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Custom Weapon | Fuhgahkra | Katana

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Weapon Type:katana

Size: medium, large 

Level: 41


+100 in accuracy

+100 in speed

Special: Defend (rank 1), Dispell (rank 1), Parry (rank 1), Ward (rank 1), Sharpened edge (rank 1), and Lightened craft 200 per rank (rank 2)

Special ability: Elemental Resonance; [Plant Element] (waiting on Skizzles permission)

Ninjustu honing (permision given by Cntrstkr14

Description: teal-blue smooth blade made from a metallic steel. 10 in long, 1.3 in wide.

Cost: ~$3080

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Elemental Resonance is not a special attribute, but it does require Inlaid Element, neither is Ninjutsu Honing, which I believe requires some IC work of getting your blade forged in Iwa by special smiths? So this can be posted directly to the Buy thread.


You only post weapons here if the special ability isnt already approved.

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