -10%. "Visibility Score" reduction caused by this technique may be ignored by any character with heightened senses (i.e; Byakugan, Path of the Sensor, Inuzuka Smell Tracker, etc). 
Description: The Transformation Technique is a time-honored staple of nearly every shinobi academy the world over. Its concept and execution are both extremely basic, making it a perfect training technique for young students. By molding chakra around their body, the user of the Transformation Jutsu is able to temporarily take on the physical characteristics of another person. Though the Henge no Jutsu rarely offers a perfect disguise, clever ninja have been using it for hundreds of years to confound their foes.
Points: Free Upon Creation


Headhunting River Kick 

Type: Taijutsu 

Rank: Genin

Cost: 48 Stamina 

Damage: 60  

Effects: N/A

Description: A five-hit combo with sustained powerful strikes. The user takes a very wide stance known as horse stance and borrows energy from the ground. The first strike is a right haymaker to the target's head, followed by a left haymaker, followed by another right haymaker, followed by another left haymaker. The combo is finished with a powerful, right-side, spinning heel kick.    

Points: 3


Ebb and Flow  

Type: Taijutsu 

Rank: Genin

Cost: 32 Stamina  

Damage: 15 

Effects: Staggered [1]  

Description: The user jabs with the left hand and follows with a right roundhouse kick. This jutsu opens the target for further attacks. 

Points: 2


Condensing Ice

Type: Taijutsu

Rank: Genin

Cost: 24 Stamina

Damage: 30 

Effects: N/A

Description: The user clinches the opponent and thrusts their knee into the opponent's abdomen twice, followed by a right elbow strike to the opponent's temple. 

Points: 2


Spinning Fang | Kaiten Kiba
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: Gennin
Cost: 40 Stamina
Damage: 30
Effect: The target is afflicted with 'Bleeding; 10' for three (3) turns. The user of this technique must possess at least 2 Kunai when performing this technique.
Description: Using a pair of kunai, the user proceeds to spin around the opponent, shifting their footwork to roll their body around and past them. Using the kunai to slice and puncture the enemy, leaving gashes that will bleed profusely.
Points: 2


Manipulated Shuriken Technique | Sōshuriken No Jutsu
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: Gennin
Cost: 30 Stamina
Effect: This technique may be performed in the Main Phase as a Free Action after making a ranged Small Weapon Attack. If the target of the user's Small Weapon Attack dodges any strikes made by the attack they must dodge that strike a second time. When dodging a strike for the second time that strike is treated as if the user had +50x Accuracy. The user of this technique must consume a 'Wire String; Rank x' when performing this technique.
Description: By affixing nearly translucent and flexible string to their weapons, a skilled shurikenjutsu practitioner is able to guide their shuriken even after the weapon has left their hand. Attacking with this method allows even a missed shuriken to be guided back toward the target for a second attempt at dealing damage.
Points: 2


Lightning Style: Charge 

Type: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu [Lightning]

Rank: Genin

Cost: 20 Chakra, 20 Stamina, 1 small weapon

Damage: 10 

Effects: Numb for a single turn

Description: The user changes their chakra nature into the lightning element and imbues it into a small, or medium-sized, handheld weapon. This weapon vibrates while this ninjutsu is active, and when used to attack, is capable of delivering a small shock on impact that causes damage and numbs the victim for one turn. 

Points: 3 (-1 Path of Balanced) 


Lightning Style: Supercharge

Type: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu [Lightning]

Rank: Genin

Cost: 30 Chakra, 30 Stamina, 1 small weapon  

Damage: 60

Effects: None

Description: The user changes their chakra nature into the lightning element and imbues it into a small or medium-sized weapon. This weapon vibrates while this ninjutsu is active, and when used to attack, is capable of delivering a potent shock on impact that causes raw electrical damage.  

Points: 4 (-1 Path of Balanced) 


Heightened Perception (dog, dragon, serpent, bird) 
Type: Genjutsu [Time]

Rank: Gennin
Cost: 28 Chakra
Effects: The target of this technique gains +18 Evasion and +18 accuracy for one turn.
Description: By manipulating chakra and targeting yourself or an ally, it is possible to slow down their perception of time and convince them that they are more agile. This belief is realized through the power of the subconscious and manifests as real effects.
Points: 2


Ninja Art: Enhanced Reflexes 

Type: Genjutsu [Time Archetype] 

Rank: Gennin 

Cost: 40 Chakra

Damage: N/A

Effects: Increases your speed by +50 [with the Time Archetype Bonus, total increase is 55]

Description: The user is capable of enhancing their perception of time which allows them to think, act, and react more quickly. 

Cost: 2 JP


Forward Vortex

Type: Ninjutsu [Vacuum]

Rank: Gennin

Cost: 30 Chakra

Damage: 10

Effects: Staggered [1]

Description: The user creates a powerful vacuum around the subject that forces them to propel towards the user.

Points: 2


Vacuum Sweep (dog, horse, tiger, monkey)

Type: Ninjutsu [Vacuum]

Rank: Gennin

Cost: 30 Chakra

Damage: 5

Effects: Prone [1]

Description: The user creates a vacuum at a subject's feet that causes them to fall prone.

Points: 2


Vacuum Aura

Type: Ninjutsu [Vacuum | Set Trap]

Rank: Gennin

Cost: 38 Chakra

Effects: This technique targets one ally. Remove one turn of 'Prone' on the target. This can cause the duration of Prone to reach 0.

Description: The user fashions a vacuum aura for a subject that negates the prone condition due to strong winds.
Points: 2


Negative Sword (bird, horse, serpent, dragon)

Type: Ninjutsu [Vacuum]

Rank: Gennin

Cost: 30 Chakra

Effects: Create and equip a level 15 Medium Sword called 'Negative Sword' that lasts for four turns.

Description: The user can manifest a sword for all intents and purposes invisible to the naked eye. 

Points: 2


Negative Shuriken (dragon, hare, serpent, dragon)

Type: Ninjutsu [Vacuum]

Rank: Gennin

Cost: 30 Chakra

Effects: Create five 'Negative Space Shuriken' small weapons. Negative Space Shuriken deal 6 damage, last for four turns and are dissolved after resolving any attack made with them.

Description: The user can manifest small transparent weapons. 

Points: 2


Vacuum Style:  Dynamic Shuriken

Type: Taijutsu /Ninjutsu [Vacuum] 

Rank: Gennin

Cost: 30 Chakra, 30 Stamina, 1 Shuriken

Damage: 60

Effects: Response Phase Jutsu used against this technique have an additional 10% chance to fail.

Description: The user stores vacuum chakra into a single shuriken and throws it purposefully off target. The user activates the chakra within the shuriken to manifest a vacuum in the direction of the target. The shuriken is sucked in the direction of the target with the added velocity of the vacuum, allowing the shuriken enhanced power and maneuverability. 

Points: 5


Vortex Siphon (hare, serpent, horse, dragon)

Type: Ninjutsu (Vacuum)

Rank: Gennin

Cost: 35 Chakra

Damage: 10

Effects: If the climate is ‘Strong Winds’, increase the duration of that climate by 1.

Description: The user sucks in air from around them creating a small vortex around their body. The more air there is, the more powerful the suction.

Points: 2


Mystical Palm Technique | Shōsen Jutsu (Tiger)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: Gennin [Medical]
Cost: 30 Chakra
Effect: Heals the target for 30 Health. The user may choose to pay an additional 30 chakra to increase the base amount of health healed by 30 points.
Description: This medical ninjutsu allows the user to speed up the body's natural healing process by sending chakra from their hands into a wound or afflicted body part. This allows the user to heal a patient without the need for medical equipment or surgery, making it highly useful on the battlefield. It can be used to treat both external and internal injuries. It is vital to match the amount of chakra used to the severity of the affliction or injury.
Points: 4


Angelic Ward I | Tenshi no Kekkai I
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: Genin [Medical]
Cost: 60 Chakra
Effect: The target gains a shield with 60 Health. This shield does not reduce damage but instead negates Status Effects. Reduce the health of this shield by 1.5xy, where x is the cost of the status effect being prevented and y is the number of turns. This shield can only negate turns of Status Effects that are equal to or less than it's remaining health. The user may choose which status effects are negated. This shield lasts for 4 turns or until destroyed.
Description: By leaving an imprint of medical chakra, the target is encased in a thin layer of chakra. This chakra does not absorb impact, but prevents the targets flesh from being burned, or cut, among many other things.
Points: 3


Regeneration | Kousei
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: Gennin [Medical]
Cost: 75 Chakra
Effect: Target gains the status effect 'Induced Regeneration: 30' for 3 turns.
Description: The skin of the target takes on a very light green tinge as healing chakra fuses through their body, slowly healing their wounds over time.
Points: 3


Protective Cross I | Kago Kouso I
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: Gennin [Medical]
Cost: 40 Chakra
Effect: The next time the target of this technique takes damage, they are healed for 40 health.
Description: Using their chakra, the medic leaves a protective mark that will dissipate once damage is taken, healing its host a small amount.
Points: 2


Firefly | Hotaru (tiger, serpent, monkey, bird) 
Type: Ninjutsu [ Konohagakure | Fire ]
Rank: Gennin
Cost: 5 Chakra
Effect: This technique creates a number of Fireflies equal to x, maximum of 15. These Fireflies illuminate dark areas but do nothing on their own.
Description: Creates one to fifteen small phantom fireflies. These are beautiful to look at and light up an area very well. Excellent jutsu for use on a date, really impress the girls (or boys).
Points: 1


Summer's Heat | Natsu No netsu
Type: Genjutsu [ Konohagakure ]
Rank: Gennin
Cost: 50 Chakra
Effect: The target of this technique is afflicted with 'Blind' for one (1) turn.
Description: The user causes the opponent's vision to blur and waver as if they were in extreme heat. This resembles as if the opponent was surrounded by jets of warm air that are constantly blowing out waves of heat. This blurs the movement and actions of the user and also makes it much harder to find and hit them.
Points: 3


Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique | Katon; Gōkakyū no Jutsu (horse, tiger, ram, monkey, boar, horse and tiger)
Type: Ninjutsu [ Fire ]
Rank: Gennin
Cost: 20 + 8x Chakra
Damage: 20
Effect: The value of X is a number between 0 and 3, chosen when this technique is utilized. This technique afflicts one (1) turn of 'Burning: 10x'.
Description: Originally crafted as a signature technique of the Uchiha clan of Konohagakure, Gōkakyū no Jutsu has found its way into the hands of both common Konoha shinobi and further into the world at large. Though most powerful when handled by a member of its origin clan, Gōkakyū no Jutsu is a formidable and relatively easy to use technique wherein the user kneads chakra inside their body, converts it to fire, then expels flames rapidly from their mouth. Though the technique gains its namesake from a large orb shape, it is easily used as a continuous flame-thrower whose volume can be controlled through raw chakra output. The impact of this technique is not the most potent, but it easily burns away its targets and often leaves a scorched crater in its wake.
Points: 3


Vacuum Style: Negative Step

Type: Taijutsu / Ninjutsu [Vacuum]

Rank: Gennin

Cost: 30 Chakra, 30 Stamina

Damage: N/A

Effects: Increases evasion by 20 for three turns.

Description: Allows the user to create negative steps to walk, stand, jump, run and maneuver on in mid-air.

Points: 4 JP


Edited by Saiken, Asashi
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So mechanically this all looks good, Approved.



Your skills log needs some updating, though not enough to hold you back as that bits mostly for auditing and your own awareness, and we'd clean it up on audit anyway.

So, for your expenditures, you list '0 - Village Skill' and nothing else.


You have to state what the village skill was (Subtle Elements; Fire) there. But you also have a path, another element, quick learner and time archetype. Please list those.

Finally, you'll notice the character sheet has a lot of text (that's like this). Those bits are just little asides for the sheet to help explain to you what some of the less obvious bits of the sheet, and where I felt I wanted to add a little commentary. You can delete all of those.

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