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Status Effect; Disheartened

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Disheartened; X

You lost X Charges of your active Taijutsu Style, but may not be reduced below 0 Charges in this way. X may never be higher than 2. Each Charge lost in this way counts against this status effect’s Battle Limit. You may not be Disheartened more than once per attack.

Max Duration: -.

Battle Limit: 4.

Cost Points: 50 if X is 1, 150 if X is 2.

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Right then, this operates closer to Fazed, Destroy, or even normal damage than other status effects - you get hit and lose a Charge or two.


Costed at 50 and 150 because originally I was going to Charge 1.5x the cost of gaining extra Charges on a hit… buuut, 50 is cleaner than 45, and 180 would mean that Chuunin couldn't use this. I don't think the second rank of this necessarily needs to be kept out of Chuunin hands, especially since right now it uses up all of their tech's CP. You're better off hitting them with something else 90% of the time instead of spending all your CP on it.


The battle limit is because I don't like the idea of keeping someone perpetually at 0 Charges by spamming the 50 CP effect at them.


Also, I'm not married to and dislike the name, suggestions are more than welcome. 


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