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The Hatake Clan

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"In the ninja world, those who break the rules are trash, that's true..."

"- but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash." -Hatake Kakashi



DwjjB5L.png The Hatake Clan DwjjB5L.png

Country Of Origin:

18px-Land_of_Fire_Symbol.svg.png Hi No Kuni | The Land Of Fire | 火の国


Village Of Residence:

18px-Konohagakure_Symbol.svg.png Konohagakure No Sato | The Village Hidden In The Leaves | 木ノ葉隠れの里


Clan Progenitor:

Hatake Kakine; The first to go by the Hatake namesake was a woman known as Hatake Kakine. She was a medical shinobi who fought alongside many different shinobi clans during the war-torn period before the founding of the hidden villages. Kakine was the first person to bear the unmistakable white chakra that marks that Hatake clan.


Clan Head:

Hatake Minori; The seventeenth clan head of the Hatake clan is a disheveled man with a studious bent, who appears more often to be lost in his own thoughts than even when attempting to converse with others. Minori teaches classes at the Konoha Academy, and is regarded as a gifted instructor, despite his substandard abilities as a shinobi.


Clan Status:

Famous; In the many wars that followed the founding of Konohagakure No Sato, the Hatake clan made a name for itself by providing shinobi of unparalleled lethality. These ninja grew so synonymous with the defeat of Konoha's enemies that aggressors made a point of avoiding white-haired combatants on the chance that they may be facing a Hatake.


Clan Age:

Old; Though they possess a deep history as a ninja clan, the Hatake do not tend to trace their roots beyond a generation or so. This habit stems from the fact that they are not as old as many of the noble clans in Konoha, and see no point in trying to stack their lineage up against them.


Clan Emblem:



Clan Element:

18px-Nature_Icon_Yang.svg.png Hakkō Chakura Kai | White Chakra Release | 白光チャクラ解

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DwjjB5L.png Konoha Clan History

The Hatake clan's banner was first raised by Hatake Kakine, decades before the rise of the hidden village structure. The clan came to being after a great war brought strife to the families home nation, uprooting them and turning them to refugees. With no other means to turn to, Hatake Kakine used her medical knowledge to turn her small clan into a mercenary group that could earn money protecting and aiding those in need. It was in this time that her clan was noticed by the Senju clan. The Senju were gathering banners from many clans, building strength and making allies in hopes of one day taming the land itself. This ideal was what pulled Kakine to fold her clan underneath the Senju banners, and would lead to the Hatake being close allies to the clans that started Konohagakure no Sato.


The clan's presence in the village was relatively minor compared to others for many years following the founding of Konohagakure no Sato. It was not until Hatake Kakashi's rise to Hokage that the clan really started to gain political strength, despite the wishes of the man. In the following decades, the Hatake grew in number, often having at least one member in higher politics in the village. As time passed, their notoriety that began with Kakashi carried through the generations so that the name Hatake was synonymous with 'Excellence'. 


This often has translated to a high expectation of members of the clan to preform, and indeed the clan holds its members to the high standards it projects. Many young Hatake that are not cut out for ninja work are encouraged to not even graduate the academy, instead moving towards intellectual or other duties they can do for the village. Only the very best ninja of the Hatake are usually allowed to graduate the academy and gain the rank of Genin. 


DwjjB5L.png Kumo Clan History

In the decades following the fourth great ninja war there was a long general peace and understanding between the five great ninja nations. During the later part of the Shichidaime Hokage's reign a woman by the name of Hatake Komugiko became an ambassador for the Rokudaime Raikage. Komugiko ended up with child during her time in Kumogakure, and though the father was never publicly disclosed she gave birth to triplets within the foreign village. The children were raised in Kumogakure and treated as equals among citizens. By the time that Komugiko's career came to an end, the Country of Lightning had become their permanent home. The pleasant relations between the villages at the time meant that no threat or harm would come to Komugiko or her children. In fact, it had become relatively common for inter village marriages to take place during this era. Unlike many Konoha clans, the Hatake did not have a coveted bloodline to protect nor did it lose secrets to another nation through Komugiko's decision. She did however bring with her teachings and traditions of her clan, along with their fighting style. 


So as Komugiko grew her three sons came of age and each grew families of their own. Each one passed on the families unique white hair and chakra to their offspring, and very quickly the clan became a real presence within the village. Though in today's age the Hatake of Kumogakure are much smaller in number than the Hatake of Konohagakure, they are almost all involved in ninja careers which makes their presence seem larger than it actually is. The clan in Kumogakure does not have an official clan head as they function much more closely to a family than an organization. Without a legacy of a kage within the village, there was never a need for them to organize themselves in a way to interact with other Kumogakure clans in an official capacity.


The Hatake of Kumogakure however do share their distance cousin's need for high performance and ability. All Hatake are held to a very high standard within their family, and though they do let more graduate the academy than their counterparts in the south, they never let up on the expectations that each member has to succeed.

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DwjjB5L.png Noteworthy Clansmen


Hatake Sennin:


• Hatake Kakashi | Deceased

Alias: Copy Ninja Kakashi | Kakashi Of The Sharingan

Gender: Male

Shinobi Rank: Hokage

Specialization: Dojutsu | Ninjutsu

Information: A famed shinobi of the Hatake clan and most well known for being the first and only of the clan to wear the title of Hokage. Kakashi was known for his Sharingan eye, a gift from a deceased team member that gave him an edge of shinobi in combat and a fearsome reputation with other countries. He was an extremely intelligence and compassionate man and lead the village into its more peaceful years following the Fourth Great Shinobi War.


Hatake Kakine | Deceased

Alias: Heart of Fire

Gender: Female

Shinobi Rank: Sennin

Specialization: Medical Ninjutsu

Information: The first to go by the Hatake namesake was a woman known as Hatake Kakine. She was a medical shinobi who fought alongside many different shinobi clans during the war-torn period before the founding of the hidden villages. Kakine was the first person to bear the unmistakable white chakra that marks that Hatake clan. She was known as the Heart of Fire for her prowess and medical knowledge, often keeping the strongest ninja in combat far beyond their limit.


Hatake Jounin: 


• Hatake Sakumo | Deceased

Alias: Konoha's White Fang

Gender: Male

Shinobi Rank: Jounin

Specialization: Kenjutsu

Information: Renown across the shinobi world as Konoha's White Fang, Sakumo had a reputation that earned respect even beyond the borders of Hi no Kuni. Unfortunately, a decision to rescue his allies that lead to a failed mission earned him the ire of the village and drove the once great man to suicide. It was this incident that drove Hatake Kakashi to change the clan precedent and teachings to focus on compassion and teamwork in addition to individual worth.


• Hatake Komugiko | Deceased
Gender: Female
Shinobi Rank: Jounin
Specialization: Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu
Information: Hatake Komugiko is remembered as the progenitor of the Hatake branch family in Kumogakure. Her high ability in Kenjutsu and Ninjutsu made her a notable Jounin of the village, but it was her keen mind that made her a prime candidate for an ambassador to a foreign nation. In her years working for the Shichidaime and then Hachidaime Hokage there was great prosperity between the villages. Though she suffered minor scandal when she became pregnant out of wedlock, it ultimately did not impede her overall career. She was also grand daughter of the cousin of Hatake Kakashi, the Rokudaime Hokage and legendary hero. By the time she was of age her clan name carried a great weight and expectation, despite her distant relation to the former Hokage.


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DwjjB5L.png Cultural Information:


Clan Traits:

• As is the way with many clans, the Hatake have physical traits that make them identifiable to those who know what to look for. White hair is extremely prominent in the Hatake clan with black coming in a very distance second. Hatake also tend to be taller than many other clans by an inch or two. The most distinct trait however is their use of unique White Chakra Release, which has the distinct coloring that separates it from other chakra. Not all chakra Hatake possess is white, but when using their hijutsu that involve it there is no mistaking them. Lastly, Hatake have resting somber faces. By their nature, most Hatake don't default to letting their emotions touch their face except when those emotions become very strong. This has nothing to do with their training, but is rather a physiological trait. When interacting with a Hatake it is very common for a person to thing that they are unfriendly due to their lack of smiling.


Clan Outlook:

• The Hatake are a strong arm of the Konohagakure military force. Though lacking in any overpowering bloodline ability, the discipline and training from a young age that defines the small clan produces top notch ninja that often excel in multiple disciplines. They are well respected because of this and it is almost a custom to have at least one Hatake in the ANBU at all times.

Clan Professions:

• It is very uncommon to see a Hatake in any profession outside of shinobi. Only when a Hatake fails to excel at their shinobi craft do they seek out other walks of life, often dropping their clan name as they can only see themselves as shameful to continue to use it. This is not a rule of the clan, but a penance that these clan members take on themselves for failing the teachings that brought them up. They do not seek to bring shame to the clan name.


Clan Estates:

• The Hakate clan does not have an estate. They are spread throughout the village in their own housing. However, the Hatake to have a clan center, a single large home near the center of the village where clan meetings are held and where the clan head lives.

Clan Relations:

20px-Aburame_Symbol.svg.png Aburame Clan | Neutral
Though respectful of each other's abilities as a clan, neither the Aburame nor the Hatake are particularly friendly. The Aburame do not hold the power to elevate the Hatake, nor are the a threat to the Hatake as they often fill other roles for the village.

20px-Akimichi_Symbol.svg.png Akimichi Clan | Allied
The Akimichi are close to the opposite of the Hatake's extreme discipline and practice nature. The excess and boisterous nature of the Akimichi often leaves a distasteful impression on the Hatake who work hard to gain their expertise. Though the Hatake do not go out of their way to work with or consult the Akimichi, the relationship they have with the Nara allows them to stay on the allied side of the line with this clan. Without the Nara, the Hatake would likely find themselves neutrally aligned with this clan.

22px-Haruno_Symbol.png Haruno Clan | Neutral
The Hatake clan recognizes the skill of the Haruno clan, but sees it not as a rival or a strong ally. They are entirely neutral to the clan's existence and see them as another important piece of the machine that creates Konoha's structure.


20px-Hy%C5%ABga_Symbol.svg.png Hyūga Clan | Rival
The Hyūga are a reserved, well respected, and powerful clan. They often compete with the Hatake for similar roles in the village, particularly for positions in the ANBU organization. Because of their powerful bloodline, the Hatake see them as rivals that they must overcome to maintain the honor of their clan.


20px-Inuzuka_Symbol.svg.png Inuzuka Clan | Friendly
Though the Inuzuka often lack the subtlety that the Hatake feel is needed for shinobi work, they do acknowledge the unique talent for tracking that the Inuzuka bring to the village. As a clan who also has an affinity for the loyalty and senses that canines can offer, the Hatake find themselves on the friendly end of the scale with this clan. They will often request their aid in particular missions in which tracking is a priority.


20px-Namikaze_symbol.png Namikaze Clan | Distrustful
Though the Hatake harbor no ill will for the Namikaze, they have a saying that has permeated through each clan member at some point during their early training. "Never trust the Namikaze to do what you expect." This distrust of the clan stems from their lack of any sort of discipline within their ranks. If given the choice, the Namikaze are the last clan the Hatake would ever choose to accompany them on village duties.


20px-Nara_Symbol.svg.png Nara Clan | Allied
The Nara and the Hatake have a long history of working side by side for the betterment of Konoha. The two clans often compliment each other, and they both have deep respect for discipline of mind that often results in their elders thinking alike and allying on many issues that face the village. Through this bond they also share favorable alliances with the Akimichi and Yamanaka clans. If the Hatake are in need of strength of mind, they will look to the Nara first.

20px-Sarutobi_Symbol.svg.png Sarutobi Clan | Rivals
The Sarutobi clan shares many of the ideals that the Hatake clan does, but instead of creating a strong bond between the two clans it has created an intense rivalry with them instead. Unlike the rivalry between the Uchiha and Hyuuga who have superior genetic skills, the Hatake's rivalry with the Sarutobi comes in the manner of two siblings who are too similar that they often get compared together. As such, the two clans are often trying to prove their excellence over the other.

35px-Senju_Symbol.svg.png Senju Clan | Allied
The Senju's deep roots to the core of Konoha is respected by the Hatake clan leadership. The Senju often show support, and with their superior steady placement at the top of the village clans they do not lower themselves into the rivalries that other may. Because the Senju are relatively small in number as well, the Hatake do not see them as a threat to their status, but more of a strong ally from which to help them climb. It helps that the two clans have shared strong ties, often sharing information and strength to aid one another in times of need. If the Hatake are in need of strength of arm, they will look to the Senju first.


Yoj0QJT.png Shimura Clan | Neutral
The Shimura clan is small and often not directly involved in the village politics unless individuals rise in power. The Hatake see the clan more as a collection of individuals in which to make alliances rather than a clan as a whole. Because of this the Hatake see Shimura as neutral, needing to understand each member of the clan individually as their motives can often change greatly from their brethren 


20px-Uchiha_Symbol.svg.png Uchiha Clan | Rivals
Like the Hy
ūga, the Uchiha are a strong and well respected bloodline within the village. Possibly even more so than the Hyūga, the Hatake must compete generation after generation to prove that they can possess the same strength as the Uchiha. These rivalries are especially hard as the Hyūga and Uchiha are much larger clans that the Hatake and thus produce more shinobi.


20px-Uzushiogakure_Symbol.svg.png Uzumaki Clan | Friendly

Both being clans that do not come from noble backgrounds, the Hatake and Uzumaki generally get on quite well. However, both are quite prideful and there is a tradition of spars that break out between members when they meet.

20px-Yamanaka_Symbol.svg.png Yamanaka Clan | Allied
Though the Hatake and Yamanaka do not have much in common or share many of the same roles for the village, the Hatake's strong relationship with the Nara adopts them into the same type of alliance with the Yamanaka as well. The clans will not often share information freely, but often find themselves allied on many political issues.

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DwjjB5L.png Clan Rules:





Clan Positions:


• The Hatake clan has a maximum of four (4) available positions at any time.


Clan Character Rules:


• Hatake clan members must have a natural hair color of white.

• A maximum of four (4) characters may be from Konohagakure no Sato at any time.

• A maximum of two (2) characters may be from Kumogakure no Sato at any time.
• A maximum of one (1) character may be created outside of these villages and not be considered a missing ninja.
• Any missing ninja of the Hatake clan will be marked for death by the clan, and village.


Clan Roster:


• Position One | Hatake Tane [ Ichigo | Konoha ]
• Position Two | Hatake Tokei [ disthawk12 | Kumo ]
• Position Three | Hatake Miiri [ cntrstrk14 | Kumo ]

• Position Four | Hatake Inoue [ Lisha | Konoha ]

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