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Status Effect; Knockback

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Effect: You cannot Target the character who inflicted you with Knockback. (Attacks that do not specifically target may still be used).
Max Duration: 2 Turns
Battle Limit: 4 Turns
Cost: 30 CP/Turn

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While I like the flavor because it reminds me of some neat DnD things, I don't really see the point of this being a status effect.


Reasoning: I feel like the end result of this is the same as Stunned and Bound [Paired Arms]. Which do we really need more along the same realm as those? Your opponent can't touch you in a 1 v 1 fight, unless they use AOEs, which are a lot more cost draining than normal techniques. In a multi-team fight this can be pretty entertaining. 

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Except it isn't. Stunned you lose the entire phase, better than this by far. Bound Paired Arms removes your ability to use any Nin or Gen unless you got sealless. They shut you down a LOT more than this ever could.

This may actually drop to 30/turn, because you can still use a large subset of your kit. You can heal, you can cast barriers, you can summon or make clones. You can attack people who aren't the knockback-er. You can use AoE. I originally placed it at 40 CP because it is a lot more like Clobbered. I'm shutting down some key components of your kit temporarily. It reduces your tempo but doesn't lock you out of still having a turn.

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What Wolf is trying to say is that we are already at a pretty critical tipping point of "status effects that prevent you from interacting with your opponent" between...


• Stunned

• Quarantine

• Clobbered

• Bound

• Shackled (only kicks)


I actually really like this design, it feels like an elegant way to add "distance" to the game with flavor without being stupid complicated, but the problem has nothing to do with this effect- more so with the fact that we already have a lot of status effects that do similar things. We don't want to make it easier than it already is to "lock out" someone in a 1v1 game. 


That said, I'm willing to hear arguments for this, but that is the hurdle that needs to be cleared. This still does give you a lot of room to still act, and if it is allowed I do agree that 30 CP is about right.

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