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The Basics

What would you like to be called?: Nikki
Age: 25
Location: Iowa
Education?: College drop-out
Occupation?: Cook

New to NA?: Very

How did you find NA?:  I was looking for A pen and paper roleplaying game. but this is good too.


• Game Experience!
Have you role played before?: Extensively.
If so for how long?: about 5-6 years? whenever the playtest for D&D 5e was available
Where at (website? local game store? mom's basement)?: someone's house/over the internet
What kind of role play was it?: Table top games.


Do you play other games?:

If so, what kind of games? (Console, computer, board games, etc):I've got ps4 and gaming PC both with a pretty huge library of games.


• Naruto!

How long have you been interested in Naruto?: I've liked pretty well since it's airing on, what was it? toonami awhile back?

Do you watch or read?: Watched all of it at least once, even the filler.
What is your favorite story arc?: The Land of Waves Arc jumps out at me.
Who is your favorite character?: Shikamaru or kiba. I've always had trouble deciding
Watch any other anime? If so which ones?: I give them all A chance.


• Favorite Gauntlet

Favorite Anime: Cowboy Bebop/FLCL

Favorite Manga: Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals/jojo's Bizzare Adventure

Favorite Game: The Binding Of Isaac/Fallout: New Vegas

Favorite Book: Doppelgangers/Red Shirt
Favorite Song: Major System Error/Under The Bridge
Favorite Color: Deep Dark Red, like a garnet or wine sort of thing.

Favorite Number: 6

Favorite Phrase: "do not attribute to malice, what can be explained by stupidity"

Favorite Element: vibranium

Favorite Collectible:  Dice


Anything else you would like to share?:

Spent good long time, making my character. suppose I should introduce myself as a person.

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Welcome to the game. If you haven't already, hop on the discord. Most of us chat on there regularly.


If you liked D&D, I figure you will like it here as well, specially with a big liking for anime. You're only limited by your own creativity on NA truly. I like to say, "make it, make sense" and you can pretty much create and do anything in the game. Anyways, I look forward to reading some of your role-play and maybe your character might run into one of mine. Cheers! lol



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¡Hola! Name's Toroi21 and my dream is to become the next hokage! (Only half-serious here... Or maybe not @Azure 😈


Welcome to NA! Our little corner of the internet welcomes any and all who wish to stay. If not, we hope you enjoy however long you do wish to stay!


As the current youngest member of NA, (and self-proclaimed Post responding-King) I would like to say the diversity here never creates adversity. If you like roleplay, if you like close-knit communities, and if you like Naruto, this is definitely the place for you! Like Miso said, characters here interract with the game and other characters just like D&D does, so I'm sure you'll catch on pretty quick! 


Please visit the discord If you haven't already, and check in with everyone. I'm sure we're all eager to see a new face! 

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Welcome to NA! (From the actual Hokage)


The two above basically cleared all the essentials. Please reach out to staff (names in orange, blue, a weird green/white/blue/iridescent, or pink) if you have any questions. Of course, anyone is going to pounce and help out. By the way, we have Role Play Traits here that function similarly to skill checks and a lot of our systems have remnants of D&D and Magic.

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