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Saiken, Asashi

Byakugan Transplant

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All current hyuuga slots are filled to my memory, so this would fall entirely in @Azure's domain.


You also possess a hereditary skill on that character and we take combining hereditary skills/techniques with bloodlines very seriously. So it will warrant further staff discussion. I will update you when a decision is made.

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Do you mean the Yamanaka mind training as the hereditary skill? Also, thank you so much for the response. I should be sleeping now, but I actually wanted to log back in to personally request you, @Princess, to undertake the arc, if you are willing. I really look forward to hearing the update, and again, thank you for the consideration. 

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Any hereditary skill in general, regardless of clan. I believe yes, mind training is the Yamanaka hereditary, but not entirely sure, the clan thread never got updated I can see so tracking down Lan's awesome work isn't the easiest thing.

But in general, any time someone in a clan without a bloodline is looking for a bloodline, they're tapping into two fonts of power. So we need to look over it specifically.

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