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Masuda Itsuo Goes Shopping

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Itsuo buys a bubble pipe.


Cost: 両 500

Itsuo's Cash Before Purchase: 両 1072

Itsuo's Cash After Purchase: 両 572



Bubble Pipe

A standard bubble pipe.

Weapon Type: Bubble Pipe
Size: Medium
Level: 10
Item Slots: 5.0
Attributes: Chakra Blade, Inlaid Element; (Water), Hidden

Special Attributes:

Cost: 両 500 (Including Weapon Level)

両50 (Chakra Blade) + 両100 Inlaid Element; (Water) + 両50 (Hidden) = 両 500


Inlaid Element; [X Element]
Effect: This weapon's damage is now considered to be of X Element. This ability may only be applied once per weapon.
Restrictions: X element may not be greater than a tier 1 Combinatorial Element. May not be taken with any elements that have requirements aside the Subtle Elements skills without explicit Staff Approval.
Cost: 100 Ryo


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Masuda Itsuo is purchasing Taijutsu Weights and a Katana.


Taijutsu Weights


Weights that are attached to the user. They help train more effective movements and build muscle faster.
Type: Passive Item — Amplifier
A character may only benefit from the effects of one Amplifier item per action.
Rank 3 [両1200]: All Taijutsu cost 40 less Stamina and do 40 more damage.
Item Slots: 2.0 




A standard katana.

Weapon Type: Bubble Pipe
Size: Medium
Level: 10
Item Slots: 5.0
Attributes: N/A

Special Attributes: N/A

Cost: 両 300 (Including Weapon Level)


Cost: 両 1500

Itsuo's Cash Before Purchase: 両 1,699

Itsuo's Cash After Purchase: 両 199

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