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Deer Jutsu 1.5

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Beginning the Ninjutsu. Yaaay Mokuton!

Mokuton Hijutsu: Mori no Osan [Wood Release Secret Art: Birth of the Shrine Grove]

Type: Ninjutsu [Wood]

Rank: Jounin

Cost: 130 Chakra

Damage: 0 Damage

Effect: Used in the Set-up Phase. Changes the current Terrain to “Dense Woodland.”

Dense Woodland: -8% to hit with ranged weapons or jutsu. 5% chance to be Ensnared at the start of every turn, lasts one turn.

Description: ”For no place is home without the echoes of birds in the trees. No place is home without my forest.” – Konoha Poem

The forest home of most Konoha Ninja is sacred. Thus, many of them have a strict advantage when fighting there. To that end, the Mori no Osan was created. Not just any forest, the Mori no Osan was created to replicate Konoha’s Shrine Grove, a sacred forest of contemplation and peace, usually tended to by the Nara Clan. The shrine’s mere presence in battle is said to enhance the power of the shinobi who fight within it, harkening back to the home they fight for while instilling the peace required to keep a calm head under battle. The forest appears to generate from nowhere at all, full trees rising from the ground all around both caster and opponent.

Cost: 6 JP

Mokuton: Tsuruhaji [Wood Release: Vine Grip]

Type: Ninjutsu [Wood]

Rank: Chunnin

Cost: 80 Chakra

Damage: 5 Damage

Effect: Target is “Ensnared” for three Turns.

Ensnared: Uses Taijutsu with a 50% failure chance. Speed is set at 75%, target cannot move around. May only be used once a battle per enemy by Gennin, three times by Chuunin and six times by Jounin.
Description: The simplest of the shinobi’s traditional wood jutsu, the ninja will summon his chakra and manipulate the forest around him, causing thick, rope-like roots to burst from the ground and leap into the air, gripping an enemy and holding them still, a number of sharp thorns biting into their flesh.

Cost: 3

Mokuton: Chuu Dangan [Wood Release: Prism Shot]

Type: Ninjutsu [Wood]

Rank: Chunnin

Cost: 20 Chakra Per Hit

Damage: 15 Damage Per Hit

Effect: Multi-Hit Jutsu. Maximum of 3 Hits. For each attack that is not successful, the next attack gains a +3% chance to hit. This number cannot exceed the maximum 90% chance to hit.

Description: Adding a bit of flair to the Standard Arsenal is the simplest of Assault-type wood jutsu. A simple rectangular prism, made of wood, will shoot either from a nearby tree or from the ground, knocking into the enemy. Then, unexpectedly, a second prism will jut out, followed by a third. The timing of the jutsu is critical, as dodging each prism gives, by the jutsu’s design, less of a chance to avoid the next attack, essentially backing an enemy into a corner for a mighty strike.

Cost: 3

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